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ActiveCampaign vs ConvertKit

For creators, less is more—more high-quality features you actually need and less strain on your budget.

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Why creators thrive at ConvertKit

Spend less time sorting through features built for someone else, and spend more time nurturing your list and growing your revenue—at almost half the price.

1Use the power of creators to grow sustainably

ConvertKit gives you access to the largest network of creators who can help you grow your list. With Recommendations, you have the power to collaborate with influential voices in their niche for faster, sustainable growth.

2Better connections with personalized automations

You aren’t just marketing to other businesses, you are also connecting with people. Build personalized automations for the subscribers you’re building a relationship with to increase conversions and drive sales.

3Earn your way

Diversify your income with advertising, sponsorships, selling digital products, promoting other creators, or launching a paid newsletter. However you want to earn, we’ve got your set up waiting.

4Your emails get delivered

You can trust our in-house deliverability team to get your emails through to your readers. With a 99.8% delivery rate, we aren’t shy to admit we rank at the very top among email service providers.

Michelle Dunster

I'm really happy with ConvertKit! The migration was smooth and quick and it's saved me a lot of time. It's also very user friendly, which is great. The cost is also less than the heavy, outdated email service I used previously.

Michelle Dunster

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The ConvertKit features you need to step up your game

We’re a creator marketing platform built for creators by creators. With our background and experience, we’ve designed ConvertKit to give you everything you need and nothing you don’t. From delivering opt-in incentives to advanced automation triggers, you’ll be backed by our simple and powerful tool to grow your business.

Custom domain
Landing pages
Newsletter feed page
Recommendation network
Paid recommendations
Ads & Sponsor Network
Digital products
Paid newsletters
Digital downloads
Event sales
Payment options
Tip Jar
Subscriptions (Weekly, Monthly, Annual)
One-time payment
Pay what you want
Payment plans
Integrated payment dashboard
Automated email series
Split Automations
API Access
Content snippets
Dedicated deliverability team
Email layout templates
Email rich media
Countdown timer
Social icons
Unsplash & Instagram embeds
Bandsintown integration
YouTube, Wistia, Vimeo video embeds
Image gallery
Countdown timer
Social icons
Video embeds
Conditional content
Link triggers
Subscriber preferences
Subscriber scoring
Sticky bar
Sticky bar
24/7 customer support

See why creators make the switch to ConvertKit

[I switched for] the Creator Network. The vast majority of the creators I want to collab with are using ConvertKit. It’s really the ecosystem I’m investing in.

Daniel Hunter
Daniel HunterThe Rich Life

ConvertKit welcomed me back with open arms after I briefly left to try a different provider. I missed how easy ConvertKit is to use and their Customer Support has really improved over the years too!

Lane Rebelo

ConvertKit is an incredibly powerful tool, and it's quickly become a tool that I can't live without.

Brian Feroldi
Brian FeroldiLong-Term Mindset

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