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Six months ago we set out to reimagine ConvertKit from the ground up. How can we build something more advanced, but even easier to use than what we have now?

We did exactly that and showed it live to the attendees of Craft + Commerce 2017. Watch that video now to hear more about our mission at ConvertKit and how we’re accomplishing that with the best tools on the web.

If you prefer to experience the announcement just like the conference attendees—and avoid any spoilers—make sure to watch the video before you scroll.
If you're short on time and want to skip straight to the biggest product news, jump to 8:40 in the video. After watching you can scroll below to see screenshots and additional details on what we just launched.
Warning: spoilers below…



We're working hard to release a visual automations editor that will allow you do everything you can already with rules, but in a much more organized and efficient manor. Link all of the elements of your ConvertKit account, in one place.

Here are a few examples of how it works. If you want to see the full demo Nathan gave at our Craft + Commerce conference, check out the video above (starts at 8:45).

Link a form, tag, and sequence with a basic automation

Edit Sequences and Forms inline

Create multiple paths, based on subscriber events

Use conditions to check Tags and Custom Fields

Three important takeaways

  1. You can now see the subscribers entire journey at a glance.
  2. It works the way you expect it to (click a form or a sequence to make changes right there)
  3. It’s insanely fast.

All of this will open for private beta on August 1st!

Tagging subscribers on a link click

When you add a link to a Broadcast or sequence email, you can choose (or create) a tag that will get added to any subscriber who clicks this link.

That means instead of going to Rules and creating an Automation Rule for this, you can do it super fast inline.

Integration with Instapage (coming August 1st).

We firmly believe in building the absolute best tools and experiences in the industry. When that’s not possible in a particular area we want to integrate with the best.

Live chat

Need help in the moment? We're excited to now offer live chat. Currently live chat working hours are from 7am-6pm, Pacific. You can get your questions answered on the spot by clicking the blue button at the bottom right corner of the app today.

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