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ConvertKit’s audience building software and email tools help coaches like you grow your client base by connecting you with your audience faster.

Xayli Barclay, Online Video Coach

Your client list is the backbone of your coaching business. Scale that list with email marketing. By sending personalized content directly into their inbox, you can build deeper, and more trustworthy relationships with your audience. And in turn, they’ll put their trust in you to help them reach their goals.

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Maintain deep long-term relationships

While teaching cartooning, Jessica Abel discovered an affinity for helping young creatives find confidence. Her goal as a coach is to put the power and control of creatives’ lives and careers into their own hands. And for Jessica, email marketing has been the most natural, direct way to build a relationship with those creatives.

“ There's simply no better way than email to maintain the deep and long-term relationships with an audience that will turn into clients and students for a robust coaching business. Email is the steady backbeat of my business, as well as the way I bring in the vast majority of my revenue.

Jessica Abel, Creative Coach

Deliver timely personalized content

After leaving the security of two successful careers, Steve and Azul set out to help authors establish themselves and grow their audience. To help them understand their client’s individual needs on the path to writing best-selling books, Steve and Azul use email marketing to be more efficient and effective at providing attainable and meaningful services and programs.

ConvertKit helped us create a focused way to serve our audience with value and provide targeted information, inspiration, and attract more engagement. With their automated integrations with other tools and systems that we use, we are able to deliver timely and focused emailed messaging to specific segments in our audience.”

Azul Terronez and Steve Vannoy, Authors Who Lead

Scale your growing business

When XayLi Barclay realized her knack for helping people break through mental and technical barriers to find confidence on camera, her coaching business took off. To grow that business, she relies on email marketing to not only nurture the relationship with her clients and customers through educational content but also to help scale her growing business.

If you plan on growing your business, then email marketing is essential. It allows you to scale by setting you up to communicate in a genuine and timely manner with your clients. There is no way you can manage communication and conversion of hundreds/thousands of people without a reliable email marketing tool.”

XayLi Barclay, Video Marketing Coach

How ConvertKit works
create your own
link pages

Grow your client base

Create an online hub

Set up a customizable Link Page for your social media bio as a directory for all things potential clients might need to know before they hire you. Add quick links to your coaching packages, client testimonials, and your blog.

Give away freebies

The quickest way to show off your value? Show them exactly what you can do...for free. Offering a free automatic download through an opt-in form lets your potential clients get a real feel for how you can help them reach their goals.

stay connected with clients

Turn casual followers into loyal clients

Send consistent emails

Don’t let a week go by without reminding your clients that you’ve got their back. Send them valuable content through easy-to-set-up newsletters to nurture those relationships so your brand stays top of mind.

Create personalized content

Survey your clients and organize them with tags and segments to send them targeted content that is most relevant to their needs. Grouping your clients like this helps you understand where they are at in their journey so you can serve them better.

Earn with pro products and subscriptions

Earn a living

Sell directly to your clients

With ConvertKit Commerce you can seamlessly pitch and sell your digital products and services to clients who are excited to buy from you. Group and private coaching sessions, online courses, ebooks, and more—it’s time to get paid for your hard work.

Promote like a pro

Create automated sale funnels based on your clients’ interest in your services and digital products to create more passive streams of income without constantly having to rely on live selling and pitching.

Resources for coaches

Get a dose of real-life experience, brush up on your marketing how-tos, or get lost in some uplifting inspiration stories.

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