Our email designer helps you write simple, beautiful emails

The writing and editing experience of email marketing can be a sticky point for many creators. Our email designer helps you breeze through the editing so you can focus on writing your content - the most important part of email.

Various examples of different types of landing pages you can make with ConvertKit

Email editing made simple

Creating emails that convert doesn’t have to mean hours of design time. Actually, plain-text emails perform better than ones filled with graphics, video, and complicated code (that means those simple emails have a better chance of being seen, read, and responded to).

So to keep your emails landing in inboxes, our email designer helps you create simple emails that deliver and convert.

Clean formatting

No more cluttered menu bars. You can change the font, color, alignment, or even add a link to your content from a simple block formatting bar that disappears when you don’t need it anymore.

Quick content

Give your emails form and function by adding lists, personalization headers, buttons, dividers, and more through the content menu. Simply click the icon, choose your content and start typing to see your email take shape.

Instant images

Commonly used images like your logo are stored in your own image library for quick uploading, and our direct integration with Unsplash gives you thousands of free, unique images at your fingertips.

Clickable CTAs

Add a button to create a clear call to action in your emails to send readers to landing pages, blog posts, your shop, and more. You can even add a tag to anyone who clicks that button.

Code if you want to

Want to get your hands dirty with code? Instead of viewing the source on your entire email, add an HTML box to customize a specific part of your content.

Create new email templates without touching HTML

While our main templates are all you really need to get the job done, sometimes you just want something more unique for your brand. Change spacing, fonts, colors, button styles, and more. Our email designer lets you create new templates in a few clicks...no code necessary.

No limits on templates

Want a new template for each email type? Go for it! Create as many templates as you need. There’s no limit to what you can create.

Fit for any device

Whether it's on a tablet, laptop, or phone, our responsive email templates keep your content looking good no matter how your reader checks their inbox.

How would a better writing process change the way you work?

With a clean slate and quick editing capabilities, our email designer can help you break through your writing slumps and get back into the big picture work for your business.

Are you ready to start sending simple, beautiful email?

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