How can you get your first subscribers this week?

When your website isn't quite ready and you aren't yet blogging, it might seem like a backwards move to start with an email list. After all, where are people going to sign up for this email list while you're busy writing your blog posts and getting your website ready for launch?

On a landing page! But you don't need your website or a separate service to get a landing page up and running. All you need is your ConvertKit account and this video to walk you through the simple steps to getting a home for your email list signups today:


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So what about building that email list?

Early on when you’re growing your list it can be hard to know who to target and where to find them online. You usually start by writing blog posts to no one. And it sucks. It’s really weird to write posts for an audience of zero. We think you should start by writing to an audience of ten.

The 10 Person Rule

The 10 person rule is where you start by identifying 10 people you know personally who can benefit from your writing. You want to be sure you're choosing people who are interested in what you're creating content about. This could be friends, co-workers, neighbors…  list out 10 names of people who want to learn more about your topic. Don’t stop until you have ten actual names listed out.

If you can’t get to ten people you know personally who would benefit from what you may want to teach, you may want to re-evaluate your audience choice. Or make some new friends.

Next you email each of them personally and ask them three questions:

  1. What’s your biggest frustration when learning about [topic]?
  2. What websites, blogs, or forums do you visit now to learn about [topic]?
  3. I’m starting a new site to teach [topic]. I’d love for you to be one of my beta readers. Interested?

You may have even better results if you split this into two separate emails. Questions 1 and 2 would go out in the first email to start a conversation, then if they’re interested you ask question 3.

If you do this right you’ll finish the exercise with 10 new email subscribers, a list of exactly where your target audience hangs out online so you can share your content, and material for your next 5 to 10 blog posts.

The beauty of the 10 Person Rule is that it can be repeated over and over again as your business grows. You meet new people, you interact in new circles, time for another round of the 10 Person Rule!

Head to your ConvertKit account and get started!

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