Creating Your Content Upgrades

Two ideas for your first content upgrade

When you set up a form, finding a unique way to draw in subscribers is a powerful way to get more subscribers. In email marketing, we call them “content upgrades” and they are a great way to grow.

If you find yourself thinking “I don't want to have a generic ‘Join my Newsletter' headline! I want something that will pop!” I totally understand! But we have to be careful not be stuck in perfection over progress.

That's why I wanted to give you two quick ideas for your first content upgrade. Both can be finished and ready to go in under an hour (I think).

First, simply create a checklist or resource guide to the post as a PDF. Since many top posts are lists and how to guides, creating a helpful checklist for the reader to mark their progress is a great choice.

Second, try creating the same content, but in a new medium! If it's a blog post, create an audio recording of the content they can listen to! Or if a video, then create a transcript!

I hope these ideas helped, the biggest thing to remember is that progress beats perfection. Log in to your account to create a form and start growing your list today!

Watch how to create your first form and add the content upgrade!

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