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Monetizing and showcasing your art shouldn’t be a struggle. Connect with your audience and earn a living with your passion with ConvertKit.

You started because you love making art. Now it’s time to discover new ways to monetize your passion and grow your audience. With ConvertKit’s customizable email templates, easy-to-set-up digital products, and automations, artists can set up simple marketing processes having enough time for their true passion - creating.

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Your art deserves to be in the spotlight

Showcase your work at a glance

Show people why they should want your art in their mailbox on a regular basis. With a Creator Profile, you can create a one-stop shop to showcase your past newsletter editions and all other digital content - photos, images, products, and more.

Grow your audience with other artists

We’ve made it easy for artists to cross-promote their work with each other to grow their email subscriber lists, with Recommendations. Join the Creator Network to discover other artists using ConvertKit and collaborate and grow together.

Connect your audience to your art

Show them the art they care about

Unlike a physical store or a gallery, email helps you to personalize the content you offer. Automatically segment your subscribers based on what they show interest in to keep them in the know of new projects and put your best content in front of them right when they need it.

Your email design matters

You already take great ownership of how you present your art to the world. Take that ownership into the inbox with our intuitive visual email editor that makes it easy for you to present your work in a memorable and on-brand way.

Discover new ways to fund your art

Turn your skills into income streams

Your experience as an artist holds value beyond the art you create.  With ConvertKit Commerce you can easily turn what you’ve learned as an artist into online courses, membership groups, digital downloads, and much more.

Let your audience contribute

Your audience wants to show their appreciation. Adding a Tip Jar to your emails and Creator Profile gives your audience the opportunity to support your art in a new way.

Grow your audience faster

With the Creator Network you can recommend and be recommended by other artists in just a few clicks. Grow your lists faster, together.

Hey! I'm Teela  - Creator Profile
Hey! I'm Teela

I help creatives build and monetize their digital art skills. I send out a freebie, quick tip or tutorial every Tuesday to make learning digital art fun and approachable.

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Danny Gregory: I help you make art again - Creator Profile
Danny Gregory: I help you make art again

Each Friday, I send advice, ideas, stories and tips to 20K creative people like you. Author of 13 best-selling books on creativity. Founder of Sketchbook Skool w 50k+ students

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The Abundant Artist: How to Sell Your Art  - Creator Profile
The Abundant Artist: How to Sell Your Art

I've been helping artists learn how to sell their art since 2009. Join our email list for tips on selling fine art, email, social media, and marketing strategy.

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More To That - Creator Profile
More To That

Illustrated stories on the human condition.

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Fine Art Tutorials - Creator Profile
Fine Art Tutorials

At Fine Art Tutorials, we publish free art tutorials aimed at artists of any skill level looking to improve and elevate their practice. Master your chosen medium—learn to paint and draw from scratch, or take your existing skills to new levels. Check out our resources and sign up to the newsletter!

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Sweet Red Poppy - Sewing, Cricut, & Crafts - Creator Profile
Sweet Red Poppy - Sewing, Cricut, & Crafts

Get the most out of your Cricut or sewing machine with my free sewing patterns, Cricut SVG templates, and printable cheat sheets! Join 600K+ craft-loving enthusiasts. 💖

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Get a dose of real-life experience, brush up on your marketing how-tos, or get lost in some uplifting inspiration stories.

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