The ConvertKit Grow Your Audience Challenge • January 2021

Dr. Katie Clare grew her audience and won $10,000!

Katie Clare Chiropractic Sports Physician
Katie's winning landing page

Over 14,000 creators joined the 2021 Grow Your Audience in January

It was so thrilling to see all the amazing dreams you beautiful people are working on! We challenged you to build a creative and compelling landing page that could grow your email list, and WOW. Your ambition, creativity, vision, and passion for your work is inspiring.

After looking at subscriber growth numbers, conversion rates, and all the many creative aspects of your landing pages, Dr. Katie Clare’s took home the big prize.

Katie is a chiropractic sports physician who created a landing page to promote their seven-day posture and mobility challenge. Her compelling headline, and her clear and concise copy, flow, and styling earned her a spot in first place.

As our grand prize winner, Katie not only wins $10,000, she also receives a free year of ConvertKit and a whole year of coaching with one of our account managers to help grow her business.

Congratulations, Katie!

But she wasn’t our only winner. With over $15,000 worth of prizes, we had to share the love.

Scroll down to see all these amazing creators and the big dreams they made happen in January.

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The 50 subscriber tier

Our winners who grew their list between 50 and 99 subscribers receive $1,000 cash and a free year of ConvertKit.

The 25 subscriber tier

Our winners who grew their list between 25 and 49 subscribers receive a free year of ConvertKit.

Gelaine Santiago See landing page
Polly Standeven See landing page
Penny Sharp See landing page

The 10 subscriber tier

Our winners who reached between 10 and 24 subscribers receive a $50 Amazon gift card.

Jo Purseglove See landing page
Blissfully Fit See landing page
Caroline Tremblay See landing page
Ashley Greeno See landing page
Tresaca Hamilton See landing page
Get Launched Consulting See landing page
Tobi Akinfenwa See landing page
Jasmine Fox See landing page
Seneca Dunmore See landing page

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