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  1. How to write great landing page copy + formulas to help you get started 16 min read
  2. How to grow your email list in 2021 with free landing pages 12 min read
  3. 4 essential landing page elements 19 min read
  4. 8 call-to-action examples for your next landing page 14 min read
  5. How to use a landing page to test a new idea 17 min read
  6. How to create lead generation landing pages that convert 15 min read
  7. How to optimize your landing page SEO 8 min read
  8. What is a good landing page conversion rate? 15 min read
  9. How to use landing pages with email marketing 10 min read
  10. 13 landing page best practices to help you make a mark on the internet 17 min read

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Issue #26

8 call-to-action examples for your next landing page

Build Your Audience Landing pages
Table of Contents
  1. What is a call-to-action?
  2. Best practices for landing page CTAs
  3. Simple and creative landing page CTA examples
  4. Create your own CTA with free ConvertKit landing page

Want more email subscribers, customers, and conversions?

You’ll need a high-performing call-to-action to get there.

Your call-to-action doesn’t need to be fancy or even clever.

It just has to turn leads into email subscribers.

In this article, we’ll break down the most common call-to-action examples so you can build your landing page with confidence, knowing that it will help you massively grow your email list.

What is a call-to-action?

A call-to-action, commonly abbreviated to CTA, refers to a command or phrase that entices people who are reading to take the desired action.

Having a direct call-to-action on your landing page is important because it encourages your audience to take real steps toward becoming a client or customer.

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Without a CTA, your audience won’t know what to do next. Potential customers want to be guided along their journey through your brand. They want to anticipate what’s coming and take action on what resonates with them. Calls-to-action help them do just that.

Calls-to-action are the heart of your landing page because they turn leads into converted customers, clients, and email subscribers.

No matter if you build a landing page to offer a lead magnet, sell your freelance services, or a number of other CTA goals, you’ll want to consider these two main factors: your CTA button color and copy.

Call-to-action button color

When using a CTA button, you’ll want to consider what color you use. Using the principles of color theory, you can choose a color that evokes the emotion you desire.

Do you want your audience members to feel calm and at ease when they see your brand? Do you want them to see you as trustworthy and consistent? Blue might be a great color for you. (It’s the color we love!)

Would you rather them feel passionate, excited, and ready to charge into the next action step? Red might be a better fit because it communicates urgency. Red can often be seen on landing pages that have equally strong sales copy with a call-to-action that is unmistakable.

Maybe you want your audience to feel like they are welcomed and invited into your brand. For example, you might want to choose a bright, cheerful color like yellow as a CTA button color for converting visitors into email subscribers when offering content upgrades and lead magnets on your blog.

call to action button color examples

Contrast also matters when choosing a call-to-action button color. Choose a color that fits within your visual branding guidelines but also stands out on your landing page.

A more prominent CTA button color is proven to outperform CTA button colors that are camouflaged into the landing page design. You should also have a high contrast between the background color of your CTA button and your text color.

You may not realize it, but every choice you make in terms of button size, shape, color, and contrast is communicating something unique to your audience before they even read your CTA button copy.

Our brains process images 60,000 times faster than text, so we need to keep these visual cues in mind as we think about what CTA button copy makes the most sense.

Call-to-action button copy

Now that you have a color in mind for your CTA button, you’ll want to choose action-oriented words to seal the deal. Your call-to-action button copy will make or break your landing page conversions.

If your call-to-action words are weak, you may not be able to make the number of landing page conversions you are hoping for. When you write a call-to-action, try to come up with a few variations to see which is the strongest.

Here are a few ways you can turn weak claims into stronger motivators:


“Get our downloadable guide”
“Receive a discount on your purchase”
“Learn more about the class”


“Access our exclusive guide”
“Save $90 on this limited-time offer”
“Start the free class today”

The next time you write call-to-action button copy, you can choose a few words from this list to help you get started. Your ideas will start flowing from there.

Call to Action Words for CTA buttons examples

When in doubt, test different copy to see what performs best. You never know until you actually put your calls-to-action into practice. You can see which CTA button copy performs best by comparing the number of total conversions (depending on what your goal is) to the number of landing page visitors you have.

