Launch your online business

Launch an Online Business

It’s time to take action. Turn your idea into a real business by launching your first website in 30 days.

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  • Feeling stuck in your career path?
  • Ready to make a change in your life?
  • Dream of starting your own business, but not sure how to make that happen?

So many creators sit on a great idea for too long while they wait for their circumstances to change or because they’re too afraid to make a move. The “Once this happens, I’ll finally be able to….” mentality doesn’t usually pan out like you had hoped, and we all know fear can be a crippling roadblock.

If these sound familiar, you’re wasting valuable daylight waiting around for something that never comes around. That sure thing and that confidence you seek have to start by putting in the hard work yourself.

It’s time to stop waiting for your circumstances to change. It’s time to take action. It’s time to start building your business today.

About Launch an Online Business Masterclass

The process of starting an online business

The Launch an Online Business Masterclass is a four-week class that walks you through the in’s and out’s of starting an online business from scratch. In this month, you’ll learn how to focus your mission, choose and set up a business model, create a website and all the primary content you need to fill it, launch your business, and start building an audience of fans.

With simple lesson plans designed to help you organize your ideas and give you actionable daily tasks to put those ideas to work, you’ll be able to start your business in just 30 days. That’s it!

What you get with Launch an Online Business Masterclass

  • Daily lessons During our month together, you’ll take part in course lessons each day of the week, Monday through Thursday. We’ve created these lessons to be simple and actionable steps to help you build on what you learned and created each day until you’re able to hit publish on your website.
  • Weekly live trainings Every Friday you’ll hear from a ConvertKit team member on your topic for the week. These live trainings will be your chance to deep dive into the topic with an expert for more information and Q&A’s.
  • Support from likeminded business creators like yourself Not only will you hear from creators on the ConvertKit team throughout the month, you’ll also be a part of a Facebook Community group with other students going through the masterclass. This amazing group of people will be your support system, advice-givers, source of encouragement, and helpful problem-solvers throughout your business-building process. And you never know– you just might meet your future mastermind partners in this group too.
  • A viable business, fully built website, and actionable plan to grow your audience At the end of the month, you’ll be all set to launch your business into the world. We’re going to help you fully develop your business vision, create all the necessary pieces of content, and put together a promotional plan that is sure to set your business up for success.
  • Plus 30 days of ConvertKit for FREE And of course this Masterclass will include a free 30-day trial of ConvertKit too! You didn’t think we’d teach you how to use our product and then not give you a chance to try out for yourself, right?

The Masterclass Content

The mission, vision and why Week One

The Mission, Vision, and Why

  • Why are you starting a business?
  • What are the mission and core values of your business idea?
  • What is the three to five year vision for your business? Who will it impact?
Building a platform Week Two

Building a Platform

  • Renting vs. owning your content: The importance of building a website and email list
  • Step by step website development
  • Getting your email marketing set up with your ConvertKit account
Creating your launch content Week Three

Creating Your Launch Content

  • Outlining your opt-in incentives and first sequence autoresponder
  • Writing three key blog posts so you have content to launch with
  • How to develop your about page and homepage content
Launch your online business Week Four

Launch Time

  • Setting up and executing your promotion plans
  • Hitting publish on your website and blog posts
  • How to develop your email list over time with opt-ins and content upgrades

It’s time to take action on your business. Are you ready?

If you’re done with excuses, waiting around, and putting off your big ideas, we’re here to help you make it happen. And guess what? We’re offering up this masterclass for no charge at all. That’s right– you can take Launch an Online Business Masterclass for FREE!

We want to make sure nothing stands in your way of building the business of your dreams. So if you’re ready to make it happen, we’re here to be your guides.

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