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You’ve seen YouTubers turn their passion for creating videos into full-time jobs—and you want in.

Creators are always looking to use YouTube as their video content headquarters. From Vine stars to TikTokers, creators post videos in the hopes of establishing a stronger connection with their audience and getting paid through the YouTube Partner Program.

But posting on YouTube and crossing your fingers isn’t the best approach. Instead, you need a rock solid YouTube strategy, and that all starts with understanding the YouTube Studio.

YouTube Studio is the one-stop shop for creators looking to build an audience on the long-form video platform. The creators you look up to in your niche strategically use YouTube Studio behind-the-scenes to keep improving their content (and keep YOU watching).

And their strategy is available for you to use! But first, you need to know why creators choose to use YouTube Studio over other YouTube growth platforms.

What is YouTube Studio?

youtube studio

YouTube Studio is like the kitchen of your creator restaurant. It’s where you do your prep work before launching your next dish, i.e., your latest video. Without the kitchen—it’d be impossible to have a successful restaurant, and trying to grow on YouTube is extremely difficult without a little backend help.

Instead of a refrigerator and oven, your YouTube Studio has features like:

  • A dashboard to see a snapshot of your channel
  • A library of your posted videos
  • The analytics behind your channel
  • How much money you’ve made in total and per video

These features help creators brand their content, get more followers, and make money from Google Adsense. Better yet, they help you understand your audience so you can build lead magnets, start services, or create products for them.

Creators use YouTube to grow their audience and bring that following to their email list for safekeeping. With their email list, creators turn fans into clients and customers. They build a creator business that doesn’t rely on daily vlogs to help pay the bills. Instead, they build automations that sell ebooks, paid newsletters, music, presets, coaching, and more.

To grow your creator business, you first have to build an audience. What’s the easiest way to find like-minded people online who love to watch your video content? By using a platform like YouTube Studio.

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Why do creators use YouTube Studio?

Creators know there’s a lot more to their job than just hitting publish. If they make videos, post them, and go make another without trying to create a cohesive brand experience or learning what their audience likes to watch—their brand won’t last long.

Every minute there are 500 hours of new videos uploaded to YouTube, and it's estimated that users watch cumulatively one billion hours of content a single day. That’s a lot of competition.

Creators use YouTube Studio to help their videos get views and grow their audience on a highly competitive platform.

Creators use YouTube Studio to help their videos get views and grow their audience on a highly competitive platform.

Your videos are next to dozens of suggested videos on the YouTube homepage. When somebody is watching your video, they see a side tab of other videos they can watch at any second. Creators have to take this into account when they’re growing their YouTube channel.

This means you need to ask yourself questions like:

  • What do you post to get people to watch your content?
  • How can you keep your audience's attention?
  • Is there a way to get them to keep watching once they finish a video?

There’s an answer to each of these questions, and it’s found inside your YouTube Studio. Here are 5 ways creators use YouTube Studio to grow their reach (and creator business).

5 ways to grow your reach with YouTube Studio

There are 10 features inside YouTube Studio, from your dashboard to an audio library. Once you’re all set up, poke around to see which are the most aligned with your videos and audience right now. Remember, you don’t need to use every feature when you start out.

You just need the top 5 features to help you get started, and you can add the fancy touches later.


Think of your YouTube Studio dashboard as the ultimate sidekick. It’s there to give you the lowdown on what’s going on with your YouTube channel (like how many subscribers you have, the metrics of your recent video, watch time, and more).

The dashboard gives you a quick snapshot of the behind-the-scenes of your channel so you can keep tabs on your growth and how well your audience likes your videos. Ideally, you’re looking at this dashboard a few times a week, and definitely after you’ve posted a new video.

Creators use their dashboard to understand 1) what’s going on with their YouTube channel and 2) what they need to change to meet their goals.

For example, if you start posting weekly vlogs showing the rough cut of your day-to-day activities and you see your watch time increase—you know you’re onto something. Your dashboard will let you know that in the past 28 days, your watch time has increased, which means your audience is really liking your new content. This tells you what to create more of and gives you ideas as to how to bring that type of content into other mediums (like a weekly newsletter).


