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I got tired of hacking around my email provider to implement the tactics I knew would grow my blog and increase revenue.

There’s no such thing as “one size fits all”

All the major email marketing companies are generic. From cupcake shops, to design agencies, to plumbing companies, they are trying to serve every type of business. Instead of a perfect-for-you solution you wind up with a mass of features that aren’t a good fit for anyone, especially not bloggers.

So we set out to build something simple, something elegant, something built for bloggers… a tool that makes it easy and obvious to grow your business through email marketing.

Think of ConvertKit as best practices by default.

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Yeah, okay. But what is ConvertKit?

“If I had to summarize ConvertKit in one word, it would be “smart.” I love working with a system that does exactly what I need it to do, without all the fuss and hacking.”

The power of Infusionsoft, but easier to use than MailChimp.

Staying focused on bloggers doesn’t mean ConvertKit is underpowered. Instead it combines simple, elegant sending with the automation and tagging features that you actually need as a professional blogger.

"My favorite part of ConvertKit? Automation rules. Other providers have them but they're either limited or too overwhelming. ConvertKit makes it simple with a “if this / then that” sequence."

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Join the thousands of professional bloggers who skipped the headaches and high costs and headed straight to the email marketing features they’ve always wanted.

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ConvertKit is built by bloggers, for bloggers. With your unique needs in mind, we’ve created a tool that gives you the power to earn more from your email list while keeping the human element in something as personal as email.

Better together

Rather than try to build every feature possible, ConvertKit focuses on being the best at email marketing and then building great integrations with ecommerce, landing page, and membership site providers.

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Don't see an integration you need? We use Zapier to fill in any gaps.

“With automations, we get this amazing sense of what our customers and readers really want, what they are interested in, and how we can better serve them.”

Automation, made easy

No more duplicate subscribers. No more fighting with your email funnels. No more hacking automations together to make it all work. Best of all, no more wasted hours (and days) spent fighting an app you don’t understand.

Marketing automation can be hard to wrap your brain around. With ConvertKit, it’s easy. We’ve built blueprints to show you examples of how automations can flow.

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What if I'm not a blogger?

ConvertKit was built with bloggers in mind, but that doesn’t mean you have to be a blogger in the traditional sense to love ConvertKit. Our customers are podcasters, service-based business owners, course creators, YouTubers, and more. They’re content-driven business owners and ConvertKit is the perfect solution for them. As Jason Zook put it:

“If you write articles, blogs, newsletters, and create products or services around them, you run a content-driven business. ConvertKit takes everything I was doing in another provider and makes it easier. Period.”

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