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The 32 best affiliate programs for creators

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Earning passive income that is actually passive?

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After reading through our affiliate marketing guide, you’re probably chomping at the bit to get started with affiliate marketing. There’s no time like the present, so let’s jump right in.

Affiliate program categories

With each affiliate program, you’ll find a small summary of what each brand offers and the main benefits of signing up for their program. You’ll also see the specific commission that is offered by each company along with a link to sign up.

Before you start signing up for every affiliate program you see listed here, here are a few quick tips to keep in mind:

  • Keep your niche front and center. What do your readers want to see on your blog? What brands feel like a natural fit? Are there any affiliate programs that aren’t related to what you do?
  • Track which retailers get the most clicks. You can do this by shortening links using and tracking your number of clicks. You’ll also want to keep an eye on how much you’re earning from each affiliate so you can see which ones deserve more of your attention than others.
  • Create a list of your account details. Most affiliate programs ask you to sign up with an email address and password. Keep all this information in one place so you have an easy-to-use-directory.

Now we’re ready to dive in!
Business and tech affiliate programs

Business and tech affiliate programs

People are always interested to hear what tools other creators use to run their online businesses. When sharing your favorite resources, always check to see if they have an affiliate program. Chances are that they will! Here are the most popular affiliate programs we hear our users chatting about.

Tech affiliate programs- convertkit


Of course, I had to add this to the list! If you are interested in helping your readers grow their own email lists through automated sales funnels, our affiliate program will be a perfect fit.

Commission: 30% commission for each active referral for 24 months

Sign up for ConvertKit’s program

Tech affiliate programs- bluehost


If you serve an audience of fellow creators, they may be interested in WordPress hosting services. If so, BlueHost has one of the most popular affiliate programs out there.

Commission: $65 for each user sign-up

Sign up for BlueHost’s program

Tech affiliate programs- godaddy


Whether your audience needs help buying a domain name or hosting their website, GoDaddy can be a good option, especially with their high commission percentage.

Commission: 15% of sale

Sign up for GoDaddy’s program

Tech affiliate programs- hostgator


HostGator is another WordPress hosting website with a growing affiliate partner base. As a reminder, it’s always best to test any hosting service provider for yourself before promoting them.

Commission: $65-125 per sale depending on number of referrals/month

Sign up for HostGator’s program

Tech affiliate programs- wp-engine

WP Engine

We know we’ve shared quite a few WordPress hosting providers, but that’s because there are so many out there. WP Engine is another favorite of creators and business owners.

Commission: $200 per user or 100% of user’s first payment for WP Engine & Genesis Pro sales and 35% of StudioPress Theme sales.

Sign up for WP Engine’s program

Tech affiliate programs- adobe-cc

Adobe Creative Cloud

Is your audience looking for an advanced digital design tool? Adobe Creative Cloud has just about everything they need to get started.

Commission: 85% on user’s first monthly payment or 8.33% per sale on yearly subscription

Sign up for Adobe Creative Cloud’s program

Tech affiliate programs- picmonkey


Not sure your audience needs full access to the Adobe Creative Suite? PicMonkey could be a great alternative for DIY-friendly creators.


  • 30% commission for initial purchase
  • 15% commission for renewals or additional purchases from returning customers

Sign up for PicMonkey’s program

Tech affiliate programs- teachable


Online course creators will love Teachable’s easy-to-implement affiliate program. You can start earning ongoing monthly income from your affiliate link.

Commission: 30% of sales for the lifetime of the account

Sign up for Teachable’s program

Tech affiliate programs-leadpages


Although you must be a Pro or Advanced level member to join their affiliate program, it is a great option for creators who use the landing page builder frequently.

Commission: up to 50% recurring commissions

Sign up for Leadpages program

Tech affiliate programs-creativelive


Are your followers interested in learning new skills through online classes? CreativeLive has a great affiliate program for virtually any niche.

