Product Roadmap

Here are some of the features and improvements we’re currently working on.

What we're working on

The list below doesn't have specific dates, but it's what we are currently working on, or starting next.

Landing Page Improvements

We’re focusing on improving our new email editor into the forms pages, adding additional landing page templates (put in a request if you’re looking for something specific) and adding videos and images anywhere on a landing page!

Thank You Pages

We’re adding the ability to say thank you to your audience with the introduction of Thank You pages as a part of our landing page set-up workflow. Providing you with the flexibility to tailor your lead generation process is the end goal here.

Purchase Reporting

With the new purchase reporting you’ll be able to track purchases from your subscribers and see how much money each segment has earned in a cohesive graph.

Template Editor

We’re focusing on improving our custom email templates to allow you to create beautiful custom templates without having to touch a line of code!

Deliverability Reporting (Pro Plan)

With the new deliverability reporting coming to ConvertKit you will be able to see exactly how your broadcast opens and clicks are trending over time and the ability to gather insights into particular platforms and specific segments of users.


Here are the most recent features we’ve released!

Custom Domains August 2019

The eagerly awaited custom domain feature is live! You can personalize your subdomain, bring your own domain or you can set an account domain from within ConvertKit to host one of our landing pages. Go on, personalize your URL!

Additional landing page templates July 2019

We're continuing to improve our new form and landing page builder. As a part of that we have now released 24 new landing page templates and two new forms you can use to grow your audience.

Notifications & In-app status for Bulk Actions July 2019

We’ve made it easier to manage your subscribers by adding two requested actions as a part of the bulk actions menu: unsubscribe and remove tag! Also, you can now see the progress of a bulk action and download the file through our new notification center.

Unsplash Integration & Better Image Management June 2019

We’ve added the ability for your to personalize your emails and landing pages even further by integrating with the Unsplash library. This integration will give you the freedom to customize your emails, forms and landing pages with over 1 million photos to choose from within ConvertKit. Also, you can now select any of your recently uploaded images to use in your landing pages without having to upload again!

Faster broadcast statistics March 2019

We completely reworked the way broadcast stats are calculated so they now load very quickly without the need for caching—even on broadcasts to millions of subscribers. Now all recent broadcasts have accurate stats up to that second.

18 new landing page templates March 2019

We're continuing to improve our new form and landing page builder. As a part of that we have now released 18 new landing page templates you can use to grow your audience.

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Custom fields in Zapier November 2018

We've added the ability to set and update custom fields when using Zapier actions. We've also added new triggers for purchases, tags, forms, and sequences. Along with new actions like creating a purchase, remove a tag, and find a subscriber.

Multiple users September 2018

Now you can add additional users to your ConvertKit account.

Purchase integrations July 2018

We’ve built an entirely new feature to track every purchase inside of ConvertKit across several ecommerce integrations.

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New form designs and editor July 2018

We’ve completely redesigned our form and landing page builder from the ground up to make it easy to customize your own beautiful forms.

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Total subscriber count graph July 2018

Now you can see subscriber stats for your entire account. Take a look at subscriber growth, net new details, and filter based on date or anything in our subscriber filter.

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Allow subscribers to update their profile June 2018

With this feature subscribers can edit their name and email address by clicking a link from any email. This link is included in default templates.

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Share visual automations publicly February 2018

Now you can share your entire funnel as a template with anyone! This will create a public link that you can give to anyone to use. It will copy everything from that visual automation into their account: Sequences, Forms, Tags, Conditions, etc.

Shopify integration: Trigger Rules with Collections February 2018

With this you can trigger automation rules based on a purchase from a collection in Shopify. This means you can automate a specific action to a subscriber if they purchase any product from a collection.

Shopify integration: Select “Any product” in Rules January 2018

With this you can trigger automation rules based on a purchase from Shopify for Any Product, rather than just a specific product.

This is useful to add a general “customer” tag or send a generalized sequence to all subscribers that make a purchase.

Loop subscribers in Visual Automations January 2018

Now you can loop subscribers in a Visual Automation multiple times. This allows you to send subscribers down different conditions or add them back to a sequence where they left off when using the Move subscriber actions. Even when looping, subscribers will never receive the same email twice.

Event for when a custom field changes December 2017

Now you can use a custom field change as an event or entry point in a visual automation. You can fire the event when a custom field is changed to anything or a specific value.

Broadcast search December 2017

After you've sent a bunch of broadcasts it can be hard to find an old one. We've solved that issue by adding a search by subject line to the broadcasts page!

More actions in Visual Automations November 2017

We've added a ton of new actions to Visual Automations including: Remove a tag, set a custom field with liquid support, start another Automation, remove from another Automation, and exit the current Automation in event or condition branches.

