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Justin Moore is on a mission: help creators big and small land a million sponsorships by 2032.

It’s a bold goal, but not an impossible one. Justin has been a full-time creator with his wife for a decade, with 1.5 million followers across all platforms. He’s run an influencer marketing agency for six years.

In other words, he has deep insights on both sides of the influencer-brand relationship. In June 2020, this led him to create Creator Wizard, a YouTube channel through which he teaches creators how to find and negotiate dream brand deals.

That’s also when he launched his email list, which has since grown to more than 2,900 subscribers. Since January 2021, Justin has been running his cohort-based course, Brand Deal Wizard, and building his reputation as a sponsorship coach.

Creator Wizard’s subscriber growth.

Creator Wizard initially covered a broad range of topics under the “business of being a creator” umbrella, but when Justin niched down to just sponsorships, Creator Wizard exploded.

“When I made that move and doubled down on that niche, everything changed for me in the last six months. Email marketing played a huge role in that,” says Justin.

With each of the recent course launches, Justin doubled enrollment from the previous one. His recent one brought in $40,000. Want to know how? Let’s dive in.

#1: Optimize your landing page for a single call-to-action

Before he niched down to finding and negotiating sponsorships, Justin offered five or six different lead magnets so he could grow his list. One of the indicators that it might be worth getting more specific with his content was that one landing page was getting the majority of traffic and signups.

It was the one with a list of brand deal platforms that also mentioned a weekly email with paid sponsorship opportunities:

Creator Wizard’s previous newsletter signup page.

However, he felt this page was too cluttered and unfocused.

There was too much going on. A lot of conflicting call-to-actions. A testimonial, a downloadable lead magnet, the newsletter content, another testimonial. I think people were getting overwhelmed.

His updated landing page takes a much clearer, simplified approach.

Creator Wizard’s updated newsletter landing page. Image via Creator Wizard.

Grab this landing page template

The two essential tweaks Justin made on the updated newsletter signup page:

The social proof is still there, but this time it appeals to more creators. The previous one was from a beauty content creator, which may have deterred other types of creators. The social proof from “880K followers on TikTok” covers a much broader range.

There’s only one message on the landing page. The old page promoted pitching tips, a list of platforms, and paid opportunities. Justin’s background and experience gives him access to many sponsorship deals, which makes his newsletter unique, so he stripped everything else and only promoted that as his version of a lead magnet.

After they join, new subscribers receive weekly emails that onboard them with Justin’s best content.

This lasts for about two months. During this time, subscribers receive the onboarding sequence and regular weekly newsletter (but no launch emails, as Justin wants to create value and build a relationship first).

Creator Wizard’s onboarding email sequence.

#2: Drive all readers, viewers, and listeners to the one main lead magnet

Everything Justin does sends people to one place: the new landing page promoting his weekly sponsorship opportunities newsletter.

His YouTube videos, guest appearances on podcasts, speaking opportunities, social media bios—they all lead to it.

Justin Moore’s Twitter bio. Image via Justin Moore.

Justin even pins his own comment with the landing page link below every YouTube video he publishes.

Creator Wizard’s pinned YouTube comment with the signup page. Image via Creator Wizard.

After a few months of only promoting the one sponsorship-focused landing page everywhere, around 30 new creators sign up for his newsletter every day. Justin set a goal in October 2020 to be known as the sponsorship coach—and thanks to his newsletter, videos, and social media posts, he certainly got there.

When someone on Twitter asks ‘Who should I talk to about sponsorships/influencer marketing?’ a dozen people tag me.

In the beginning, Justin was experimenting with a range of creator-focused topics, checklists, and guides. Establishing himself as the sponsorship coach took over a year, but it has paid off.

Early on, you’re unsure of your value for the newsletter or for yourself as a creator, so you try everything. Once I realized what my value is and what I can give my subscribers, my list has matured, and it gave me the comfort to fully make that change and know I’ll still get the results I wanted.

#3: Promote your products with personalized emails

Justin promoted his fifth course cohort in early 2022 and enrolled 41 students, generating $40,000. The kicker? This number tripled since his previous cohort when he enrolled 16 students.

The work he’s been doing from late 2021 onwards—niching down, promoting a single landing page—has paid off.

Another important shift he made in that time was his subscriber experience, starting right after they sign up. Once a subscriber completes the newsletter sign-up form, they see this survey:

Creator Wizard’s welcome survey.

This is how Justin finds out the types of creators that sign up and their goals when it comes to sponsorships. He uses a tool called RightMessage to do this, but you can also do this with ConvertKit using link triggers.

From there, Justin tweaks his emails based on different goals each creator picked, like getting more sponsors or growing their audience.

Justin’s course launch was backed by several automations and sequences. That’s how he tracked which subscribers were interested in the course and followed up with those who interacted with launch emails, but didn’t buy the course.

Part of Creator Wizard’s course launch automation.

Grab your own Abandoned Cart automation template

Now that he’s seen results from personalizing his course launch emails in ConvertKit, Justin’s next goal is to create sequences and automations for new subscribers and how they’re segmented.

This way, he can nurture every subscriber with exactly what they need when it comes to finding and negotiating brand deals—on autopilot.

He concludes by saying:

A lot of creators are struggling to niche down because they’re afraid they’ll run out of options, but I think narrowing down made it a thousand times easier for me to figure out content. Now that I know that this is my lane, there’s no pressure to cover all the angles and topics. I get to only talk about the one thing I’m really good at, and that’s been really great.

Use ConvertKit’s landing pages and automations to own your niche

You don’t need to do everything under the sun to build a loyal audience. You only need to do what you’re excellent at—and go all in.

Justin recently wrote that he could “talk about sponsorships without getting bored until the end of time.” As it turns out, his audience wants that from him, and it’s a win-win for both.

If you’re ready to double down on your niche, ConvertKit’s landing pages and automations will help you deliver valuable content to the right people at the right time.

Start by picking a landing page template and visual automation with a free 14-day trial of ConvertKit.

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