Commission: 30% of rev share for new customer sales

Sign up for CreativeLive’s program


Health and food affiliate programs

Food and health affiliate programs

If personal health and well-being is an important value to your readers, you may find opportunities to join food and health affiliate programs. Just reading through some of these options makes me hungry!

Health and food affiliate programs-amazon-prime-pantry

Amazon Prime Pantry

Who doesn’t love when groceries show up at the door? We’ll gladly skip the grocery store trip. Amazon Prime Pantry isn’t too hard of a sell for most food bloggers.

Commission: 3% of sale

Sign up for Amazon Prime Pantry program

Health and food affiliate programs-5dollar-mealplan

$5 Meal Plan

Are your audience members always on-the-go or tired of cooking meals from scratch for their family? This food preparation and delivery membership may be a great fit.

Commission: 30% of sale

Sign up for $5 Meal Plan’s program

Health and food affiliate programs-emeals


Another food preparation and delivery membership option is eMeals. They also have a 14-day free trial for new customers, which is a nice incentive for attracting more sign ups.

Commission: 30% of sale

Sign up for eMeals program

Health and food affiliate programs-restaurant-com

No matter if you’re a local food blogger or love to travel around the world, has a great referral program with select restaurants.

Commission: 15% of sale
Sign up for’s program

Health and food affiliate programs-vitamin-shoppe

The Vitamin Shoppe

This is a hyper-targeted affiliate program for, you guessed it, food and wellness bloggers who are interested in promoting vitamins and supplements.

Commission: up to 10% of sale

Sign up for The Vitamin Shoppe’s program

Financial affiliate programs

Finance affiliate programs

No matter if you blog about personal finance, money management, or couponing, we have a collection of affiliate programs that could be your next big source of income.

Financial affiliate programs-freshbooks


Bookkeeping, invoicing, and profit-loss statements all in one place? That’s what you get with Freshbooks. See why it’s a favorite among online business owners.

Commission:  up to $10 per free trial, plus up to $200 per paid subscribe

Sign up for Freshbook’s program

Financial affiliate programs-quickbooks


Quickbooks is another leading small business bookkeeping software with award-winning customer service and 4.3 million customers worldwide.

Commission: up to 10% on sales

Sign up for Quickbook’s program


If your audience is interested in couponing their way to major savings, Rakuten (formly Ebates) may be a great option. Keep in mind that you must first sign up for Ebates to get the refer-a-friend code.

Commission: up to $25 + bonus

Sign up for Rakuten program

Financial affiliate programs-turbotax


For readers who DIY their taxes every year, TurboTax has a great affiliate program. Their cookie lasts 21 days, meaning if the visitor makes a purchase within that timeframe, you’ll still get the commission.

Commission: 15% per sale

Sign up TurboTax program

Financial affiliate programs-YNAB

You Need a Budget (YNAB)

This budget tracking app has become a quick crowd favorite. You can set saving goals, track your spending, and put your earnings into their proper buckets. It acts more like a referral program, giving you and whoever you refer a free month of access.

Commission: 1 free month per paying customer

Sign up for YNAB’s program

Fashion and beauty affiliate programs

Fashion and beauty affiliate programs

Instead of going straight to the retailer like most affiliate programs, it’s recommended to sign up with a program that works with brands to get you the best commission percentage. Here’s a sneak peek into some of the most popular affiliate programs for beauty and fashion bloggers.

Fashion and beauty affiliate programs-linkshare


Often voted as the best affiliate program for fashion and beauty bloggers, Linkshare has unsurprisingly become the most popular affiliate program within this niche.

Here are a few blogger favorites from their list of popular retailers:

    • ASOS (7%)
    • Birchbox (5%)
    • Nordstrom (2%)
    • Smashbox (8%)
    • Kohl’s (4%)
    • e.l.f. (5%)
    • Bloomingdale’s (2%)
    • JC Penny (3%)

Commission: varies with each retailer

Sign up for Linkshare’s program

Fashion and beauty affiliate programs-shareasale


If Linkshare is the most popular affiliate program for style bloggers, ShareASale is a very close second. It functions very similar to Linkshare, just with a different list of retailers.

