Beginner to Blogger in 5 Days.

Give me 5 days and I'll teach you the essential steps needed to get your new website up and collecting email subscribers. 

I'll help you skip the learning curve 

At ConvertKit, we exist to help all creators build an audience and business to support the work they love. No matter what level you're starting at, we're here for you. 


You need time, and a path to success. That’s what we’re here for.


We know the grind of starting out, of having the spark of an idea and doing everything you can to bring it to life. Starting anything new can feel overwhelming and we want to share our 5 best lessons for setting up your website, getting the first 10 (to 100) subscribers, and writing the first few pieces of content. 


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1. Defining your values and goals


2. Picking your niche


3. Writing your first blog post


4. How to ask people to be on your email list


5. Unlimited content ideas


6. Planning your content calendar


and more!


At the end, you'll also receive a limited offer to use ConvertKit at a discounted rate, with 4 full courses to guide you through the entire journey of becoming a full-time creator. 

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