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Issue #2 • February 2017

How To Choose The Best Side Hustle Idea For You

Build Your Audience

Now that you know how important having a side gig is and realize the incredible impact it can have on your life and business, it’s time to find the right one for you. You may not realize it, but there’s a whole world full of side gigs that you could actually start today.

The endless possibilities can be a bit overwhelming especially when you think about how many different paths your skillset could take you. So before I give you a long list of ideas to mill around, let me give you a couple easy steps to help you find the right side hustle for you.

How to find the right side gig for you

Step 1: Make a list of your hobbies, talents, and skills.

Take 10 minutes and write down everything you love doing and everything you’re good at. This can range from creative skills or organization to what you do in your full-time job or even something you’d love to learn more about.

Step 2: Narrow that list down to one thing you can see yourself spending a lot of time on.

Remember, you’re starting a new business on top of your full-time job. That means this needs to be something you are passionate about. You need to be dedicated, excited, and unceasing with this. If you want it to turn into a full-time gig, you’re going to have to work when you’re tired, putting in extra hours on top of already busy days. But if it’s worth all the effort, you’ll know.

Step 3: The 10-Person Rule

The next step helps you know if your side gig is worth pursuing. The 10-Person Rule is all about reaching out to 10 people to ask some pretty basic questions about their interest in your project. Follow that link above to find out more.

Step 4: Start creating valuable content

Once you have your feedback from the 10-Person Rule, it’s time to get to work. You don’t have to immediately have a product ready to sell and you definitely don’t need business cards yet (ever?). Just put up a simple website and start creating valuable content. The audience you build by creating great content will form the foundation of your business in the future.

101 Side Gig Ideas

Ready to find the right side gig for you? Sometimes the hardest part is in coming up with the idea that will actually turn into income. We wouldn’t want you to get derailed before you even get started, so we put together a list of ideas for your new side hustle.

If you need a little inspiration to get your beautiful brain rolling (or to help you narrow down your list of hobbies, talents, and skills from above), here’s a list of 101 side hustles that can absolutely help you save up for a new house, start on the path to working for yourself, or get that sun-soaked vacation you’ve been dreaming of.

101 side gig ideas

What’s your side hustle?

These are just 101 of the thousands of possible ideas for side hustles that can help you get your entrepreneurial juices flowing. No matter what you choose, remember the point of a side hustle is to help you build a better life, whatever that means to you. Make sure you choose a side hustle that will help you go after your goals, whether they’re related to your career, finances, health, or happiness.

If you could start a side hustle today, which one would you choose? What’s the number one obstacle in your way right now? Tell us about it in the comments!

Dani Stewart

As a daughter of an entrepreneur, the wife of an entrepreneur, and an entrepreneur herself, Dani has lived and learned all sides of creating and growing businesses. She is excited to bring all that life experience as well as a decade of crafting content to the ConvertKit community. She is a part-time baker, dinner-party planner, and lover of good bourbon living the simple life in Nashville with her husband, Sean.

Experience this issue your way

Download this issue of Tradecraft as a PDF to read and reference at your own pace.

  • Thanks, Dani. Great article! ?

    I agree that the most important things for a side hustle are enjoying what you do and making something people want.

    In the practical side of things, I have found that it is also important to consider the schedule of your regular job and how flexible the gig is in terms of time.

    For example: If you have a typical 9-5 job and you can’t dedicate time to your hustle during business hours, it can be hard to run a B2B business that requires high-touch sales or real-time customer support for a mission-critical app (unless you hire someone).

    Thankfully, there are many gigs in your list that are flexible and can fit well in an off-hours schedule, for example freelancing, selling stuff online, blogs & websites, and many others

    • Dani Stewart (ConvertKit)

      Hey, @victor_superhirer:disqus. Thanks for reading! And you’re absolutely right. Finding a flexibly side gig and making sure you actually have time to take it on without it encroaching or interfering with your other responsibilities is important.

  • Helen Reynolds

    How do you make money as a blog commenter? I am really good at commenting! Ha Ha.

    • Dani Stewart (ConvertKit)


  • Aaron

    Along the same lines as airbnb, but SpiceRaQ.com allows you to rent out your space to host dinner parties. Essentially the airbnb for residential event space. Solves the problem of dinner party space for people in large cities who do not have adequate space in their own homes. Probably more passive than airbnb as you could rent out your space while you go to the cinema. No need to find another bed for the night.

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