Have you considered YouTube as a way to grow your email list?

As the second largest search engine (next to Google), the possibilities to grow your email list with its viewers are virtually limitless.

Our designer Charli (who has pretty great following on YouTube herself), has some quick tips to share about how you can use YouTube videos to grow your email list.

Check out this video to learn why YouTube should be added to your promotion strategy:

Now it’s time to take Charli’s advice. Grab your phone and record an educational video related to your landing page. Give it an interesting, searchable title, and start promoting.

But this idea doesn't just apply to YouTube

While Charli's tips are great if you're into creating videos, the idea of new promotion channels can apply anywhere.

You can create your own related piece of content wherever you already have an audience no matter how large or small it may be.  This could be a video, a blog post, a podcast, a social post, or even simply a text message to a friend.

Just think outside the box and find a new way to share your landing page with your audience.

And remember, there's $5,000 at stake. So give it everything you've got!

Still waiting to publish a landing page?

We’re halfway through the challenge, but there’s still so much time to add more subscribers to your email list.

Take the next 10 minutes to set up your landing page, click SAVE, and you’ll be live to share with the world.

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