Wondering about the new Free Plan? Here's a few questions we're hearing. If you've got a question you don't see listed, let us know and we'll get on it.

Why did ConvertKit launch the free plan?

Our mission is to help creators earn a living online, and we believe that adding a free entry-point removes a roadblock for beginner creators to start moving toward their big goals and dreams.

What’s the difference between the free plan and the paid plan?

The free plan was launched to give creators a way to test out new ideas and take that first leap without having to build a full website. Instead of having to jump through hoop after hoop of domain names and registrations, a creator can build a landing page in minutes to set their big idea out into the world.

And that’s the main point of the free plan: it’s a tool to help you get started. The free plan allows creators to make landing pages and forms that can connect to incentive emails.

The other features in ConvertKit (subscriber management, broadcasts, automations, and sequences) will be available to creators on the paid plan.

However, creators on the free plan can take part in our refer a friend program to unlock more features.

  • Each friend you refer that creates their own free ConvertKit account will unlock 100 subscribers in both the referrer and the referee’s account. This means that the subscriber feature and the broadcast feature will be accessible.
  • The more friends you refer to create a ConvertKit account, the more subscribers you can unlock in your own account (Limit: 1,000 subscribers).

How can I access the ConvertKit Community?

So glad you asked! The ConvertKit Community is quickly becoming the best place to go to connect with creators like you from around the world. If you’re looking for inspiration, advice, or to share a win, this is your place.

  • Once you sign up, click on the question mark located at the top right hand corner in your account.
  • Click community, and you’ll be redirected to the ConvertKit community page to create your profile, join groups, follow topics, post a question/comment on your timeline, and interact with other creators.
  • Once you create your profile, the community feature can then be found in the drop down menu on your ConvertKit gravatar.

How do I access the refer a friend feature?

Yay! We’re so excited for you to share ConvertKit with your friends!

  • Head to the drop down menu on your ConvertKit gravatar and click referrals.
  • From there you can either share a link or send an email to invite your friends. You’ll also see who you’ve referred so far, and see who has accepted your invitation to create a free ConvertKit account.

How does the referral program work?

Creators with ConvertKit plans (free or paid) have the option to refer their friends to unlock subscriber management and add more subscribers to their account.

Each friend you refer that creates their own account unlocks 100 subscribers in both yours and their account. This means that the subscriber feature as well as the broadcast feature will now be accessible.

The more friends you refer to create a ConvertKit account, the more subscribers you can unlock in your account (Limit: 1,000 subscribers).

Can I upgrade my account from a free plan?

Yep! Click on the upgrade tab located at the top right of your account and choose which plan you’d like to upgrade to.

Can I downgrade my account to a free plan?

Of course. Contact help@convertkit.com or head to the message icon in the lower right hand corner to start a conversation with someone from our support team to help you downgrade.

Can I import my current subscribers into my free plan?

Yes, but you’ll need to watch your subscriber count.

After you unlock the subscriber feature (by referring friends) you can import your subscribers into your account.

  • Head to the subscribers tab, click on the “Add subscribers” large pink button located on the right, and then choose how you would like to import.

Note: You will not be able to send emails if your subscriber count is greater than your managed subscribers. You would need to either upgrade to a paid plan or refer more friends (who create a free ConvertKit account) to get to the number of subscribers you want to send to (limit: 1,000 subscribers).

Can I use tags to organize my email list on the free plan?

You can start adding tags to your forms and landing page to eventually help you organize your email list, but you won't be able to put them into use until you've unlocked email list management either by referring a friend or upgrading your plan.

What if I'm already happy with the email service provider I'm using?

Then by all means keep doing what you're doing! However, you still have the option to opt in to a ConvertKit free plan and see if it might make your life a little easier or save you some time!

Is it hard to switch to ConvertKit if I already have an email list somewhere else?

Not at all! ConvertKit provides free migrations or articles with step-by-step instructions to switch from almost every email service provider. Just follow the steps and you’ll be able to get switched over by the next day. You can click here to get started!

Any other questions? Head to our ConvertKit help center here!