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25 captivating call-to-action examples to 2x your list growth (and why they work)

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If you want to succeed as a creator, you need an email list full of people who can’t wait to hear from you.

To get there, you need call-to-actions that will turn a landing page visitor into an email subscriber.

The challenge? CTAs are so important they can become intimidating. Instead of making your CTA pop, you go with a generic one, like a simple ‘confirm’… Or you overthink it and make it confusing and way more complicated than it needs to be.

That’s why we’re giving you a list of 25 call-to-action examples from creators just like you. You’ll get inspired by different types of content creators and learn exactly why these call-to-actions work for them.

You’ll start turning your readers, followers, listeners, and viewers into loyal subscribers in no time. Let’s dive into examples of CTAs!

What is a call-to-action (CTA)?

A call-to-action is a short statement that invites people to take a specific action. You’ll find CTAs on landing pages and in blog posts, organic social media posts, and paid ads. The goal is to get your target audience to take action—whether that means clicking through, signing up, or making a purchase.

When someone from your target audience visits your landing page, they’re at peak excitement. They came to your landing page from a social media post, a YouTube video, a podcast episode, maybe even from someone else mentioning you online—they’re ready for what you have to offer them.

If your landing page speaks to your visitor and matches their expectation, it will get your visitor much closer to subscribing. The job of your call-to-action is to give them that final push; to get them to take action and level up from a visitor to a new subscriber and potential customer. A strong CTA is that bridge.

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What are the best call-to-action examples?

Here are 25 best call-to-action examples for your landing page. Get inspired by podcasters, musicians, book authors, coaches, speakers, and consultants.

Learn why these CTA examples work and how you can implement them into your own landing page.

1. Get episode 1’s course guide free (episode-specific)

One of the best ways to turn your podcast listeners or video viewers into email subscribers is through episode-specific free downloads.

This is exactly what Mac Candee from the World Nomac blog did with this landing page and CTA:

Call to action example
Episode-specific CTA example. Image via World Nomac.

Mac published a 20-episode video series on YouTube all about full-time traveling. His first episode comes with a special free download featured in the video description.

Instead of using a vague “Download” copy on his call-to-action button, he got specific: it’s a free download related to the first episode. This is a great way to convince visitors they’re in the right place after watching or listening to an episode that mentioned a relevant resource.

2. Subscribe to the show (keep them in the loop)

Want to grow an email list of people who want to hear about your podcast? You can make it happen with a targeted landing page.

Here’s how Over-The-Edge podcast does it:

Call to action example
CTA that invites visitors to subscribe to emails about the podcast. Image via Over-The-Edge podcast.

Here’s why this CTA works:

  • The main headline explains what the podcast is about.
  • The second headline clarifies that subscribing means you’ll hear about future episodes.
  • Short copy explains these emails are on a weekly basis.
  • Column on the left gives an overview of topics for several episodes.

With all these elements working together, the CTA wraps this landing page up and encourages readers to take that final step using a button color that's very hard to miss.

3. Send it my way! (spark enthusiasm)

CTAs that spark enthusiasm are powerful. They get your visitors invested in the success they’ll see thanks to your emails.

This is particularly important when you’re promoting a free download—if a new subscriber actually uses your freebie and sees results, they’ll count on you for useful resources again.

To make this happen, A Musical Mom promoted the printable activity book to go with her beginner music course with an excited CTA: “Send it my way!”

Call to action example
The enthusiasm-building CTA. Image via A Musical Mom.

You can make this CTA work for you by adding some action-based copy to it. Make sure the wording is aligned with how your audience speaks and add some exclamation marks to your CTA if it works for your audience.

4. Download music pack (be crystal clear)

The best CTA is the one that leaves no room for confusion. Clarity is one of the best goals your call-to-action can achieve.

This is what Matt Everett, a music composer, achieved with his landing page and the CTA on it. First, he explained exactly what’s included in the download, with details around licensing. He then seals the deal with the “Download music pack” call-to-action.

