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ConvertKit vs. Mailchimp

ConvertKit is the leading creator marketing platform. Join more than 677,236 creators who have grown their audience to over 775 million fans and counting.

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Why creators love ConvertKit

ConvertKit is a marketing platform for creators, by creators. We know your unique needs and have developed the tools to make marketing your work easier.

1Never double pay for subscribers

Mailchimp’s list-centric approach means you pay for the same subscribers twice on different lists. Save more on ConvertKit with our subscriber-first approach and never pay double again.

2Ready, set, automate

Mailchimp’s customer journey feature is complicated and difficult to manage. No need to pause your workflows to make edits or add in a new segment. As your list scales, you can automate more without doubling your work.

3Don’t miss a beat marketing your work

Send, delay, or schedule your emails to stay top of mind with your audience and market new content you’ve just published. Tailor your messaging needs to each audience segments’ interest.

4Sell directly to your audience

Drive interest to your next product! With countdown timers, zip code targeting, video embeds, you can drive more sales with engaging email content that helps you convert. You can even create and sell digital products directly on our platform.

Khe Hy

Any creator knows that migrating your email list is like messing with your life blood. The migration went extremely smoothly and my business is now booming on ConvertKit.

Khe Hy

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See why creators make the switch to ConvertKit

ConvertKit makes sales funnel emails easy (and they show you how to write ‘em)!

Sarah Von Bargen
Sarah Von

When I started taking my list-building seriously, Mailchimp wasn’t fitting my needs.

Megan Minns

Everything was so simple and easy to use, and the automation feature was a delight.


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