8 successful marketing strategies to promote your landing page

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Creating and publishing your landing page is just the first step in growing your email list.

You’ll need more than a beautiful landing page design and clear copy to convince your landing page visitors to convert into email subscribers.

It even goes beyond a great lead magnet offer. If the right people don’t click on your landing page and see your offer, it doesn’t matter how great your landing page is. It won’t generate the kind of results you’re hoping for.

So what is the next step in getting your landing page in front of your ideal clients or customers?

Thoughtfully promoting it, of course!

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Successful strategies to help you promote your landing page

How well you promote your landing page will determine how many people see it.

It’s not only about increasing the traffic to your landing page but also making sure the right people find it. The best way to do that is to promote your landing page to a target audience.

But before you can promote your landing page, you must make sure:

Once all of those tasks are checked off, you can shift your attention to brainstorming how to promote your landing page. We have several strategies you can customize to fit what your brand needs, starting with social media promotion tactics.

Facebook landing page promotion

Since active Facebook users check their feed an average of 14 times each day, it’s no surprise that using Facebook to promote your landing page reaches the top of our list.

Facebook is a social media hub for all generations, making it a must-have promotion tool for businesses of all industries. With 1.65 billion regular Facebook users accessing the platform every month, it could be a great place to reach audience members who fit your ideal client description or customer persona.

In a post

Let’s get back to learning how to promote your landing page inside Facebook. When you are utilizing a Facebook business page, you can easily copy and paste your landing page link and post it on your page.

Bikekitz, a women’s cycling community, created a Facebook post that highlighted their weekend retreat offer by asking people in their community to sign up for their email list.

Bikekitz landing page example in Facebook post. Image via Bikekitz

Not only were they able to increase their number of email subscribers but now the Bikekitz community can engage with interested members since email marketing is a direct line of communication to their audience.

They no longer have to worry about Facebook displaying posts to only 2-3% of their page followers. With email marketing, they never have to worry about people not seeing an important update because of changing social media algorithms.

You can also add landing page links to your own Facebook group or other Facebook groups that you participate in. Just make sure to check the group facilitator's rules before posting your link inside the group.

In a photo description

Another great place to add your landing page link is in the description of your photos. Since people are likely to go to your Facebook page and click on your profile photo or cover photo, it creates an opportunity for you to explain your offer and convert more followers into subscribers.

This is exactly what Atkins E Corp did with their Facebook cover photo.

Atkins E Corp landing page example in Facebook cover photo. Image via Atkins E Corp

Their red and yellow-colored cover photo really stands out as people are scrolling through their Facebook page, making it easier to catch their attention. The cover photo also includes the call-to-action of downloading a free tax organizer, which is the lead magnet that’s connected to their landing page link.

In a Facebook Live stream

You can also add a landing page link to the description of a Facebook Live stream. Video is a great way to personally engage with your audience and talk in more detail about your offer. Alisha from Yoke & Abundance did this when she collected more email subscribers who were interested in her new moon goal setting session.

Yoke & Abundance landing page example in Facebook Live video. Image via Yoke and Abundance

If you want to create a Facebook Live video of your own, be sure to include your landing page link in the description ahead of time so people who are watching live can sign up. Even after your live stream has ended, Facebook will still show your recording (much like this example) so you can convert viewers who watch later.

As you experiment with video and visual content on Facebook, you can also utilize some of the same strategies when you post content on Instagram.

Instagram landing page promotion

Owned by Facebook, Instagram is one of the largest social media platforms in the world. It’s become the go-to place for content creators to share images and videos. There are even some content creators who make a living as Instagram influencers!

No matter what audience size your brand currently has, you can utilize Instagram to grow your email list. Feel free to take notes as we walk you through a few key examples of how you, too, can promote your landing page on Instagram.

Inside social media bios

Let’s start with Jessica Smartt, a writer who links to her ConvertKit landing page inside her profile description. This is a common landing page promotion tactic on Instagram. Jessica specifically built a landing page inside ConvertKit to help her collect contact information from Instagram followers who are interested in her Memory-Making Mom book study.

Jessica Smartt landing page example in Instagram profile bio. Image via Jessica Smartt

Since the book study is a live event that only lasts a few weeks, it’s smart for Jessica to create a simple landing page inside ConvertKit that she can use for a short time to collect email addresses. Once the book study is done, she can swap out the landing page link for another landing page that offers an evergreen lead magnet.

You might also notice that Jessica didn’t just paste the link into her profile bio. She also wrote “Book Club – Memory-Making Mom” with arrow emojis in her profile description right above the landing page link so people know exactly what the landing page is about. You can do the same for your landing page and lead magnet offer.