Call to action example
A clarity-packed call-to-action. Image via Matt Everett.

With this clear CTA, visitors won’t be left hanging with questions like:

  • Will I have to stream these tracks?
  • Is it just one track?
  • What happens after I sign up?

Three simple CTA words answer all these questions at once.

5. I want my free MP3 download! (use their perspective)

Peppercorn, a country music husband-and-wife duo, feature a link-based landing page in their Instagram bio. When you click “Get a free download of ‘Evil Twin’ here!,” you’re greeted with this popup and a CTA that stands out:

Call to action example
Popup CTA written in first person. Image via Peppercorn.

This call-to-action is written from the visitor’s perspective. It’s another great way to get your visitors excited about subscribing.

If you want to promote your music, this is a great way to do it. This CTA will show your subscribers they’re getting your music for free, right on their device, and in this exact format.

6. Give me the music! (make it energetic)

Here’s a great example from Bronkar Lee of Instrumental Humans. It’s a simple, short landing page with an exciting CTA that gives readers all the information they need before taking action:

Call to action example
Targeted landing page headline and copy with an enthusiastic CTA. Image via Instrumental Humans.

This landing page builds up excitement by announcing:

  • This is a free album.
  • Subscribers will receive a link to download and stream the album.
  • The album includes an original collection of high-energy songs made to inspire.

The CTA seals the deal with the energetic “Give me the music!,” which matches the tone Bronkar uses throughout his landing page and his website.

7. I want to hear it now (get in their mind)

You’ll often find CTAs written in first person on musicians’ websites and landing pages. William Chernoff, a Canadian jazz bassist and composer, features this CTA on his homepage:

Call to action example
Sign up form with limited-edition content and a first-person CTA. Image via William Chernoff.

The “I want to hear it now” CTA is an excellent addition to what this opt-in form promises: an upcoming release that isn’t yet public. It’s an invitation to join a musician’s inner circle of raving fans and to hear their work before (almost) anyone else does.

“I want” puts words into the visitor’s mind, “to hear” makes it almost tangible, and “now” makes it instant.

Works like magic!

8. Send me updates! (get them excited)

If you have yet to launch your project—your book, podcast, album, or website—it doesn’t mean you can’t start building your email list yet. Quite the opposite.

A simple landing page will help you get early subscribers and gain some momentum. This is exactly what Freelance Bold, a project for freelance writers, did with this ‘coming soon’ landing page and a matching CTA:

Call to action example
A landing page before you launch is a great way to keep your audience updated. Image via Freelance Bold.

The call-to-action can help you communicate the nature of emails that will follow. Instead of “Send me updates,” you could also use:

  • “I want to hear what’s coming”
  • “Send me the news”
  • “I want to receive updates”
  • “Let me know when it’s launched”

This is a great way to get your audience excited about what you’re working on for them and build excitement around your project so you can launch it with success.

9. Join our waiting list today (imply there's demand)

Here’s another way to create some buzz around your future launch: use your call-to-action to get visitors to join a waiting list.

That’s what Amy Hallberg of Courageous Wordsmith did with her membership launch:

Call to action example
CTA focused on building up a waiting list. Image via Courageous Wordsmith.

This call-to-action works because it implies there’s demand for the offer in question. This works for limited-time product launches as well as for book launches and podcast releases.

By using this CTA, you’ll attract (and later nurture) subscribers that will be ready to jump on your offer on launch day.

10. Get your free guidebook (make it a personal experience)

Your free downloads are made for more than one subscriber, but you can use your call-to-action to make them feel special and personal.

Sarah Moon, founder of a website design company SM+Co, used the “Get your free guidebook” CTA to achieve exactly that:

Call to action example
CTA that puts the visitor front and center. Image via Sarah Moon.

Referring to a freebie as your resource is a great way to turn your email opt-in experience into a one-on-one conversation. This CTA will help you build trust with your future subscribers and make them feel welcome, heard, and understood—you’re solving their pain points, after all.

