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ConvertKit is the sweet spot between the basic and the overly complicated email services, perfect for a profitable author career.

Mark Dawson, Best-selling author & Founder, The Self Publishing Formula •

We LOVE ConvertKit.

Yes, there are services that can get you started for free, and there are more complex email services that make it feel like you’re operating a nuclear power station.

ConvertKit is the sweet spot as far as we are concerned. You get a perfect mix of intuitive controls and powerful segmentation. When we first adopted ConvertKit to set up James’s list operation, it took us a few minutes to have multiple sequences running, firing emails with high relevancy at different types of subscribers.

We’ve also been impressed with the stability and constant improvement we’ve seen during our time as a ConvertKit customer.

Starting out or stepping up from your first email service, we reckon ConvertKit ticks all the boxes needed for a profitable author career.

Features for authors like you

ConvertKit was built by bloggers for bloggers with simple but powerful features like these built right into the app.

Unlimited Forms and Landing Pages

ConvertKit’s forms and landing pages are easy to embed anywhere on your site and allows you to deliver free giveaways with incentive emails. And all your forms and landing pages are hosted by ConvertKit. That means no extra integration necessary and they’re covered by ConvertKit’s support.

Trust-building sequences

A well-timed, educational email can be just what you need to remind readers about what you have to offer. Combine that with a full series of emails offering value and thoughtful pitches and you’re on your way to building trust and authority. ConvertKit allows you to logically organize your autoresponder emails to send targeted messages to your readers while also scaling your business.

Send targeted content at the right time, every time

Never worry about your subscriber’s journey again. With visual automations you can build custom paths for your funnels by connecting events, actions, and conditions. When joined together, these elements create your subscriber’s journey in one easy-to-understand and totally customizable process.

Integrate with your favorite platform and providers

Rather than try to build every feature possible, ConvertKit focuses on being the best at email marketing and then building great integrations with ecommerce platforms, landing page builders, membership site providers, and much more. And for everything else, there’s Zapier.

Up Your Email Game

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