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In Dani’s blog How Do You Price Your Online Course?, she talked about the basics of setting price guidelines for your course. The main point Dani came across was that to correctly price your course, you have to show the benefits of your course. That means you want to think about how your course is going to change your audience’s life, help them reach the next level for their business, or make them a smarter, stronger, more able to person.

The benefits are SUPER important, but today we’re going to focus on some more tangible ways to make your course more enticing- extras!

Bloggers are creating courses based off of 1×1 work (ideally) but 1×1 work often carries a different weight than a DIY course. While a course might feel more complete to you, it’s all about perceived value for your customers. So, to increase the perceived value for a course that’s already chock full of your best stuff it’s time to add in some extras.

Extras, bonuses, content upgrades- whatever you call them, they help you add some hype or give what Help Scout calls GLUE (giving little unexpected extras) to your course. They say GLUE is one of the few surefire ways to achieve sticky loyalty that so many businesses yearn for. While there are so many different kinds of extras, today we’re going to focus on some of our favorites…


While some people are visual learners, others need to write things down and re-read to remember. Workbooks are the perfect accompaniment to a course for note taking, references and filling out as they go. It’s basically a handy tool to keep everything about your course in place.

You can even send them as a pre-course bonus if you think your audience needs some prepping to be fully prepared for the course or after the course is over for follow up work.

add workbooks to your course for bonuses

Techie Extras

Doing business online often means diving into technology you aren’t quite familiar with. Let your course participants know they WILL be able to do it all once they have the tech tips you can provide them.

add tech info as a bonus for your course

1×1 Time

Being able to sit down with each course member is a HUGE add-on. Knowing that this is a part of the course sets the stage for personalized help and direction. So many course members are looking for very specific help to run their business or change their life. Offering up your own personal time for them will let them feel heard and understood.

But please make sure you have realistic time to do this if you choose to do so. If you have 100 buy your course, I’m going to bet you either won’t have time to get on a call with each person, or you’re wear yourself out trying to. So be wise with this one!

add 1x1 calls for your course bonuses

Group Calls

If you’re tight on time, but still want to the hands-on access of the 1×1 calls, maybe think about adding a few group calls to your course. You won’t be able to as in depth with each course member, but you are still opening yourself up to answer their questions in real time and get to know them a little bit better. Just make sure to set strong time limits and guidelines and make sure everyone has a chance to speak so they feel they’re getting value.

add group calls for your bonuses


Ever done a webinar or workshop? If so, you already have existing material to use a bonus. These are great because they are a recording of you teaching so it brings in the personality element to your course and builds even more trust and authority on your subject. As long as the content is applicable to the topic, it’s a ready-made option you can add on.

add workshops or webinars for your course extras

Live Community

Caitlin Bacher’s Fab Facebook Groups is all about how to run an outstanding Facebook Group that helps you grow your business. It likely comes as no surprise to learn that there’s a Facebook Group associated with this course!

Since Caitlin decided to run the course in “sessions” versus a “buy when you want” situation, she is able to have the group go through the course together, bounce ideas off of one another, and share big takeaways in the moment.

Come to think of it, live communities where you participate on a regular basis seem to have a bit of that 1×1 element going for them too. Your customers get direct access to you AND they get to interact with each other.

add live community groups to course course as a bonus


Expert Interviews

If you aren’t the expert, bring in someone who is! Hearing from industry professionals is always a major bonus for your audience. Not only are they getting valuable content from you, they’re also hearing advice and real-life experience from people they admire. If you have access to some of the top people in your industry, I highly suggest asking them if they have time to sit down for an interview with you.

add expert interviews to your courses as an extra


Make Your Own Mix!

In the infamous words of Missy Elliott:

Put your thing down, flip it, and reverse it.

Like everything else with business, you get to make your mark and design your product upgrades your own way. Want to have group calls + bonus interviews? Go for it! Building in 1×1 time AND techie know-how? Good for you!

No matter what you decide to offer in addition to your course, just remember to keep the quality as high as the course itself and use the bonus materials to provide value, not to detract.

Know someone creating a course right now who could use these tips? Hit that share button and be sure they see this list. Or put it into action for your own courses and tell us in the comments below what bonuses you’re offering on your next big thing.

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