11. Get a free ebook (drive extra engagement)

Here’s another way you can promote a free resource, like your ebook.

Landing page by Nathan Drescher, a Canadian writer, lists reasons to join his email list, including a monthly newsletter and private Facebook group membership. When the time comes to ask for an email address, Nathan gets more specific and offers his latest short story for free:

Call to action example
Call-to-action that spotlights a specific free resource. Image via Nathan Drescher.

This CTA helps you show your new subscribers what they can do immediately after they sign up. Yes, they’ll get your newsletter in the future—but they’ll get a free ebook they can read right away. Great for driving extra engagement!

12. I’m attending! (get a mini-commitment)

This is an excellent call-to-action for any events you’re hosting, whether it’s virtual, in-person, or even pre-recorded.

“I’m attending!” is a CTA that coaches Keltie Maguire and Jessica Elliot used when running Straight Up Sessions, their live, virtual expert discussions:

Call to action example
Ideal CTA for many types of events. Image via Straight Up Sessions.

This call-to-action helps your event attendees get excited about the event they’ll attend. It creates a mini-commitment and reminds them that this is something they’ll want to be present for.

Use this CTA for free webinars, paid workshops, upcoming social media live sessions, virtual interviews, Q&As, and any other event you think of.

Bonus tip: Remember to automate your webinar marketing so you can keep the excitement going!

13. Yes, please! Send it my way (confirm your question)

When you know what your audience deeply cares about, you can ask them burning questions—and answer them with your CTA.

That’s what Sarah Mikutel, founder of Podcast Launch Academy, did with this call-to-action:

Call to action example
Call-to-action that answers an important question. Image via Sarah Mikutel.

Turn your landing page headline into a question, make a pitch for your free download right below it, and use your CTA to get a resounding ‘I need this’ from your visitor.

Here are some other ways you could make this happen:

  • Question: Want to read the first two chapters of my next book? CTA: Yes! Send it to me
  • Question: Looking for ways to save time by outsourcing? CTA: Yes! I need the checklist
  • Question: Want to get booked out three months in advance? CTA: Yes! Send me the ebook

Find what your audience cares about and turn it into questions they need answers to.

14. Get a free chapter now! (give them a taste)

Want to turn your book sales page into an email list building tool? Here’s how author Jazmin Graham did it for her book Care for the Caregiver.

Jazmin used her book landing page to link to the Amazon page of her book and to her website. But for visitors who were still undecided, she offered a free chapter of her book in exchange for an email address:

Call to action example
CTA for visitors who are not yet ready to buy. Image via Jazmin Graham.

You can tweak this idea to any product you’re selling. Get creative:

  • Selling a consulting service? Offer a free resource you use when working with clients.
  • Selling a video course? Offer the first lesson for free.
  • Selling music? Offer a free snippet from the album.

15. Send me activity pages (drive action)

There’s an easy way to spark interactions and excitement around your book: additional, free resources that make your book engaging.

Suvi Chisholm, author of childrens’ book Bad Caterpillar, offers free printable activity pages based on the book:

Call to action example
Two places for a CTA = two opportunities. Image via Suvi Chisholm.

At the top, the CTA is simple, just inviting to download the activity pages. But for visitors who keep scrolling, Suvi shares a second CTA: “Send me the activity pages” along with the headline once again.

Both CTAs lead to the same outcome, but the one at the top is lightweight and drives action with users that are already convinced; those who keep scrolling are met with a stronger, more specific CTA.

This is a great use case to experiment with if you’re offering freebies based on your paid product.

16. Get instant access (what happens after they sign up)

If your free lead magnet is something of high perceived value, like a free course or a video series, use your CTA to make it clear how and when your lead magnet will be delivered.

The Master Flutter free training for app developers does this with a “Get instant access” call-to-action:

Call to action example
Call-to-action that promises instant access to the goodies. Image via Free Flutter Bootcamp.