Chrome extension for Gmail October 2017

View your subscriber details when sending emails in Gmail with our new Chrome extension. You can see if they're a subscriber and what tags they have to provide context to your one-on-one conversations.

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Tag subscribers based on pages they visit October 2017

Tag your subscribers when they visit a page or post on your WordPress site with the latest update to our plugin.

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Customize website content based on subscriber tags October 2017

Now you can show unique content to subscribers visiting your WordPress site based on the tags they have in ConvertKit.

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Improved app performance September 2017

We're continuing to make improvements to our infrastructure to provide a better experience. Over the past month we've been able to improve Broadcast and Sequence sending times.

Sequences will now see a 10x improvement in sending speed. Broadcast delivery is much faster which has greatly improved the sending time during our daily 11am rush.

Allow bulk actions to fire automations September 2017

We've updated the app so that any action taken within the UI on a subscriber will trigger automations, both Rules and Visual Automations. This means you can now use Bulk (and single) actions, such as adding a tag, to fire off an automation.

Visual automation editor September 2017

This allows you to do everything you can already with rules, but in a much more organized and efficient manor. Link, create, and even edit all of the elements of your ConvertKit account, in one place.

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Integration with Instapage July 2017

We firmly believe in building the absolute best tools and experiences in the industry. When that’s not possible in a particular area we want to integrate with the best. You can now access your Instapage account directly from your ConvertKit account.

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Autosave on Broadcasts July 2017

No more losing an email draft because you forget to save! Now we'll auto save all of your changes for you as you edit.

Tag subscribers on a link click June 2017

When you add a link to a Broadcast or sequence email, you can choose (or create) a tag that will get added to any subscriber who clicks this link.

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Segment subscribers by Location May 2017

Filter subscribers based on “X Miles within” a city, state or country.

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A/B testing on Broadcast subject lines May 2017

With A/B testing, you can split test subject lines right in your Broadcasts.

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Allow subscribers to undo an accidental unsubscribe May 2017

Sometimes subscribers unsubscribe by accident and want to get back on the list. Now with a single click they can undo their mistake.

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Segment subscribers by Custom Field May 2017

Filter subscribers based on the value of a custom field, or if a custom field exists at all.

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Reports for individual Sequence emails April 2017

You can now click into an individual sequence email to see who engaged with it, and the exact opens, clicks, and unsubscribes.

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Bulk actions on broadcast opens April 2017

Now you can perform bulk actions (such as tagging, adding to a sequence, or exporting) on anyone who opens a broadcast.

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New integrations: EasyWebinar, Coach, ConvertFlow, KingSumo, and Kickoff Labs April 2017

A bunch of new integrations and some improvements to existing ones!

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Conditional email content based on Tags December 2016

You can now select which content, within an email, a subscriber will see, or not see, based on the tags they have.

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Filter Subscribers in a Sequence email December 2016

Add a filter to each individual email in your sequences, making it super easy to filter out certain subscribers from specific messages.

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Restrict Sequence emails to certain days of the week December 2016

Specify a particular day of the week that a specific Sequence email will send out.

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Delay Sequence emails by the hour December 2016

You can now delay your Sequence emails by the hour, along with daily.

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New Broadcast reports November 2016

We've created a new broadcast reporting dashboard that bundles everything together in one place. It will give you great insight in how your broadcast is performing.

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Unbounce integration November 2016

You can integrate your Unbounce page with a ConvertKit Form via Webhooks.

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Wistia integration November 2016

Connecting your Wistia and ConvertKit accounts is simple. Thanks to Wistia's Turnstile feature, you can now add an email opt in to a video hosted on Wistia.

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Filter Broadcasts by Status November 2016

We've added a way for you to easily sort your Broadcasts within your account based on their status.

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Share web archives of Broadcasts November 2016

Sometimes you want to share an email broadcast with people who aren't yet on your email list. You can now do that with web archives!

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Track and take action on unique link clicks October 2016

You can view subscribers who click links and then perform a bulk action to tag the subscribers (or add them to a sequence).

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Choose date ranges on dashboard graph October 2016

The default view of your Dashboard is the last 30 days, but now you can change this range to any dates you'd like.

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Use Custom fields with Merge tags October 2016

A Merge Tag will pull information from your subscriber's profile and automatically insert it into the email. Now you can use Custom fields wth Merge tags.

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Leadpages standard builder integration October 2016

Leadpages has added a ConvertKit to their Standard Builder!

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Improved account settings page October 2016

We redesigned the account settings page to make it easier to find every option and provide better insight into your plan usage.

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Security upgrades to prevent SPAM subscribers September 2016

We added CAPTCHA and other security checks to Forms to prevent spam subscribers from sneaking into your account.

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