Branding is the first impression of your creator business.

It’s also the reason your fans can find you across multiple platforms. When they see the same brand colors, logo, and tagline on your YouTube channel as they do on your TikTok or Instagram—they know they found you. Branding also shows new audience members who you are, what you’re about, and what they can expect from subscribing to your channel.

Creators use the customization feature in YouTube studio to add video spotlights, branding, and basic information.

Use YouTube Studio to customize your YouTube channel. Image via YouTube Studio.

Lisa Richards creates health-centered content for her audience and uses YouTube Studio to customize her channel:

lisa richardsYou can brand your channel by adding a logo and a tagline to the top of your page. The tagline is a short phrase that describes what kind of content you're going to put out on the channel. For example, our channel focuses mainly on nutrition, so our taglines normally revolve around this topic, e.g. ‘easy nutrition hacks’, or ‘diets to avoid’.

– Lisa Richards

Creators customize channel trailers, featured videos for returning subscribers, and featured sections inside the Layout tab. The branding tab is where you’ll upload your profile picture, banner image, and video watermark. In the basic info tab, you’ll name your channel, add a description, choose your channel URL, and share your contact information.


Your content is the #1 priority of your YouTube channel.

It’s your content that will drive views, engagement, and subscribers. It’s how your audience will get to know you and realize they’d love to buy your ebook or hire you for consulting. You need to keep tabs on your YouTube content, and that’s where the content feature comes in handy.

Creators use the content feature to see all of their past videos, check restrictions, upload date, views, comment, and their like vs. dislike ratio.

Use YouTube Studio to see a library of your video content.

The YouTube Studio content feature is your video library. With content as the #1 priority of your channel, this feature is essential to growth because it shows you how each video is performing. If you post a video that skyrockets past your usual amount of comments—you know to make more videos just like it.

Your audience’s reaction and engagement with your content tell you everything you need to know when ideating your next video topics.


YouTube Studio analytics are your personalized calculator.

With analytics you can track how each type of YouTube content is performing. Image via YouTube Studio.

Instead of figuring out how your channel is performing by building out your own spreadsheets and sitting next to a calculator for an hour, YouTube Studio will do it for you. Inside the analytics feature, you can see an overview of analytics specific to content, audience, and research. This may just be your favorite feature…

Creators use analytics to understand their audience’s interests and how they can improve their content.

YouTuber, author, and entrepreneur Thomas Frank knows that understanding the analytics behind his channel is a determining factor in its success.

thomas frankYouTube Studio has a great feature that tells you which videos brought in new viewers who actually returned to watch other videos. This can tell you which kind of content is turning casual viewers into fans who want to binge your channel, and I use this information to make more of that kind of content.

– Thomas Frank

The analytics of your channel tell a story. They can show you what your audience is most interested in, what they don’t want to watch, and how they spend their time on YouTube. These insights change the game for a creator by telling them exactly what to create that will most resonate with their audience.


As a YouTube partner, you get paid for posting content. 🎉

That sounds like a sweet gig, but there’s a bit more to it than you might realize. To become a YouTube partner, you’ll need to have 1,000 subscribers, 4,000 public watch hours, 2-step verification turned on, and 0 active community guideline strikes. As a YouTube partner, you’ll share the revenue YouTube generates from its advertisers.

Creators use YouTube monetization to add another income stream to their business.

While YouTube monetization is a great opportunity for creators—it shouldn’t be their sole income stream. Just like you never want to house your audience on someone else’s platform (make sure to turn YouTube subscribers into email subscribers!), you don’t want your income to rely on YouTube’s terms and conditions. You want to have other income streams that you can count on, like a paid newsletter or digital products.

YouTube is just part of your business strategy

With YouTube, creators can grow their reach and attract more like-minded people to their channel. Thanks to YouTube Studio, creators can optimize their content for this audience and grow faster than they would without its features. But, there’s more to a creator business than great content.

You need a strategy for what you’ll do with the audience you’re building. You don’t want to lose access to your audience because of an unintended community guideline strike or an algorithm change. You want to have control over how you connect with your fans.

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