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Monetize Your Content with Affiliate Marketing


We'll show you...

  • Automatically monetize your content- yes automatically!
  • Drive increased RPMs with affiliate links
  • Learn how to fix broken links with one click
  • Easily create and share affiliate links
  • Learn how to drive new subscribers to your affiliate content

This workshop is for you if...

I loved the clear in-depth discussion on how a new business owner can grow their email list. It was not too wordy, but to the point with lots and lots of examples!

Tanisha King
Tanisha King
About The Hosts
Shiv Chibber

Shiv Chibber

Shiv works daily with leading creators who earn a full-time living online! He'll teach you the behind-the-scenes of what’s actually working right now so you can start using proven strategies.

MaryLiz Burns and Spencer Bardsley

MaryLiz Burns and Spencer Bardsley

Spencer Bardsley is the Founder & CEO of Shared Vision with a flair for assembling teams and crafting products that captivate and command attention. Spencer brings over 16 years of experience to the table, where his hands-on approach has led him to personally meet with hundreds of creators, fostering a deep understanding of their needs and aspirations. He's the driving force behind Shared Vision, guiding the vision and execution of the company. Maryliz Burns is the Director of Customer Success and Business Development, bringing a wealth of experience to the role. Maryliz's extensive 20-year background in Sales, Business Development, and Product development, along with her recent experience working in the creator economy, has been pivotal in Shared Vision’s growth, success, and industry adoption.

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