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Unlock sustainable newsletter growth with Recommendations

Grow your email list through powerful recommendations from influential voices in your niche.

An easier way to find your people and grow your business

Get faster organic growth.
Get faster organic growth.

Organic growth doesn’t need to be slow. When other creators refer your content to their lists, you can grow your email list faster without spending a dime on advertising fees.

Fill your list with quality leads.
Fill your list with quality leads.

With thousands of creators in the Creator Network, you can find creators in complementary niches to recommend your content. This gives you a steady stream of new subscribers eager to get your emails.

Scale your business.
Scale your business.

Engage and convert your new subscribers to happy customers and grow your business quicker without burning out in the process.

Dan Go

Joining the Creator Network was probably the biggest amplification that we've seen with getting new subscribers. 22,000 people come from [Recommendations] and it is one of the best things that has ever happened to my newsletter.

Dan Go

High Performance Coach

The smarter way to increase your reach

See who sends subscribers your way
Creators get notified when you recommend them, making it easy to refer your favorite creators, get their attention, and strike up a mutually beneficial partnership with powerful voices in your niche.
Sinem Günel
Sinem Günel - Writer, Speaker, & Coach

Gained 6,000 subscribers using Recommendations


new subscribers from Recommendations

Sinem says she loves that Recommendations "just runs on the backend and I don’t lift a finger for it, but it just keeps generating revenue month by month."



During Sinem's last live launch she says 10% of her buyers were subscribers who came in through Recommendations.

Creator Network: Your future partners

Anne-Laure Le Cunff
Pat Flynn
Maurizio Leo
Austin Church
Allea Grummert
Tiago Forte
Charli Prangley
Nick Wignall
Joy Food Sunshine
Nick Maggiulli
Nathan Barry
Michael Fulwiler
Isa Adney
Cupcakes and Cutlery
Terry Rice
Mapped Out Money
Daren Smith
Femke Design
Jeremy Enns
Dylan Redekop
Corey Wilks
Kieran Drew
Mike Vardy
Alyssa Dulin
Jason Resnick
Thousands of creators across 32 unique niches are waiting to recommend great newsletters like yours.
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ConvertKit's Creator Network is home to some of the most influential voices in your niche. Discover connections that can help your list and business grow faster.

Take new subscribers from strangers to brand fans


Use tags and segmentation to learn more about the subscribers people send your way.


Send automated email sequences that engage your new subscribers and turn them into brand fans.


Share relevant products and offers with your new subscribers and turn them into lifelong customers.

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