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Alternatives for your physical address

Don't know what address to use in your account? You have options!

The incentive email

Also known as the confirmation email, this is the first email new subscribers to your list will receive. Here's how to set it up!

Get started: The WordPress plugin

Find out how easy it is to install the Wordpress plugin for your ConvertKit account.

How to use a custom domain for landing pages

If you want your landing page to use your own custom domain rather than ours, here's how to get set up.

The all-important double opt-in

Why choosing to use a double opt-in with your Subscribers can lead to higher list engagement, and better inbox placement.

Why do I need my own domain to send email?

Find out how to improve your deliverability and avoid failed or bounced emails.

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How to make your landing pages and forms look great

Sender reputation and how it impacts deliverability

How to create a sales sequence

How to identify and prevent list bombing

How to add a custom field to your ConvertKit landing page

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