Affiliate Migration FAQ


How long is the affiliate migration process?

The migration window will be from October 1 – October 31. 

After November 1, any new referrals/commissions created in Ambassador will be void, which is why it’s important to block off time early in the month to switch over your links and get set up with our new affiliate tool.

We know how this will impact you and your current affiliate links, which is why we are giving a longer migration window. 


What happens to my old affiliate link(s)?

After November 1st, all your affiliate links from Ambassador will be void. You will need to replace your old affiliate links to your new affiliate link or you will not get credit for any new referral you sign up after November 1st.

Your Ambassador link will not redirect to your new affiliate link.


What happens to my active commissions? 

If you have them, all of your active/pending, recurring commissions (monthly and annual plan customers) will be migrated over by our team after the migration window closes.


Where do I log into my LinkMink account?

You can log into your LinkMink Account here. We suggest book marking this page for easy access!


How do I create a new LinkMink account?

You can create a new LinkMink account here. There will be a short, three step process to create your account asking for your paypal information and then your new affiliate link will populate.


How do I use LinkMink?

Here is a demo video of how to use LinkMink as well as where to find your link, how to get paid, and more inner workings of LinkMink.



How do I find my affiliate link?

Unlike Ambassador where you had access to several links that redirect to different pages, in LinkMink you only have one link that you can redirect anywhere. Pretty simple and cool, huh?

If you navigate to your core dashboard under the “Overview” tab, you will find your link on the left hand side. You can see an example in the photo below.


How do I point my link to a specific page?

Once you have your affiliate link, it’s easy to add your unique parameter to any page.

Just use the link generator in your LinkMink Dashboard. For example, if I wanted to redirect my affiliate link to ConvertKit/s pricing page, I would simply add the “?lmref=REFERRALCODE” to the end of that URL. Please see the example below for clarification.


Did anything change to the commission structure?

Our commissions structure has not changed. It is still 30% recurring commission for as long as the referral is an active, paying customer.


What happens to my historical data?

Unfortunately, we are unable to move all the historical data (link clicks, canceled referrals, etc.) into the new tool. However, if you have active commissions (monthly and annual) they will be migrated over after the migration window closes.


What is the payout schedule?

A quick refresher on our current payout schedule: Affiliate Fees will be approved on or about the 1st of every month with payouts on or about the 2nd of every month (on business days only). 

With respect to our 30-day money back guarantee policy, there can be up to a 60 day approve delay. For example, if you earn an Affiliate Fee on August 5th, it, along with all August Affiliate Fees, would likely be approved by October 1 and paid on October 2.  

October – Approving/paying out August commissions via Ambassador only

November – Approving/paying out September commissions via Ambassador only

December – Approving/paying out October commissions via Ambassador AND LinkMink

January – Approving/paying out November commissions in LinkMink (all future payouts will be made from LinkMink at this point)

The schedule above won’t affect you. As long as you have your paypal email address tied to your Ambassador and LinkMink account, payouts will send out accordingly.


What about my cookies?

After November 1, any new referrals/commissions created in Ambassador will be void. This means that we will only honor cookies up to this point too. 

The cookie length in LinkMink is 90 days and operates on last click attribution.

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