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Two weeks ago we got a flood of feature requests—actually it was the same feature request from about 10 different people. That never happens. How could we get a feature request from 10 people in one day that we'd never heard about before?

Someone must have written a blog post.

I checked my personal email, and sure enough, there it was. An email from Noah Kagan of SumoMe and AppSumo:

“[] Get 30% more email opens in 1 minute”

You can read the full email here.

The basic idea is that since more than half your list doesn't open the first email, you should wait a week and then resend the same email (with a different subject line) to those that didn't open the first time.

Pat Flynn talked about this idea back in 2010: How One Little Minute Can Increase Your Email Open Rate.

That wasn't possible in ConvertKit. In tools like MailChimp and Aweber it required a bunch of extra work creating new segments and saved searches. Lame.

We could do it better

After a few of our customers really pushed for it we decided not only to implement the feature, but to make it amazingly easy to use. Instead of creating custom searches we'd just have you click one button to create a new broadcast with the same content, but just sent to those that didn't open the first one.

And that's what we've got for you today.

  • Go back to an old broadcast (we recommend waiting at least 5-7 days) that you'd really like people to read. This could be a sales email or just a blog post you thought was particularly great.
  • Click in to the broadcast report and click “Resend to Unopens”.
  • You'll want to update the subject line and maybe add a note to the content. Once that's done click next.
  • Hit send!

Your email will then be resent to those that didn't open the first email. The reports will also be displayed in a smart way:

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 1.27.57 PM

At the top of the group it will show the original subject line along with the cumulative stats. Next will be the first email you sent, along with the stats for just that email.

On the last line is the resent email (with a new subject line). You can see that the stats for each email are then combined to give you a new cumulative total shown at the top. So you know exactly how many on your list actually read either version of the email.

You can only resend once per email since we wouldn't want your audience to get annoyed. It's also important that you wait more than just a couple days to resend the email since more people will open it each day.

This is just one more example of how we're building the best practices in email marketing into ConvertKit by default.

A big thank you to Joel Runyon of Ultimate Paleo Guide and Impossible X for championing and helping fund the development of this new feature. 


One of our customers (Josh Brown) pointed out a sweet use case. You could send a broadcast, then immediately after that schedule a resend to unopens for a week later. ConvertKit will automatically send to the people that haven't opened at the scheduled send time.

As an example, if you send to 1,000 people, right after sending only a few people will have opened. Then if you schedule a resend it will say it's going out to say 950 people. But that number will automatically decrease as more people open the email. By the time it reaches the scheduled resend date that may only be 300 people. ConvertKit will update and send to the right people.

So you can set it all at once and forget about it. ConvertKit will handle everything.

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