Here are a few blogger favorites from their list of popular retailers:

    • Modcloth (7%)
    • Warby Parker (20%)
    • ROMWE (10%)
    • Lulu’s (7%)
    • Rent The Runway (7%)
    • Spirit Beauty Lounge (10%)

Commission: varies with each retailer

Sign up for ShareASale’s program

Fashion and beauty affiliate programs-commission-junction

Commission Junction

While it may not be as user-friendly and organized as the affiliate programs listed above, it is still widely used by style and beauty bloggers.

Here are a few blogger favorites from their list of popular retailers:

    • Ulta (5%)
    • Free People (4%)
    • Zappos (8%)
    • Forever 21 (4%)
    • Urban Outfitters (5%)
    • LOFT (5%)
    • Lululemon (2.5%)

Commission: varies with each retailer

Sign up for Commission Junction’s program

Fashion and beauty affiliate programs-pepperjam


Pepperjam is eBay’s affiliate program specifically built for fashion bloggers. As expected, eBay works with a lot of high-end retailers through Pepperjam.

Here are a few blogger favorites from their list of popular retailers:

    • NARS (8%)
    • Hautelook (3%)
    • Lucky Brand (5%)
    • Juicy Couture (4%)
    • Nylon Shop (8%)
    • rag + bone (8%)
    • Levi’s (4%)
    • Nordstrom Rack (4%)
    • Rebecca Minkoff (8%)

Commission: varies with each retailer

Sign up for Pepperjam’s program

Fashion and beauty affiliate programs-target


Is there a certain product your audience members can order from Target? For ease of use and fast shipping, this may be a great opportunity for your style or beauty blog.

Commission: up to 8% of sale

Sign up for Target’s program

Interior design affiliate programs

Interior design and organization affiliate programs

If you’re an interior design blogger with a knack for turning store-bought furniture into something completely unique, or you’re a home organization blogger with the best toy storage tips, you’ll love these affiliate programs. They can also be a great fit for bloggers who frequently share office tours and feature their creative environment on social media.

Interior design affiliate programs-etsy


No matter if you’re looking for handwoven blankets, throw pillows, or the latest art prints, you’ll be able to find it all on Etsy. Since Etsy is the biggest marketplace for handmade goods, being an affiliate partner will be a unique opportunity to add to your income while supporting other small businesses.


Standard publisher rate 4%

User-Generated content: 2%

Cashback/Loyalty (evaluated on an individual basis): 2%

Sign up for Etsy’s program

Interior design affiliate programs-designer-living

Designer Living

Designer Living has the highest percentage of commissions on the list for interior design bloggers, making it an extra attractive affiliate program. They also offer a wide variety of furniture and home decor brands within the bigger Designer Living brand.

Commission: 12% of sale

Sign up for Designer Living’s program

Interior design affiliate programs-wayfair


As one of the largest online furniture and home decor retailers, Wayfair has a great affiliate program available for all users to enjoy.

Commission: 7% of sale

Sign up for Wayfair’s program

Interior design affiliate programs-ethan-allen

Ethan Allen

If your readers are interested in high-quality, high-end furniture and home decor, Ethan Allen is a crowd favorite. Keep in mind how much your average reader earns so you don’t price yourself out of your demographic.

Commission: 7% of sale

Sign up for Ethan Allen’s program

Interior design affiliate programs-barneys


Like Ethan Allen, Barneys is another luxury retailer that offers a wide variety of high-end home decor. They also offer accessories, clothing, shoes, and more.

Commission: 5% of sale

Sign up for Barneys program

Interior design affiliate programs-worldmarket

World Market

Interior design bloggers who love to incorporate their travels and different cultures into their designs will love being an affiliate for World Market.

Commission: 6% of sale

Sign up for World market’s program

Which retailers are you most excited to become an affiliate for?

Get signed up for all of your favorites so you can start earning more passive income with affiliate marketing today.

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