This is how you will get your landing page conversion rate, which you can set up in Google Analytics or see it automatically calculated for you in our landing page builder. You can tweak your copy over time to ensure you are optimizing for conversions.

Best practices for landing page call-to-action

Before we break down some of the most common and creative call-to-action examples, let’s cover these best practices. You’ll need more than a high-contrast CTA button color and strong CTA button copy to increase your landing page conversions.

When you create your first landing page, you’ll want to keep these best practices in mind so you can make the best impression on your audience.

Focus on your goal

You should only have ONE primary goal for your landing page.

If you include more than one call-to-action goal on your landing page, you might give your audience decision fatigue. This happens when you’re presented with too many choices and end up not taking any action on any because you’re too overwhelmed.

We’ve all been there. It might seem like adding more options to your landing page gives you the opportunity to convert more of your audience, but trying to fit everyone’s needs on one landing page can get messy.

Now, it doesn’t mean you have to throw away those other landing page goals. If you have more call-to-action goals you want to optimize, you can create separate landing page variations and test them to see which is the most successful at converting your audience. We call this A/B testing and/or split testing.

Know what your audience is motivated by

Would you be inspired to click the call-to-action button if you were in your audience member’s shoes?

If you aren’t answering this question as you create your call-to-action, you may miss out on a chance to improve it.

Keep your audience’s motivations in mind when you’re creating your call-to-action.

What is the problem they are looking to solve? How can you offer a solution through your call-to-action? The answers to these questions will guide how you write your call-to-action.

Make your calls-to-action easy to find and understand

If you bury your CTA button in the very bottom of your landing page so your audience has to scroll multiple times before they can take action, you might be hurting your conversion rates.

The same is true if your CTA button blends in with the imagery or content of your landing page. We’re all for having a stunning landing page design, but if its minimal look is hurting your conversions, you’ll want to make tweaks so your call-to-action button can be easily seen.

When people visit your landing page, they usually skim through your content to get to the main idea. Attention spans are shrinking and audience members want you to show them if your content or offer is valuable to them in a few seconds.

Try to use CTA button copy that is strong, action-oriented, and easy to understand. Use concise words that are easy to digest and get people to where they want to go. It’s really as simple as that!

Simple and creative landing page call-to-action examples

Are you itching to create your own landing page? We love your enthusiasm!

Before we cut you loose to create your own, we wanted to share a few call-to-action examples that may get your creative juices flowing. You can use this inspiration as you think about what kind of landing page type you want to use for your newest call-to-action.

Sign up

One of the most simple calls-to-action to include on your landing page is “sign up.”

It’s clear, concise, and tells your audience exactly what to do. We are used to filling out forms whenever we hear the words “sign up,” so it may be a good action-oriented phrase to use.

Sign Up landing page CTA example
Fictionfire's newsletter sign up landing page.

Subscribe now

This call-to-action example focuses on enticing landing page visitors to subscribe to your email list. What they are specifically subscribing for is up to you!

Some content creators decide to include a general “subscribe now” call-to-action to their landing page while others include a downloadable freebie that comes with subscribing to the email list, which we will talk about next.

Subscribe Now landing page CTA example
AwesomeAlice's hand lettering online course landing page

Send or download the freebie

When you use lead magnets and content upgrades to grow your email list, you may want to create dedicated landing pages that give more information on what’s inside the downloadable freebie. It can help you increase conversions when you use landing pages wisely.

A simple email sign-up form can sometimes do the trick, but downloadable freebie landing pages like this call-to-action example can be shared at in-person events, on social media, and more. It makes much more of a statement than an email sign-up form.

Send me a freebie CTA example
As We Walk Along the Road's free ebook landing page

It also gives you more space to include exactly what your new email subscribers will find inside the downloadable freebie. If you offer an ebook or email course, you can give more details into what your subscriber will receive when they sign up.

Just reading what is included can help your audience member decide whether or not they want to join your email list. Your audience will feel more confident trading their email address for your downloadable freebie when they can see what they will learn.

