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Whether you’re a debut author hunting your first book contract or partial to self-publishing, marketing and branding are just as important for growing your readership as the writing itself. Reach new readers, build a direct relationship with your devotees, and start selling your ebooks in just a few clicks with the only marketing platform built by writers, for writers.

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Grow your readership

Cross-promote with recommendations

Work with authors you admire and recommend each other’s newsletter to grow together faster. It’s an easy way to increase discoverability and reach new audiences.

Give away freebies

The best way to create buzz around your writing? Sharing free goodies. Our automated opt-in forms and incentive emails let you offer free chapters and other bonus content so you can entice readers to join your list.

Turn casual readers into true fans

Build your newsletter list

Whether you want to send a regular newsletter or share snippets of your writing process in your emails, our visual email editor makes it easy to connect and interact directly with your readers right in their inbox.

Reach the right readers at the right time

Introducing a new romance title? Let your romance readers know first. Tags and segments let you target readers based on where they subscribed to your email list, where they are in the world, what they’ve bought, and much more so you’re always top of mind.

Get paid for your craft

Sell directly to your readers

Stop ceding control to big platforms, and start standing out from the crowd. With a few clicks, ConvertKit Commerce lets you upload a PDF, Mobi, or any other ebook format, and deliver it to your buyers’ inbox automatically. Sell and fulfill digital orders all in one place.

Earn more money from your writing

Transform your podcast into a profitable business. Showcase sponsorship options on your landing page, send automated pitch emails to sponsorship leads and sell sponsorship slots using ConvertKit Commerce.

Grow your audience faster

With the Creator Network you can recommend and be recommended by other authors in just a few clicks. Grow your lists faster, together.

Luvvie Ajayi Jones - Creator Profile
Writing & Storytelling
Luvvie Ajayi Jones

4X NYT bestselling author, speaker and entrepreneur writing about all things culture, business and leadership.

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Ed Latimore - Creator Profile
Personal development
Ed Latimore

Former pro-boxer and alcoholic, current writer and aspiring chess master, raised in the projects and earned a physics degree. I teach what I've learned from the hood, the ring, and everything in between.

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Jane Friedman - Creator Profile
Writing & Storytelling
Jane Friedman

About 30,000 people receive my newsletter. I send it every two weeks. Subscribe and get a free list of my favorite digital tools.

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Isa Adney - Creator Profile
Writing & Storytelling
Isa Adney

Subscribe to the Keep Going Club newsletter to get inspiring profiles and films about the ups and downs of the creative life, as well as updates about my next book, The Little Book of Big Dreams, coming Nov 7, 2023 to a bookstore near you!

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Nick Wignall - Creator Profile
Writing & Storytelling
Nick Wignall

Hi, I'm Nick Wignall 👋 I'm a psychologist, writer, and creator of The Friendly Mind, a weekly newsletter where I share practical advice for emotional health and wellbeing.

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