If you want to highlight more than one landing page link in your profile bio, you can follow create a Link Page. With these pages, you can add your landing page links, embed videos, or even add your Instagram feed or a newsletter feed.

Example of a ConvertKit Link Page
Example of a ConvertKit Link Page.

Inside Instagram stories

In addition to adding links to your Instagram profile, some Instagram users are also able to utilize them inside their Instagram stories. If you have a business profile with over 10,000 followers, you can use the clickable Instagram stories feature to accomplish this.

All you need to do is record a simple video or upload a photo inside your stories and locate the link icon in the upper right-hand corner. Then you can copy and paste your landing page link for it to become a clickable Instagram story.

Once your landing page link is properly added to your Instagram story, it will show a “see more” or “learn more” button at the bottom of your video or photo, much like this example from brand strategist Nikki Clark with her quiz lead magnet.

Nikki Clark Instagram Story landing page
Instagram Story landing page example via Nikki Clark.

In post copy

You can also shorten your landing page link using a tool like Bit.ly so you can add it to your Instagram post copy. It may not be clickable inside your Instagram feed, but if you add a shortened branded link, it will be easy for your audience to put in their own internet search bar. You might want to mention this shortened link in your Instagram Live or IG TV content, too.

Instagram doesn’t offer many clickable landing page link options for their users, so if you want more click-worthy opportunities, Pinterest might be a great fit for you.

Pinterest landing page promotion

Pinterest is less of a social media platform and more of a powerful search engine.

By utilizing keywords and other SEO tactics, you can increase traffic to your landing page in a few minutes on Pinterest. It doesn’t hurt that you can automate much of the pinning and scheduling process inside tools like Tailwind and Later to stay relatively hands-off.

When you first start using Pinterest, we recommend signing up for a business profile so you get access to advanced analytics. That way, you can track which pins are receiving the most clicks and traffic.

One of the greatest benefits of using Pinterest is that you can pin your landing page link multiple times without being too spammy. It’s best to utilize Pinterest group boards and pin schedulers in order to pin your landing page in different places. You’ll be able to reach new audiences and do it all on autopilot!

Also, try swapping out the imagery you use when you pin the same landing page to see which images are increasing your clicks and traffic. You can see how brand strategist Piper De Young did this with her brand style guide lead magnet landing page.

Piper De Young Pinterest landing page
Example of a Pinterest landing page. Image via Piper De Young.

By creating multiple image variations for each of your landing pages, you are able to make it look like a brand new offer even though it leads to the same landing page. Check your Pinterest analytics to gather data from your A/B tests.

When you create branded graphics on Pinterest to promote your landing page, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

Blogging Babe Pintest post
Vertical Pinterest post. Image via Blogging Babe
Leeza Harrington Pinterest description example
Example of description copy on a Pinterest post. Image via Leeza Harrington
Green and Happy Mom Pinterst photo landing page
Example of a photo preview on a Pinterest post. Image via Green and Happy Mom
Morgan Rhodes landing page example
It's good to include more information for your audience to find you on your Pinterest post. Image via Morgan Rhodes

After creating your images using a free tool like Canva or PicMonkey, all you need to do is upload them as a new pin, choose which Pinterest board you want to pin it on, and include your landing page link as the photo’s URL. It’s super simple!

Once you pin your images, it’s up to other Pinterest users to spread it around by repinning your content so it can reach more eyes. If you want beginner-friendly tips on how to make your pin more share-worthy or even go viral, check out this guide.

Remember that pins can continue to be repinned weeks, months, or years from the time you first posted the pin. Think about the long-term traffic boost you can get from just a few pins! This is what makes Pinterest so special when you are trying to generate more traffic to your landing page.

Other ways to promote your landing page

Using social media platforms to promote your landing page is smart, but what are some additional ways you can increase traffic to your page?

First, think about where you are already creating content and how you can mention your landing page naturally within those content platforms. Keep thinking outside the box as we dig into these supplemental ways to grow your email list through your landing page.


Since your website is the central hub of your brand, it’s smart to add multiple opportunities on your website to sign up for your list. All you need to do is copy and paste your landing page link into your website.

You can do this in a few ways:

  • Add a content upgrade to your long-form evergreen blog post content.
  • Highlight your lead magnet on your blog’s sidebar with an image that links to your landing page.
  • Create an announcement bar on your website that goes to your landing page when clicked.
  • Highlight your lead magnets on your Home or About page to convert visitors into subscribers.
Writing Cooperative content upgrade landing page
Writing Cooperative landing page example as a content upgrade. Image via Writing Cooperative

Get creative! You don’t have to utilize third-party platforms (like social media) when you convert website visitors into subscribers, so utilize your website when you grow your email list.


