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Apps for your creator business

Make ConvertKit even more powerful by connecting to your favorite apps that save you time and drive more sales.


Easily visualize your sales pipeline to efficiently follow up with prospects and track customer conversions.


Automatically turn your YouTube videos into email newsletters. Alert your subscribers of new video drops, round-ups, and more.


Add in a 1:1 booking widget to your emails with SavvyCal and sync all the information back into the subscriber profile in ConvertKit. An easy way to keep track of introductions, 1:1 clients, and more.


Connect your Mighty community and pull content from your community directly from your ConvertKit account. Two apps in one.


Get actionable information from Insights, a dashboard built in partnership with SegMetrics, that gives you a comprehensive look at how you gain, engage, and convert your subscribers.

We are excited to build a creator ecosystem with you and we’re just getting started. Let us know what apps you’d like to power-up your workflow.

Robby Miles

KitBoard is awesome! It works seamlessly with ConvertKit and opens up so many possibilities for automated and personal follow up with my best leads. There’s really no need for me to use another CRM or duct tape a bunch of other tools together.

Robby Miles

Wellness, Life, & Business Coach

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The creator economy is showing no signs of slowing down. Help drive the future of the creator economy by building apps for thousands of creators on ConvertKit who serve millions of subscribers.

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paying creators per month

ConvertKit creators take their work seriously. They take their expertise and turn them into a thriving full-time business. And this network continues to grow.

2.5 billion

avg. Emails sent per month

Creators not only have reach, but they also have influence. Their evergreen sequences and weekly newsletters are often the best converting assets for their business.

1.2 million

avg. sales per month

Selling books, coaching calls, templates, online name it! Creators are best at finding niche audiences who are equally passionate about their craft.

Your app, your rules

Building an app on ConvertKit is completely self-serve. You have everything you need to build, test, and publish your app directly in your ConvertKit account. If you can think it, you can build it.

Available now
  • Managing subscribers
  • Tracking purchases
  • Create, schedule, and target broadcast emails
  • Create plugins for the editor with content blocks
  • Bulk endpoints to create subscribers, tags, and custom fields
Coming soon
  • More access to email click and open data, and more.
  • More bulk endpoints including tagging multiple subscribers at once.
  • Create plugins for the dashboard and content library.
Long term
  • Create plugins for more environments, like triggers for automations.
  • Paid app support with unified billing.
  • App-specific metadata stored on a subscriber level.

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ConvertKit is even more powerful when you connect apps to save you time and make more sales.

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Help drive the future of the creator economy by building apps for thousands of creators on ConvertKit who serve millions of subscribers.