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Creator Pass gives you all-access entry to two courses filled with the teaching and tools you need to build a business doing work you love.

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  • Feel stuck in your career path or want to create a side business?
  • Do you have a product idea – but aren’t sure how to get started?
  • Do you dream of making a living building your own business?

You need a path to success. That’s what we’re here for.

We know the grind of starting out, of having the spark of an idea and doing everything you can to bring it to life. That’s why we developed world-class training to give early-stage creators a roadmap for their journey to building a business.

Creator Pass gives you what you need to build a thriving online business

Thousands of creators have already started their journey – Here are just a few stories from our course alumni.

Creator Pass Course Content

With Creator Pass, we’ve organized the best lessons we’ve learned into the two stages of a creator-conscious business. And to help you implement these lessons, you’ll also receive a year of access to ConvertKit, the world’s best email marketing tool for creators.

Course one


Get started with your online business.

  • The foundation and values of your business
  • Create your website and content plan
  • Get your first 100 subscribers
4 Modules • 20 lessons
Course two


Create a digital product and earn your first dollar online with a successful launch.

  • Create your first product
  • Launch, sell, and iterate
  • Automated workflow templates
4 Modules • 20 lessons



Email marketing software

Creator Pass includes a ConvertKit account with up to 100 subscribers for the first year.

Get Creator Pass

Creator Pass features everything you need to get your online business off the ground and start earning a living doing work you love.


One-time payment

  • Access to Creator Pass courses
  • Up to 100 subscribers in ConvertKit for 12 months

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One-time payment

  • Access to Creator Pass courses
  • Up to 1000 subscribers in ConvertKit for 12 months

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If it wasn't for my email list, I would not be making a full-time income with my blog. ConvertKit has been hands down the best investment I've made for my blog and business.

Got questions? We've got answers.

Which Creator Pass tier should I choose?

Good question. If you are really starting from scratch (with blogging, online business, basically all of it) then we recommend the Starter plan for $199 and up to 100 subscribers. You have access to all of the same content but for $100 less than the Pro plan.

If you already have 100-999 subscribers, or believe you can hustle your way to 100+ in a year, the Pro plan is for you! At 10X the subscribers for $100 more, this is the best deal for early stage creators we’ve ever had. This is the tier for you!

What happens when I go over my subscriber limit?

First, we celebrate! Whether 100 or 1000 subscribers, it is a great milestone and reflects your hard work. When you go over the limit, you’ll simply switch to our normal billing plan, and start a monthly or annual subscription.

How long will I have access to the courses?

Forever! No matter what you end up doing with a ConvertKit subscription, you’ll have access to the Creator Pass courses.

What if I’m not happy?

Within 14 days of purchasing, if you believe that Creator Pass is not for you, we will refund 100% of your payment. Chances are you’re just feeling overwhelmed and like you can’t do it, but we’re here to help you realize you can!