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Drive new newsletter revenue and subscriber growth

Keep the revenue flow within the creator community by getting paid to recommend great newsletters and paying other creators to recommend you.

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Cole Bridge

Once I started using paid recommendations, my growth took off. I was able to grow my newsletter profitably without having any other major revenue source.

Cole Bridge

Writer of Junto Media

An easy new revenue stream for your newsletter

Turn the flow of traffic joining your email list into a new revenue stream with Paid Recommendations with Creator Network.

Here's how it works:

Sell your digital products
1. Set up your Creator Network modal & connect with SparkLoop

Opt into the Creator Network to set up your Creator Profile and customize which forms you want the recommendation modal to show up on. Connect your SparkLoop account and get pre-approved in 24 hours to get paid for recommending 100+ newsletters and brands your audience might be interested in.

2. Choose newsletters to promote to your audience

Filter by creator type or topic to find newsletters with similar audiences that you want to promote. When a new subscriber joins your list, they’ll see the newsletters you recommend and can choose to subscribe to them.

3. Track your results & get paid

When your audience subscribes to a Paid Recommendation in your modal, you’ll get paid! You’ll always be able to see the status of your referrals in the dashboard, and know exactly how much commission is coming your way.  

Try the calculator

Calculate your potential revenue

Estimate how much revenue you could potentially make recommending other creators using Creator Network’s Paid Recommendations.

100+ high-quality newsletters are paying for recommendations

These top creators and many more are waiting to pay $2-20 for each new subscriber you recommend to them. Why not grow together?

Drive subscriber growth for your newsletter

Want to invest in your newsletter growth? You can set up your own budget, pay other creators to recommend you, and double down on your newsletter growth.

Here's how it works:

Sell your digital products
1. Join the Creator Network

Opt into the Creator Network and connect your SparkLoop account to set up your Creator Profile. Our team will walk you through the process and approve you to set up your partner program.

2. Set your budget and subscriber requirements

Decide how much you want to pay for each subscriber, a monthly budget for your promotion, and your definition of a quality subscriber. Set specific requirements for the subscribers you want to reach and pay for: location, interests, engagement level, and more.

3. Only pay for quality subscribers

With our industry-leading anti-fraud protection, you’ll see how each of your partners is performing for you and make sure you’re only spying for genuine, high-quality subscribers.

Thousands of creators are waiting to recommend your work

Take a look at the range of creators in the Creator Network waiting to recommend and promote your work.

Alyssa Dulin - Creator Profile
Marketing & Branding
Alyssa Dulin

Want to make sure your emails are staying out of the spam folder? Deliverability Dispatch is a weekly newsletter that helps you reach the inbox of your subscribers.

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Allea Grummert - Creator Profile
Allea Grummert

Connect with your subscribers in meaningful ways with conversion-focused copywriting strategies. I help bloggers and content creators make a lasting first impression through automated welcome & nurture sequences that engage readers, build brand loyalty and optimize conversions for sales and site traffic.

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Maurizio Leo - Creator Profile
Food & Drink
Maurizio Leo

Want to make bakery-quality sourdough bread from home? Subscribe for the best sourdough guides and recipes to take your bread from ordinary to incredible.

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Kieran Drew - Creator Profile
Kieran Drew

Weekly writing advice to help you attract an audience and build your creator business · 21k+ readers · Documenting journey from (ex) dentist to writer

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Jeremy Enns - Creator Profile
Marketing & Branding
Jeremy Enns

One 2-minute (often unconventional) podcast marketing idea per week on how to punch above your weight as an underdog brand or creator.

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Dylan Redekop - Creator Profile
Dylan Redekop

Join 4k+ subscribers learning how to START + GROW + MONETIZE their newsletters with weekly insights, tips, and resources.

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Mike Vardy - Creator Profile
Personal Development
Mike Vardy

Every week Mike Vardy (aka The Productivityist) shares ideas, insights, and inspiration designed to improve your relationship with time and help you stop "doing" productive and start being productive.

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Khe Hy - Creator Profile
Personal Development
Khe Hy

Ready to achieve your goals and get more out of life? Join 44,000 ambitious professionals who are pursuing productivity, growing their career and creating financial freedom.

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Nathan Barry - Creator Profile
Nathan Barry

I'm a designer who turned into a writer who turned into a startup CEO. My mission is to help creators earn a living. Subscribe for essays on building an audience and earning a living as a creator.

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Terry Rice - Creator Profile
Terry Rice

Each week I share tips on how to make money, save time and avoid burnout. I'm a staff writer at Entrepreneur magazine, business development consultant and father of four.

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Tiago Forte - Creator Profile
Tiago Forte

Level up your productivity and life with new essays, videos, event invites, and other resources every Tuesday. Join 100k subscribers exploring the frontier of modern work, experimenting with new ways of doing more with less, and discovering what it means to fulfill our human potential. 100% free and 100% useful.

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Charli Prangley - Creator Profile
Charli Prangley

Join 17,000+ creatives receiving insider insights about brand and marketing design – featuring landing page and rebrand breakdowns, useful career content, and a behind-the-scenes look at running a Brand Studio team in tech.

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Grow your newsletter revenue and subscriber list today with paid recommendations

Add an easy new revenue stream to your business and double down on your newsletter growth.

Build a sustainable business flywheel with ConvertKit

Get paid to recommend creators and newsletters you love. Then take that revenue and reinvest it back into your own newsletter growth by paying others to recommend your work. Talk to our team on how this can work for your business.

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