Email marketing for authors

Build a relationship with your readers.

If you had to contact 50% of your readers today, could you? Most authors can’t. But what if each reader was more than just a number in your sales dashboard?

ConvertKit is a complete marketing tool for building direct relationships with your readers through email. Let’s take a quick tour.

Create pre-launch pages for your books

You should start building an email list on the same day you start writing your new book. Use ConvertKit’s landing page builder to set up a coming soon page and start building your email list right away. It takes just a few minutes, so you can get right back to creating valuable content.

Book cover designs

Many authors tell us they need a simple book cover before they can put up the coming soon page. We’d hate for that to hold you back, so one of our expert graphic designers will create a custom, modern book cover for you to help your work stand out. We also give each customer access to our collection of templates to help you design your own graphics.

“After sitting on the copy for the landing page for my book for months, Nathan convinced me to put it out on ConvertKit. 30 minutes later I had a landing page. The next day I had 97 subscribers!”

— Ryan Castillo Author of The Freelancer's Guide to Recurring Revenue

Build your audience with sample chapters

The easiest way to start building a quality list of readers is to add an email opt-in form for your book sample chapter. Visitors to your book sales page can enter their email address and automatically have a sample chapter emailed to them.

They get the chapter in their inbox, and you collect their email address so you can follow-up with them in the future.

Capture leads off Amazon, LeanPub, and Udemy

The Pain

Marketplaces are wonderful for making sales, but unfortunately they like to own the customer relationship. Meaning if someone buys your book on Amazon, they are Amazon’s customer, not yours.

Want to tell your readers about your new book? Sorry, you can’t. You don’t have a way to contact them.

The Fix

Luckily you can fix this by offering bonuses and additional content in your Amazon book that points back to a ConvertKit landing page. This bonus could be sample code for a technical book or additional videos for a course.

Your readers get a sweet new bonus, and you get a way to stay in touch with them. Win/win.

Automate your book marketing

The most powerful thing about email marketing is that it can be automated. Remember that visitor who downloaded your sample chapter? Chances are they forgot about your book, which means they won’t buy a copy. But a well timed, educational email can be enough to bring them back and save the sale.

Combine that with a series of emails and you’re far more likely to build trust and make a sale with someone who otherwise would be a drive-by visitor.

Set up a ConvertKit email course once and it will continue doing the hard work of selling for you day in and day out.

ConvertKit Course

"Drip email is so powerful, but for some reason it's incredibly complicated on other software packages. The way ConvertKit allows publishers to organize their drip emails is just logical.”

Andrew Warner Founder of Mixergy

The lifecycle of a book

From getting your first subscriber to launching your bestseller, ConvertKit is there to support authors through every step of the book creation and marketing process. Watch ConvertKit in action in this short video.

Ready to grow your audience and sell more books?

ConvertKit automates this entire process so you just have to worry about creating content to teach your subscribers.

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