Get inspired by the way you deliver this valuable resource and turn it into your CTA. Here are some other examples you could use:

  • Start with day 1 of the course
  • Get the first lesson right away
  • Watch the first video

You can tweak these CTAs to be more or less specific, but keep them aligned with what you’ll give to your new subscriber right after they sign up.

17. Join the waiting list (universal can be just as magical)

Here’s another example of a CTA that focuses on building buzz with a waiting list, this time for a book launch.

This book landing page for Fiercely Faithful announces a limited-time discounted price and invites visitors to join the waiting list:

Call to action example
CTA that invites early fans to join the book launch waiting list. Image via Elizabeth Buko.

This is a great, universal call-to-action if you want to build pre-launch buzz and make sure you have people shouting about your launch from the rooftops.

Pair this CTA with irresistible pre-launch bonuses and extra value your subscribers can’t get anywhere else, and you’ll get loyal supporters for life.

18. Give me my guide! (keep the momentum going)

Did you get your audience really excited about a resource you created? Use the “Give me my [resource]!” CTA to make the most of that momentum.

That’s exactly what Jacqui Blakemore, host of the Sew Mindful Podcast, did with a framework that accompanies one of her podcast episodes:

Call to action example
The “I can’t wait to have this in my hands” call-to-action. Image via Sew Much More Fun.

You can use this CTA if you’ve hyped up a resource in a podcast episode, on Instagram Live, in a Twitter thread, as a guest on someone else’s podcast, on a webinar… Your options with this one are endless!

19. Download your free game! (spark their imagination)

Here’s another example of positioning your free download as if it already belonged to your subscriber.

Back to Basics Curriculum, hands-on learning resources for children, use this for one of their several freebie downloads:

Call to action example
Image via Back to Basics Curriculum.

Thanks to “your free game,” subscribing feels like a no-brainer for the ideal audience of this freebie.

Also note that the landing page headline doesn’t mention this game is free; the CTA does that job well. Overall, this call-to-action makes it easy to imagine yourself already owning this game, which is essential for turning casual visitors into email subscribers.

20. Join the launch team now (get them involved)

Here’s an exceptional way to make your subscribers feel like they’re part of a special inner circle: make them a part of your team.

That’s exactly what Peter Szczensny did with the launch of his book, Master the Art of Learning:

Call to action example
CTA focused on building a launch team. Image via Master of Learning.

Mentioning a launch team rather than a waiting list implies the subscriber won’t just get notified about the launch, but become part of it.

If you want to make your subscribers a more involved part of your upcoming launch, like book launch or product launch, invite them to your launch team with your CTA. This way, you can equip them with resources like early copies and images so they can spread the word about your launch when the time comes.

21. Get exclusive access (show them it's special)

If you have something to share that no other person could offer, you can position it as content with exclusive access.

Unparalleled, a newsletter by Joe Balcom, does exactly that. This exclusive access includes courses, community, essays, a book, and several PDFs, all about leadership and creativity:

Call to action example
Exclusivity-focused call-to-action. Image via Unparalleled.

What can you create that your audience would consider exclusive?

The best way to find out is to learn what they crave, what bothers them, and how they tend to learn and upskill. Talk to them on social media, survey your blog readers, and take note of the questions they ask you over emails and messages.

22. Send me the checklist (imply values)

This is another example of your subscriber telling you what they want you to do through your call-to-action.

Gimbal, a company that offers courses and consulting services to law firms, uses a first-person CTA to encourage their visitors to sign up for their three-step editing checklist:

Call to action example
Adding the ‘action’ to your call-to-action. Image via Gimbal.

This CTA works well because it implies a specific type of value, and it indicates the subscriber will receive it right away so they can get to work.

Tweak this to your specific freebie format, and you’re good to go!

23. Yes, show me the money! (be clever)

When you know your audience wants to achieve a particular goal, you can center your landing page—and your call-to-action—around it.

Angela Hosking’s Her One Tribe makes this happen by using a question in the headline, then answering it in a clever way in the CTA:

Call to action example
Get creative with the way your CTA answers the question from your headline. Image via Her One Tribe.

