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Increase your course and paid membership revenue

ConvertKit helps you gain new subscribers with lead magnets, nurture your email list with weekly newsletters, and increase course and membership conversions with automations.

Your online course and membership community are often your flagship products—and that means a premium price point. To increase conversions, you need a way to build a funnel that segments your audience by interest, delivers content by relevance, and pitches your course and membership at the right time.

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What ConvertKit can do for you

Turn your followers into subscribers

Grow faster with recommendations

Tap into the largest network of creators and partner with them to grow your email lists together with recommendations—an easy way to cross-promote and funnel more people to your courses and memberships.

Tease your course content

Create downloadables, 7-day challenges, or offer a free module as a lead magnet to tease the content you offer in your course or paid membership. Because the best way to drive new leads is to provide value.

Increase subscriber engagement

Tag and segment by behavior

Learn more about your subscribers and members and keep them engaged by tagging and segmenting your list based on how they join your list with link triggers.

Personalize your audience’s journey

Emails with conditional content gives your subscribers and existing students different call-to-actions based on their interaction with you.

Drive more course and membership sales

Directly pull content from Mighty Networks

We’ve partnered with course and membership platform Mighty Networks to give you a deep integration to seamlessly connect your community with your email list. Instantly pull content from your Mighty Network directly into your ConvertKit newsletter or email sequence to easily pitch new subscribers and upsell existing members.

Run evergreen or open/close launches

We support any type of course launch that is right for you. Create an automation for your evergreen course launch for enrollments at any time, or set up broadcasts for your seasonal cohort-based courses.

Grow your audience faster

With the Creator Network you can recommend and be recommended by other course creators in just a few clicks. Grow your lists faster, together.

Austin L. Church - Creator Profile
Business & Entrepreneurship
Austin L. Church

Every Friday, I help freelancers settle in to their income-lifestyle sweet spot with 3 snackable links or reads and 1 longer article focused on getting better results with less effort. If you're a freelancer or consultant, you'll love this newsletter.

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Dan Go - Creator Profile
Health & Wellness
Dan Go

"Word for word the most valuable fitness newsletter on the planet". Hi, I'm Dan Go. Each week, I send out actionable tips on how to optimize your health & body. Join 150,000+ subscribers at the link below.

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Jessica Abel - Creator Profile
Business & Entrepreneurship
Jessica Abel

For creative iconoclasts who want to pay their bills AND do the work they love, get insights, ideas, and next steps from a graphic novelist, author, & business coach. Find out how to build a balanced and productive creative life, and to thrive financially with simple, sustainable business foundations—without creative compromise.

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Glen Long - Creator Profile
Content Creation
Glen Long

Hello! I was the "course creation guy" for a 7-figure entrepreneur. Now I help professionals and creators "build their best course" via my free content and paid programs. Sign up for my newsletter or join my fast-paced, fun (and free!) video course about creating kick-ass courses.

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Khe Hy - Creator Profile
Business & Entrepreneurship
Khe Hy

Ready to achieve your goals and get more out of life? Join 44,000 ambitious professionals who are pursuing productivity, growing their career and creating financial freedom.

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Kim Doyal - Creator Profile
Content Creation
Kim Doyal

Email & newsletter strategist, AI enthusiast, and e-com founder of Create It - The Content Planner. Focused on living with intention & purpose while maximizing fun. Helping creators get over their fear of email & start getting results.

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Terry Rice - Creator Profile
Terry Rice

I'm a staff writer at Entrepreneur magazine and a business development consultant. Each week I share tips on how to make money, save time and avoid burnout.

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Tiffany Uman - Creator Profile
Writing & Storytelling
Tiffany Uman

Join 15K+ high-achievers to become the top 1% in their careers. Every Monday, I teach actionable career tips to master crucial workplace and performance topics.

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