If you host your own podcast, you can place your landing page link into your podcast notes so listeners can easily access your landing page and sign up. Ryan, the podcast host behind The Prolific Writer show, includes a landing page link to his email list inside each episode’s podcast notes.

Prolific Writer landing page podcast show notes example
The Prolific Writer's landing page example in podcast notes. Image via The Prolific Writer

The same landing page link can be placed in your podcast episode description, like this example from AT Parenting Survival Podcast.

Parenting survival landing page podcast show notes example
AT Parenting Survival Podcast landing page example. Image via AT Parenting Survival

To switch up your landing page offers, you can link to a new landing page every few podcast episodes so you give your listeners a variety of lead magnets they can download. Then you can see what converts best over time by looking at your landing page analytics inside ConvertKit.

If you are being featured on someone else’s podcast, you can mention your landing page offer during the interview to convert more listeners into subscribers.


Did you know that YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world? You may also have noticed that Google prioritizes videos when you are searching for keywords on their platform. That’s because YouTube is owned by Google, so it’s a no-brainer to use this platform to increase traffic to your landing page.

All you need to do is create your own YouTube account and upload a video of you talking about a topic that’s similar to your landing page offer. We can see how this works in action by looking at Simon Servida’s YouTube video example.

You can add your landing page in your Youtube description copy. Image via Servida Music

In a YouTube video that features music production and drum beat tips, it makes sense that Simon would also include a link to his ConvertKit landing page that offers a free drum kit to new subscribers.

Since Simon has over 287,000 YouTube subscribers (whoa!), adding his landing page link to the video’s description is a brilliant way to use his thriving YouTube channel to build an engaged list of loyal email subscribers.


Create a landing page specific to an event you are speaking at or attending so you can engage with other attendees afterward. You can also add a freebie that’s relevant to the event topic so people want to sign up for your list even more.

If you decide to host a conference or retreat, creating a landing page that acts as a waitlist for your event will be a great way for you to engage with potential attendees and earn their trust.

Dina Kennedy used a simple ConvertKit landing page in order to collect interest in her women entrepreneurial retreat even after the retreat ended. When she’s ready to host the retreat again, she’ll have a list full of people who are interested in hearing more about it.

Dina Kennedy landing page website content upgrade
Here's an example of how you can share your landing page for an event. Image via Dina Kennedy


We’ve already mentioned the major social media platforms content creators use to drive traffic to their landing pages, but utilizing social media ads will help you get your landing page offer in front of more people. You have the ability to target your ads to specific audience members or people who fit your ideal client description.

Before you create a social media advertising campaign, it’s good to have an idea of how much your ad budget is and define what your main goal is. Most likely, your ad goal will be to increase link clicks and landing page conversions.

As an example, if the Facebook page owners of Writing River wanted to attract new subscribers through their landing page, they could boost this post and create a Facebook ad out of it.

Writing River landing page Facebook post
Example of sharing your landing page through a Facebook ad. Image via Writing River

By monitoring their analytics and tweaking their ad targeting, they’ll be able to see their email subscribers increase as they make strategic changes to their advertisement. They can also change their ad copy and imagery to make sure the Facebook ad performs well.

Thankfully, you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to test the performance of your social media ads. You can get started with as little as $10 on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. Start small and work your way up to higher amounts as you look at how well your social media ads work.

Best practices to help you better promote your landing page

Now that you’re armed with various landing page promotion strategies, you can start utilizing them once you’ve created your own landing page.

Do you already have a landing page created? Awesome! You can skip to the bottom and read through our final list of best practices so you are ready to promote your landing page.

If you haven’t created your landing page yet, keep reading through these steps to get started.

Your first step, after signing up for your free account, is to choose a design from one of our many landing page templates. Our Landing Page Builder will then help you customize your landing page imagery and copy while connecting to your lead magnet offer.

Once you’ve created your landing page, you can access the shareable link by locating the Share tab in the top right corner and copy the page link. For more instructions, check out our landing page link help page.

How to share your landing page

You’re just about ready to create your own landing page, but before we cut you loose, here are a few best practices to keep in mind:

  • Add targeted SEO keywords to your social media posts and landing page
  • Include branded imagery, graphics, and logos
  • Write concise copy that connects with your audience
  • Use engaging visual and video content
  • Always include a direct call-to-action (CTA)
  • A/B test your landing page variations to see which performs best
  • Shorten your landing page links with tools like Bit.ly
  • Test the landing page to make sure it is properly working
  • Proofread your landing page copy before you publish it

We can’t wait to see what landing pages you create next!

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