Please fill out the form below to share all the details of the items we will be migrating for you!

Please note – each migration will be analyzed on a case-by-case basis. If your migration is complex or exceeds roughly 25 Forms, 50 emails, 50 lists/tags, 10 Automations, and 3 email templates, we'll ask that you help out with the process.

ConvertKit Migration Form

  • Your business info:

    This helps us understand where we'll be installing ConvertKit optin forms for you.
  • (The email you used to sign up with ConvertKit)
  • This is the primary site we'll be installing ConvertKit forms on. If you have additional sites, add them to the fields below!
  • A rough estimate is fine. 🙂
  • If you have another site besides your main business site that you'll be using ConvertKit on, add that here!
  • It is a CAN-SPAM requirement to have a physical address in every email you send, and we'll make sure this is added to your account. For more information and alternatives, click here.
  • Subscriber Forms

    1. Enter the forms or landing pages that we should replace with ConvertKit forms (or integrate with your existing provider). Please list: 1. The URL of the opt in 2. Any Thank You page attached 3. Any lead magnet/freebie attached 4. Which List/Group this opt in needs to be added to

    Example: Header form (on all pages), no Thank You page, PDF freebie (link added), added to "Newsletter List"

    2. If you are sending out a confirmation email/double opt-in email after subscription, please let us know and we can set that up.

    3. Lastly, please specify if you are using a third party service (like LeadPages, OptinMonster, Thrive Leads, Sumo, etc.).
  • One Form/URL per row please.
  • If there's anything interesting, confusing, or otherwise difficult about your setup, let us know here. Though we may cry a little bit, we'll do our best to deal with your little quirks.
  • Basically, what does your current provider call the method of organizing subscribers? In MailChimp & Aweber, it's lists. In Infusionsoft and Ontraport, it's tags, group, or saved searches.

    We need to know if there are lists/tags that don't need to be brought over to ConvertKit. It could be duplicate lists or something that was used once and isn't necessary anymore (like an old webinar).

    If you have 20+ tags or lists, we'll talk about how you can pitch in and speed up the process. It will help you save a ton of time moving over!
  • Sequences / Auto-responders

    Do you have any follow-up sequences or automated emails? Let's get those moved over.

    Go ahead and list them here, one per row!


    Lawn Darts 101 Followup Course
    How To Netflix Binge At Work Without Getting Fired (12 emails)
    9 Reasons Punching Penguins Is Illegal (attach to form "The Truth About Punching Penguins")

    How Sequences Connect to Forms and Tags:

    We need to know which forms and/or tags these sequences match up with. Please be as clear as you can!


    [Lawn Darts] connects to [Header form], and Lawn Darts list
    [Migration Checklist] connects to [Migration Mastery Form]
  • What tool are they in? How long are they? Anything fancy going on?
  • Integrations

    Are you using any integrations (eCommerce, lead capture, membership services, quizzes, etc.) that you'd like us to set up in the migration process? If so, please list those here and provide the applicable account access below.
  • Account Access

    We're going to need you to hand over the keys to your digital kingdom. Or at least to the services you want us to migrate (it's hard to sign in without a username and password).

    Common logins: Email Provider, Website (Wordpress), Plugins (SumoMe, LeadPages)

    In an effort to keep your data secure, we have a couple of ways for you to send us your information.

    You can send your login information through this HelpSpot vault link

    Simply enter your login information into the encrypted text section and select 7 days for it to expire. Then click to create a private link and email that link to migrations@convertkit.com
    Here's a short video on how to do that.

    Some platforms allow you to create new Admin users. If you would prefer to do this, please use the username ConvertKit or migrations@convertkit.com and send those along for us to use.

    You can also share your credentials with us securely via Dashlane or LastPass. Simply share your stuff with migrations@convertkit.com.

    Your responses are submitted securely over HTTPS. You can also remove any temp accounts or change passwords after we finish the migration.
  • Are you on a tight timeline because a billing date or launch is coming up? Would you like to begin after an upcoming event?

    We want this migration to move at your pace! Help us set a deadline that works by giving us a realistic timeline, including any upcoming events, or times when you may be out of town that may impact the speed of the migration.

    Most migrations are complete within 2-3 weeks from a migration’s start date. To speed up the process, be sure to submit your detailed migration form as soon as possible. We’ll reach out within 48 hours of your submission to give you an estimated start date, which will typically be within 1 week.
  • Please let us know when your next billing cycle is for your current email provider. We will do our best to finish the migration before the next one, but expect one month of overlap.
  • We want to be able to send you something fun as a gift 🙂
  • If you use WordPress for your website, it would be great if you created an Admin user under the name ConvertKit and use the email migrations@convertkit.com!

    Welcome to the ConvertKit family! 🙂

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