You can get creative with what your CTA button copy says, but for clarity you can start with the simple “download now” copy and testing different variations from there. It can be easier to read and will stand out when placed in all caps.


If you are hosting an evergreen webinar or have an event-based offer, using a commonly used word like “register” might help you convert more of your landing page visitors. People are used to registering for live events like the webinar below.

Register CTA example
The Abundant Nail Tech's webinar registration landing page.

Join us

Whenever you add a word like “join” to your call-to-action, you are essentially giving your audience a warm invitation to be part of what you’re doing. “Join” is a community-centered word that makes you feel like you’re welcomed into something that’s bigger than you.

This is a great word to use because it inspires your audience to take action while giving them the opportunity to choose whether the offer is a fit for them or not.

When you create a landing page for an email challenge, for example, think about how long the email challenge should be in relation to your topic. In this email challenge call-to-action example, a 16-week challenge makes sense because training for a marathon takes more time than learning other skills.

Join us CTA Example
Marathon Handbook's challenge landing page.

Make sure you add what is included in the email challenge so your audience member knows what it consists of, what they will learn, and what kind of time commitment it is. You may want to add prompts throughout the email challenge to invite them into a larger conversation since this call-to-action language is so community-oriented.

I’m ready to…

If you want your audience to get excited about taking action on what’s coming next, you might want to use a phrase like “I’m ready.” It brings a higher level of enthusiasm into their decision to sign up for your email list.

We love how this landing page call-to-action example uses inviting, exciting copy in the description in order to entice more people to click the CTA button that says “I’m ready to get confident on camera!”

The offer is clear, concise, and easy to understand. An email subscriber knows exactly what they will learn and walk away with when they see this landing page. It’s a great example to follow!

Fun landing page CTA example
Xayli Barclay's Camfidence bundle landing page

Join the waitlist

Once you have your audience member’s attention, you want to do anything you can to keep it.

If they are showing an interest in one of your offers but you haven’t launched it yet or it’s not currently available, you may want to create a “join the waitlist” call-to-action for your landing page. That way, you can grow and groom your email list for more income.

Usually, a content creator will create a waitlist landing page when:

  • They are about to launch a digital product for the first time and want to collect email addresses of people who are interested in what they will be selling.
  • They only open enrollment for their online course, program, or membership community a few times a year and want to collect leads for their next launch.
  • Teaching an online course live and want to collect email addresses from people who are interested in knowing when it becomes available next.

If any of these scenarios resonate with you, it may be time to create your own waitlist landing page. With ConvertKit, they are incredibly simple to make! All you need is a clear title, short description, enticing CTA button copy, and a visual that grabs your audience member’s attention.

Waitlist landing page CTA Example
12 Minute Athlete's waitlist landing page

You can follow this landing page call-to-action example from 12 Minute Athlete Academy if you’re looking for more inspiration. Your landing page can be up and running in as little as five to 10 minutes!

Coming soon

Much like the waitlist landing page we talked about above, some content creators will create a coming soon landing page to collect email addresses before their brand is launched. By doing this, you can start making connections with potential readers from the get-go.

You can also use a coming soon landing page when you relaunch your website or blog. It’s a great way to engage with your audience while your website is still under construction. You can use it as a chance to share behind-the-scenes updates on your progress so your audience can follow along.

Coming Soon CTA
UnfakeLife‘s coming soon landing page.

Create your own strong CTA in ConvertKit using these call-to-action examples

Ready for a challenge? We hope so!

After you’ve had the opportunity to learn more about how to use calls-to-action to strengthen your landing page conversions, we want you to have a chance to do the same.

In less than 10 minutes, you can create a unique landing page using one of our easy-to-customize templates and include a call-to-action that gets your audience to click! Just click the button below and create your free account.

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Kayla Hollatz

Kayla Hollatz is a copywriter and content creator for creative entrepreneurs who want their words to connect and convert. Few things make her happier than ghostwriting for clients in her studio, aka her four-season porch with a lake view. She can frequently be found fighting Minnesota winters with a mug of hot chocolate in hand.

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