This approach to your call-to-action will get your audience emotionally invested. You’re asking them if they want something you know they crave, and you’re ready to give it to them. Use your CTA to encourage them to take the leap!

24. Let me know more! (tease them a bit)

Want to spark interest from your visitors by asking a question, but don’t want your CTA to be the answer? Here’s a great alternative to the previous CTA example.

Mary DeMuth, author and literary agent, runs a writing mastermind. After she asks her visitors if they need a writing mentor, she shares a few details, but teases more details with the “Let me know more!” call-to-action:

Call to action example
Make your subscribers curious with your CTA. Image via Mary DeMuth.

If you’re using your landing page to share a sneak peek into your offer and want your visitors to know there’s more, this is a great way to do it.

25. Yes! Show me the essentials kit now (justify the excitement)

Finally, the “yes!” in your CTA can simply show excitement rather than an answer to the question you posed. This is another way to create enthusiasm around your freebie.

Photographer Ria Mishaal uses this approach in her free download, an essential kit for product images:

Call to action example
CTAs can create buzz and excitement around your freebie. Image via Ria Mishaal.

The bonus of this call-to-action is that it clearly shows that this excitement is justified—there’s a valuable resource on the way, right after you fill out the form.

This is an excellent example of a CTA with a longer message that helped make it more clear, not less.

25 call to action examples

What are best practices for CTAs on landing pages?

Here are some tips to keep in mind as you create your call-to-action.

1. Focus on a single goal

You might be tempted to ask your landing page visitor to also follow you on Instagram, subscribe to your YouTube channel, and reach out to you on Twitter.

The problem with that? It will reduce your chances of getting them to complete the main action—signing up to your email list. (In fact, they may not do any of the things you’ve asked them to do because you gave them too many options.)

A smarter way to do this is to first get your visitor on your email list. Then, use your thank you page and your welcome email to shift their attention to your social media profiles. This is a good place to encourage them to share your resources with their followers if they found them valuable!

2. Get specific about what’s in it for your audience

Your call-to-action is about your audience and what they need, not about what you’re hoping to achieve. Your success—hitting a subscriber count milestone or successfully launching a product—should be a byproduct of creating something your audience wants.

Keep this in mind as you write your CTA. “Sign up” doesn’t help your visitor much, but downloading a resource from your podcast, joining your launch team, or getting instant access to a free course can be a game changer for them.

How do you want your visitor to feel? Use it to put your audience front and center as you write your CTA.

3. Make your CTA easy to find and click on

Our final tip is about the visual aspects of your CTA. Make sure your visitors can easily find your call-to-action on the page and the clickable button—on every screen size.
Follow these two tips to help you get this right:

  1. Place your CTA high on the page and remove any distractions. Don’t make your visitors scroll multiple times to find the opt-in form and the CTA button, and make sure you don’t clutter the space around your CTA with visuals that steal your visitor’s attention.
  2. Use colors that will make your CTA stand out. Use colors that reflect your branding, but also make sure your CTAs stand out against the background. You can also reference the meaning of different colors when choosing your CTA color.

If you use a tool like ConvertKit, it’s easy to add a compelling CTA for your landing page thanks to landing page templates. All you need to do is tweak the CTA copy and use your brand colors:

Call to action ConvertKit
Creating a powerful CTA takes 30 seconds in ConvertKit.

In just a few minutes, you can add your own headline, copy, and images to your landing page, as well as your incentive email (i.e. the email that delivers what your landing page promised).

Create a compelling call-to-action today

Writing a CTA won’t feel daunting anymore. You now have dozens of examples from creators just like you to keep you inspired and creative.

It’s time for your final step: launching your landing page with a call-to-action so you can capture your ideal audience and turn them into email subscribers. Grab your free ConvertKit account to start today!

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Marijana Kay is a freelance writer for leading B2B SaaS companies. She uses data-backed, actionable content to help them hit and exceed their growth goals. In her spare time, she collects books and logs running miles.

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