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Have you ever had a second chance to make a first impression? Probably not. The saying is true for a reason, and it’s never been more true than in email.

Yes, the people opting in to your email list are humans who sometimes forgive, forget, and move on but it’s just as easy for those humans to have a negative first experience with you and never think of you again.

It’s an unfortunate but common occurrence for bloggers everywhere. Luckily for you, this Toolkit is going to help you solve that problem right now by optimizing your opt-ins.

What are opt-ins?

That’s right! Those forms at the bottom of pages or pop-ups that subscribers use to fill out their name and email address can actually help you make a better first impression and so much more when it comes to your blog. Afterall, the first step to building a successful list is to get permission from subscribers who want to keep hearing from you. Most often that happens through opt-ins.

You can place these opt-in forms all over site to increase the likelihood of new subscribers signing up for your email list. They can go on your sidebar or at the bottom of blog posts or they can pop up at your preferred intervals and be formatted to fit the style of your site.

But when thinking about their purpose, they’re not just for new subscribers. You can also use opt-in forms to create incentives. By adding content upgrades (bonus content) to your site and gating them behind an opt-in form, you’re providing a piece of valuable content to give your readers in exchange for their email address.

This opt-in based Toolkit is filled with valuable information to help you set up the right opt-in forms for your blog as well as create fun and enticing incentives for your audience.

Why is a good opt-in experience important?

How you use opt-ins to bring new and potential subscribers into your fold and how you continue to use them to communicate with your current subscribers says a lot about who you are as a blogger and business owner.

Too often, the email opt-in process is an overlooked system by bloggers. Plain forms are slapped onto blog pages without any design or creative thought put into them and then the subscriber is sent to an empty confirmation page. Or if the initial process is actually done well, the blogger might not put enough effort into what happens to their subscriber after that first confirmation email is sent.

So much more can be done in the process to humanize your brand, promise and deliver your goods, and just generally communicate with your subscribers through your opt-ins.

Here’s to no more opt-ins that are after-thoughts. No more complicated download processes or multi-step funnels. Just simple and clear opt -n experiences your subscribers will love.

Use this Toolkit as your ultimate guide to the different ways you can use and optimize your opt-ins to create an experience your potential subscribers can’t ignore.

What you'll learn

  • How to build content upgrades
  • Where to place your opt-ins
  • Creating a great experience for subscribers
  • Offering freebies, or not?
  • Tech tips with WordPress
  • The psychology of color with opt-ins

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