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The time to earn a living from your work is now.

There has never been a better time to connect with your fans and to earn a living doing work you love. As a creator, you hold the power to change your income potential, your products, your content, your story, and your future.

One of the biggest moves you can make as a creator is to consistently and authentically connect with your audience. And the best way to do that? Newsletters.

This May we’re here to help you start building a new income stream with a paid newsletter.

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The 2021 ConvertKit Paid Newsletter Challenge

May 1-31

We believe the future belongs to creators like you and we want to help you build that future.

We’re changing up our usual challenge prize system to reward as many creators as possible. So as you earn more income with your paid newsletters in May, we’ve set up milestones to reward you with an extra bonus at the end of the challenge based on how much you’ve earned.

How the challenge works


Set up your paid newsletter product using ConvertKit Commerce and start promoting your paid newsletter to your audience.


Convert as many of your subscribers to your paid newsletter between May 1 and May 31 and start earning new monthly income!

Hit a milestone bonus

Anyone can earn up to $1,675 in bonus cash for launching and growing a paid newsletter during this challenge with ConvertKit.

What could you earn with a paid newsletter?

Use our calculator to see what dreams you could fund with subscription-based content.

Get your ConvertKit bonus

We love our creator community and we’re excited to reward you as an individual creator.

So instead of one grand prize winner, we want to celebrate each creator as they hit a milestone in monetizing their newsletter. At the end of the challenge, if you’ve made at least $100 on your paid newsletter, we’re going to send you a bonus. So on top of the revenue you’re already creating with your paid newsletters, you get an extra “Congratulations!” reward from us.

How does the bonus work?

  • When the challenge ends, we’ll look at the data to see how much you’ve earned with your paid newsletter subscription between May 1, 2021 and May 31, 2021.
  • If you’ve reached one of the milestones listed below during that period, you get paid!
Revenue Milestones
Bonus total

Creators like Jay Clouse use ConvertKit for their paid newsletter

With segmentation, Jay can send his paid newsletter offering to his most interested fans.

"ConvertKit makes it so easy to segment your audience, create sequences, and send a more personalized newsletter. That better segmentation means better messaging and high conversion rates. If you’re building an audience, ConvertKit should be your newsletter tool."
- Jay Clouse, Community Builder & Podcaster

Ready to grow your income by connecting with your fans?

Your time is now. Let us help you start your paid newsletter so you can get to earning.

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Got questions?

Who is eligible to participate in the challenge?

Everyone in our approved list of countries*! Whether you’re a current customer, you use a different email marketing provider, you’re already on a ConvertKit trial, or even if you’ve used us before and have moved on, we’re here to help all creators earn a living online.

However, we do suggest that creators joining the Paid Newsletter Challenge have an email list of at least 1,000 subscribers, already send weekly newsletters, or have 5,000 social media followers.

* See our Terms and Conditions for country eligibility

What’s up with the bonus milestones and how do they work?

We want to reward as many creators as possible. That’s why instead of just one grand prize, we want to celebrate each creator as they hit a milestone in monetizing their newsletter. If you’ve joined the Paid Newsletter Challenge and you’ve made at least $100 on your paid newsletter between May 1, 2021 and May 31, 2021, we’re going to send you a bonus. So on top of the revenue you’re already creating with your paid newsletter, you get an extra “Congratulations!” reward from us.

I’m a little nervous about keeping up with a weekly newsletter. Any suggestions?

We’re so glad you asked! Yes, keeping up with new content on a consistent, weekly basis can feel overwhelming. If you’re in this camp, we’d suggest setting up an evergreen paid newsletter. That means that instead of sending weekly broadcast emails, you set up an automated sequence in ConvertKit. That way, you can pre-write as many newsletters as you want now, set them in your sequence, and as each new subscriber joins your list, they start at the beginning- your Newsletter #1 edition.

What if I’ve never built a newsletter template or tried a paid newsletter?

Don’t worry! We’d never throw you into the deep end without a floatie.

During the challenge we’ll host exclusive workshops (with replays if you can’t make it) on the step-by-step instructions you’ll need along the way. We’ll also provide a dedicated Challenge Community group and optional extracurricular reading from our blog, Tradecraft, and our own Knowledge Base.

And if you’re really stuck on something, our amazing creators in the ConvertKit Community are ready to help you out with anything.

I’m currently on a ConvertKit trial. Can my time be extended so I can join the challenge?

Yes! Contact, mention the challenge, and we will extend your trial.

I’m not a ConvertKit customer, how can I join the challenge?

Just sign up for a ConvertKit account here and you’re ready to go.

I am a ConvertKit customer. Can I still join the challenge?

Yes, please! We made this specifically for you! Just make sure to use the same email address you used to create your ConvertKit account when you sign up to the challenge. That helps us with some behind-the-scenes housekeeping.

Can I use my existing newsletter for this challenge?

Yes, but only new subscriptions gained during the challenge timeline (May 1- May 31) will be counted toward your growth.

Can I join mid-challenge?

Absolutely! You might have a slight disadvantage to all the other creators who started on May 1, but that doesn't mean you can’t catch up. Challenge accepted?