How To Build Automations That Make Your Subscribers Fall In Love

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Pop into any Facebook Group of bloggers or listen in on a group mastermind call and you’ll hear things like:

“Should my opt-in button be pink or gold?”

“What is your incentive for joining your list? You need a freebie!”

“Does this form need a picture of me on it or should I use stock photos?”

To these questions I always think “I mean, yes those things matter. But what about once they’re actually on your list? Then what?”

It’s like how we plan our weddings but not the actual marriage. Or buy a bunch of baby gear but don’t prep for the rest of life that comes with having a newborn.

And just like marriage and bringing home bebe, your email subscribers deserve the same attention to the longevity of your relationship.

In other words, having a plan in place for after someone joins your list is potentially more crucial than how they got on your list in the first place.

Luckily, there are plenty of ways you can extend that pre-signup feeling through the entire email relationship with your new subscribers. Even luckier still is the fact that you don’t have to do any of it manually.

Let’s look at a few ways you can use automations to keep your email subscribers engaged, happy, and wanting more.

Deliver the goods

Seems obvious, right? And yet…. I hear all too often that people just aren’t delivering what they said they would. If you promise an ebook when someone subscribes to your list, you better be certain they’re getting that ebook. You could have a URL to click in that very first email or even put it right on your thank you page, but one of my favorite automations is to include the download right in the confirmation button click.

David Wallimann, founder of Guitar Playback and ConvertKit user, shared how he does it in our public Facebook Group:
How To Build Automations That Make Your Subscribers Fall In Love

David could even take it to the next level and click that “Auto confirm new members” checkbox at the bottom to be sure that his subscribers are confirmed, even if they don’t click to download his incentive right away.

Delivering the goods is more than just actually delivering it though. What do I mean? Well you want to keep it simple too. If you deliver what you promise after your subscriber is forced to jump through eight different hoops, they aren’t going to be happy (if they even get that far).

So be direct, give them what they’re after, and have fun doing it. Like Hey Sweet Pea does below:

How To Build Automations That Make Your Subscribers Fall In Love

Introduce yourself

When someone joins your email list, do they spend a little time getting to know you first? After all, they could be brand new to your blog… do they really know who you are already?

A welcome sequence helps your subscribers get to know you better and it also gives you an opportunity to show off how you can help them in the long run.

As Dani mentioned on the blog,

Forgetting to build a solid relationship with your email subscribers is one of the biggest mistakes I see in email marketing these days. Email marketing is so similar to building a relationship in real life, but we often forget about that when we’re sitting behind our screens looking at a bunch of avatars.

I think that’s because email marketing was born out of the idea of the direct mail newsletter. In fact, many bloggers still call their email marketing list a ‘newsletter’ list.

Sounds harmless, but there’s actually a pretty big problem with that. You see, with a ‘newsletter’ everyone on your mailing list is getting the exact same communication from you no matter the context of relationship they have with you and your brand. Email marketing is so much more than that.

Joanna Wiebe is The Original Conversion Copywriter and you better believe that title extends into her emails too. You can see below that Joanna spends several days welcoming her new subscribers and sharing more about herself and how she can help them.

How To Build Automations That Make Your Subscribers Fall In Love

The automation Joanna puts in place with ConvertKit is an email sequence – a series of emails that “drip” out to a subscriber at a set time. Joanna’s are set to drip out starting right after they subscribe but sequences can be used at any time based on a previous action.

Lewis Howes does the same thing. Check out those subject lines too:

How To Build Automations That Make Your Subscribers Fall In Love

So be human and say hello. There’s another human – and potential friend, customer, or partner – on the other side of that computer screen.

Ask them a question

Just like any long term relationship, falling in love happens over and over again. So it’s not just welcome sequences that get that special treatment.

Take your workshop or webinar signups for example. Someone signs up, excited to attend your workshop next week, and then….. crickets. They get the confirmation email saying the registration worked but the missing piece is the relationship. How can you get that new friend to become your BFF by the time you hit that broadcast button on your webinar?

Talk to them.

Matthew Kimberley’s webinar titled “How to Write Delightful Emails” lived up to it’s title starting with the confirmation email.

Now, we humans have this funny thing where we tend to like helping each other out. So asking someone to do you a favor is a great way to catch their attention.

Matthew knows this and uses that phrase to introduce a question:

How To Build Automations That Make Your Subscribers Fall In Love


By engaging with his subscribers on a regular basis, Matthew gets to know them better and can, in turn, serve them better (read: make more stuff they want to pay cash money for)

Offer something useful (but don’t sell)

Have you ever had a brand new friend turn right around and gift you something with absolutely no strings attached? It’s an amazing feeling. And you can create the same thing for your subscribers with an automated email (sequences are great for this) sending them something you just know they’ll love. Take this example from Allison Marshall at Wonderlass:

How To Build Automations That Make Your Subscribers Fall In Love
Allison (who is not in the stock photo business, btw) gives her “new friends” (aka new email subscribers) a set of stock photos they can use in their business as a gift, no selling, no strings attached. This email doesn’t even have an offer to attend one of her webinars.

Just a flat out gift.

It’s surprising. It’s rare. And it’s what makes people fall further in love with you.

Combine things!

Of course, you can always mix and match the tips above to make your own Magic Sauce. Tiffany from Don’t Waste the Crumbs asks a question and delivers the good at the same time (all using a welcome sequence setup inside ConvertKit):

How To Build Automations That Make Your Subscribers Fall In Love

Or you could deliver something completely free while introducing yourself. Or ask a question when you quickly turn over that download they requested. The sky’s the limit!

Doing all of this creates superusers

A super what? As Tara Gentile shared on the blog recently,

In her book, The Membership Economy, Robbie Baxter defines superusers as those who are ‘especially loyal and engaged members who leverage the power of the community through their participation.’ Superusers help you create value, culture, and connections for other customers.

Awesome. We all want those, right?

According to Tara’s article, creating superusers requires that you do three things:

  1. Remove friction.
  2. Deliver immediate value.
  3. Reward desired behaviors.

With automation, you can do all of that easily, and we’ve just outlined a few ways to get there.

Tara outlines her entire process in her blog post but creating superusers is as simple as doing what you say you’re going to do, being of service, and then going the extra mile with a little reward. No need to be Superman and stop a speeding freight train. Creating superusers is as simple as some smart automation and thoughtful follow through.

Here’s what to do next:

If you look at your inbox and get the sneaking suspicion that the human element is really missing in this big ol’ Internet world, hit those share buttons and make sure as many people as possible see this article. Better yet, copy that URL and send it to a friend who’s just starting out – you’ll make their day!

There’s so much to consider as we build relationships with our new subscribers and starting off on the right foot can go a long way. Now go out there and get people falling in love with you!

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Val Geisler

Val is a yogi, mom, military wife, and avid podcast fan. She is ridiculously obsessed with sharing and creating content that actually makes a difference in the world, connecting with her fellow bloggers, and doing more with less effort. Val is based on Columbus, Ohio (O-H!) and can often be found oversharing on Instagram at @lovevalgeisler.

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