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Say hello to the new ConvertKit experience!

If you’ve logged in to your ConvertKit account in the last week, you’ll have noticed some pretty big user-interface changes—a brand new navigation.

Over the last 6 years, our product has expanded in so many ways to bring you more than just basic email marketing tools. With the addition of feature sets like visual automations and commerce, you can now scale and automate how you grow and monetize your audience all in one place.

And as we continue to grow our product, we also want to ensure that the in-app experience continues to grow with it. We don’t want to force features to fit into our old systems that no longer work- that would just make it harder for you to find the features you’re looking for.

So, to give you a more intuitive experience and to make your work even more efficient, we’ve rolled out our new navigation. Interested in how we made those changes? Here’s an inside look into what we uncovered when we spoke to many of you and how those insights helped us redesign the experience you have today.

User research: It’s time for a clean up

First things first, we were in serious need of some reorganization. Since we hadn’t revisited the in-app experience holistically in the last 6 years, we knew it was time to build a system that not only scales, but also connects our features with your goals in ConvertKit.

We started with how ConvertKit serves you and what goals we help you achieve:

  1. Grow your audience
  2. Engage with your audience
  3. Automate your marketing
  4. Earn a living online

From this framework, we started to group the features we have and how well they fit into each of these buckets. We also interviewed ConvertKit users, old and new, to learn how they’d sort the features themselves, and what they thought about the prototype we created.

We picked up on a lot of insights:

“[Email templates] that’s one of the things I can never remember where to find.”

“I hate having to click into automations, load that whole page, then click into sequences and load that whole page again.”

“I want the things I visit most commonly to be one click away. Other things I don’t use as often I’m fine with them being two clicks away.”

The different ways creators grouped the features gave us some validation in our approach, but it also gave us some important questions to discuss. The biggest takeaway from our user research was that our navigation no longer served you because features you needed were too difficult to find.

Jobs to be done: A new way to explore

After we settled on the new navigation framework, we boiled it down to the different actions we want you to take when you’re in the app.


Everything you need to grow your audience. This is where you’ll be able to access the subscribers you’ve added to your audience as well as the landing page and forms you’re using to capture them.


Everything you need to send an email and engage with your audience. This is where you’ll be able to create either a one-time broadcast email, or an email sequence. On top of that, you now have easy access to create or update your email templates so your emails are always on brand. Finally, you can access and create content snippets that you use regularly here to speed up your email writing work.


This is where you can go to set it and forget it. The power of visual automations, integrations, rules, and RSS come together to put your marketing on autopilot so you can focus on other creative work.


This is where you go to sell your products and earn a living. Whether it’s a digital download or paid newsletter, you can create new products directly in ConvertKit and see a full breakdown of your payouts in one place.


As a creator, you’re a lifelong learner. You have to be in order to keep up with all the trends and changes you see in marketing tactics and sales strategies. We’ve grouped all the resources you need here, so you can access our documentation for technical support, our community for peer support, and our Creator University for educational support.

Quality experience you deserve

We know change can be hard, but it’s also often necessary. We’re excited to see how this new navigation helps you focus on ConvertKit to get your communication out the door faster so you can get back to your creative work. And we look forward to hearing feedback from all of you—good or bad. Join the ConvertKit Community, start a discussion, and share your thoughts!

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Frances Wong is the product marketing manager at ConvertKit. She is customer-obsessed, which helps her build, launch, and grow innovative and impactful tools for creators. Outside of ConvertKit, you’ll find her in Brooklyn with Daikon, her adorable Jindo mix.

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