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Tap into the largest network of creators who can help you reach new audiences and grow your list by recommending your work.

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Recommendations helps you grow faster

Creators across the network are gaining over 10,000 subscribers per day using Recommendations to discover each other and cross-promote their work.

Grow your list faster with Recommendations

Find content your subscribers need

Use Recommendation’s discovery tool to help you find creators and newsletters your audience will resonate with most and recommend them to your list.

Your newsletter recommended by other creators

Market yourself with your Creator Profile so your work stands out. Plus, other creators will be notified when you recommend them and can easily recommend you back with one-click.

See who is sending you quality subscribers

Use our analytics to see how many subscribers you’re getting from Recommendations, which creator is driving you new subscribers, how engaged they are, and how many turn into customers.

Complete control over how you recommend

Customize how Recommendations can be an organic part of your ideal subscribers’ customer journey.  

Control how you recommend other creators in the Creator Network

Go evergreen on forms and landing pages

Add the recommendation modal to existing forms and landing pages. Same workflow, minimal management, and a simple way to introduce the creators you recommend to new subscribers.

Create a recommendation list

Creators you recommend will start seeing you in their dashboard and the number of people you’re recommending them. A great way to gain their attention if you’re sending them a ton of subscribers.

In-email spotlight

Add the recommendation block directly into your newsletter to spotlight a creator you want to recommend. More direct cross-promotion with another partner to drive greater impact on growth.

Maintain quality, increase conversions

Recommendations is a new subscriber growth channel for you. Create the right subscriber journey for them to maintain engagement and increase conversions.

Maintain quality and increase conversions with Recommendations

Welcome sequences for new subscribers

Treat Recommendations as a new acquisition channel. Introduce your content through automations to nurture subscribers and keep engagement high with your new subscribers.

Higher quality = more conversions

More quality subscribers on your list, means more people for you to pitch your product or services to and more sales conversions for your products.

Jo Franco

Anything that grows your company and your newsletter list passively, is always a win.

Jo Franco

Founder of JoClub

Creator Network: a creator’s directory

9,400+ creators covering 31 topics have recommended 500K+ subscribers across the entire Creator Network.
Anne-Laure Le Cunff - Creator Profile
Personal development
Anne-Laure Le Cunff

A weekly newsletter with science-based insights on creativity, mindful productivity, better thinking and lifelong learning.

See creator profile
Pat Flynn - Creator Profile
Pat Flynn

Starting and growing a business can be hard, and sometimes you might feel stuck. Our weekly newsletter, Unstuck, gets delivered to over 100,000 people each week to help them get unstuck. We'd love to help you, too.

See creator profile
Maurizio Leo - Creator Profile
Food & Drink
Maurizio Leo

Want to make bakery-quality sourdough bread from home? Subscribe for the best sourdough guides and recipes to take your bread from ordinary to incredible.

See creator profile
Austin Church - Creator Profile
Austin Church

I help freelancers find their income-lifestyle sweet spot with the right offers, pricing, and marketing.

See creator profile
Allea Grummert - Creator Profile
Allea Grummert

I help bloggers and content creators make a lasting first impression through automated welcome & nurture sequences that engage readers, build brand loyalty and optimize conversions for sales and site traffic.

See creator profile
Tiago Forte - Creator Profile
Tiago Forte

Join 100k subscribers exploring the frontier of modern work, experimenting with new ways of doing more with less, and discovering what it means to fulfill our human potential.

See creator profile
Charli Prangley - Creator Profile
Charli Prangley

A weekly newsletter filled with cool landing pages & rebrands, designers to follow, tools to try or tips to improve your design process.

See creator profile
Nick Wignall - Creator Profile
Nick Wignall

Hi, I'm Nick Wignall 👋 I'm a psychologist, writer, and creator of The Friendly Mind, a weekly newsletter where I share practical advice for emotional health and wellbeing.

See creator profile
Joy Food Sunshine - Creator Profile
Food & Drink
Joy Food Sunshine

I’m Laura, a former chemistry teacher turned homeschooling mom of six beautiful babies! I create simple and delicious recipes that are tested and perfected to make cooking and baking joyful and fun!

See creator profile
Nick Maggiulli - Creator Profile
Nick Maggiulli

I am a financial blogger that helps over 25,000 investors to act smarter and live richer every week.

