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Creator burnout: 5 signs you’re reaching it and how to overcome it

Thursday February 17th | 11am PST / 2pm EST

Tired of constantly feeling burnt out? Ready to learn the best ways to overcome burnout for good? Join our Creator Educator Angel Marie in this free online workshop to learn the what, why, and how behind creator burnout so you can create a healthy balance in your creative work without the overwhelm. 

We'll show you...

  • Check What creative burnout looks like and why it’s happening more often
  • Check 5 tips to overcoming creative burnout so you can continue doing what you love
  • Check How creative constraints can breed creativity that’ll help scale in the long run

This workshop is for you if...

You’re feeling tired, overwhelmed, or burnt out from your endeavors as a creator. After the workshop, you’ll get real, actionable takeaways to help you rewire your approach to creative work so you can keep doing it, burnout-free, for many years to come. And when you attend,  you’ll find out about free ConvertKit resources that can help you connect with other creators and learn more about maintaining a healthy balance in your creative work.

Before this workshop, I was muddling through so many things and trying to make sense of it alone. This workshop gave me clarity on the process, a path forward, and most importantly . . . the confidence that I can do it!

About The Host
Angel Marie
Angel Marie
Angel works daily with leading creators who earn a full-time living online! She’ll teach you the behind-the-scenes of what’s actually working right now so you can start using proven strategies.

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