See creator profile
Nathan Barry - Creator Profile
Nathan Barry

I'm a designer who turned into a writer who turned into a startup CEO. My mission is to help creators earn a living.

See creator profile
Michael Fulwiler - Creator Profile
Marketing & Branding
Michael Fulwiler

I’m a marketer with more than a decade of experience working with mental health professionals. 2,500+ therapists read my newsletter every week.

See creator profile
Isa Adney - Creator Profile
Writing & Storytelling
Isa Adney

Subscribe to the Keep Going Club newsletter to get inspiring profiles and films about the ups and downs of the creative life, as well as updates about my next book, The Little Book of Big Dreams, coming Nov 7, 2023 to a bookstore near you!

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Cupcakes and Cutlery - Creator Profile
Food & Drink
Cupcakes and Cutlery

Let me show you my crazy easy ways to live life deliciously. From tasty cocktails made from a small home bar to simple snacks and appetizers that make entertaining a breeze, I'll show you how to host friends and family with less stress!

See creator profile
Terry Rice - Creator Profile
Terry Rice

I'm a staff writer at Entrepreneur magazine and a business development consultant. Each week I share tips on how to make money, save time and avoid burnout.

See creator profile
Mapped Out Money - Creator Profile
Mapped Out Money

Weekly tips and stories to help you manage your money so you can do more of what matters.

See creator profile
Daren Smith - Creator Profile
Daren Smith

I'm a film producer and founder of Craftsman Creative, where we help creative entrepreneurs build and grow their businesses using proven principles and frameworks.

See creator profile
Femke Design - Creator Profile
Femke Design

Learn to advocate for your ideas, influence your team–and step up your product design career with Femke ✨

See creator profile
Alexa - Creator Profile

Hello designer, I'm Alexa! I'm a Product Designer, content creator, and educator based out of San Diego, California. With over 25K subscribers on YouTube, I focus on helping early career designers get setup for success with their career in design.

See creator profile
Jeremy Enns - Creator Profile
Marketing & Branding
Jeremy Enns

One 2-minute (often unconventional) podcast marketing idea per week on how to punch above your weight as an underdog brand or creator.

See creator profile
Dylan Redekop - Creator Profile
Dylan Redekop

Join 3k+ subscribers learning how to START + GROW + MONETIZE their newsletters with weekly insights, tips, and resources.

See creator profile
Corey Wilks - Creator Profile
Personal development
Corey Wilks

I’m a psychologist turned creator coach, writer, and solopreneur. I share actionable insights to help creators reach their potential by exploring topics like the psychology of human flourishing and fulfillment, intentional life design, content creation, and online business.

See creator profile
Kieran Drew - Creator Profile
Kieran Drew

Weekly writing advice to help you attract an engaged audience and build your creator business

See creator profile
Mike Vardy - Creator Profile
Personal development
Mike Vardy

Every week Mike Vardy (aka The Productivityist) shares ideas, insights, and inspiration designed to improve your relationship with time and help you stop "doing" productive and start being productive.

See creator profile
Alyssa Dulin - Creator Profile
Marketing & Branding
Alyssa Dulin

Want to make sure your emails are staying out of the spam folder? Deliverability Dispatch is a weekly newsletter that helps you reach the inbox of your subscribers.

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Jason Resnick - Creator Profile
Marketing & Branding
Jason Resnick

Learn simple, proven email marketing and automation tips and strategies to grow your Creator business without sacrificing more time. Evergreen is a free newsletter designed to help you build a business that's designed around your life, using proven strategies for email marketing and automation.

See creator profile

You might be solo in your creator journey, but you’re definitely not alone.

No successful creator did it without any support, and we want to make getting that support for future creators much simpler. ConvertKit’s Creator Network is home to some of the most well-known creators and brands that everyone wants to work with. Discover connections that can further your own growth and income.

Dan Go

Joining the Creator Network was probably the biggest amplification that we've seen with getting new subscribers. 22,000 people come from the Creator Network and it is one of the best things that has ever happened to my newsletter.

Dan Go

High Performance Coach

100+ high-quality newsletters are paying to be recommended

In addition to using recommendations to grow your list, you can also use it to grow your revenue. These top creators and many more are waiting to pay $2-20 for each new subscriber you recommend to them. Why not grow together?

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Tap into the largest network of creators who can help you reach new audiences and grow your subscribers and revenue. 

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