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Active Campaign vs ConvertKit

Every second you spend trying to navigate a painful user experience and slow-loading app is a second you’re not spending building your business.

Active Campaign vs ConvertKit

Any creator knows that migrating your email list is like messing with your life blood. The migration went extremely smoothly and my business is now booming on ConvertKit.

Khe Hy

DIY your email marketing

Don’t waste your limited budget as a pro-blogger on expensive consultants just to implement your email marketing system. ConvertKit makes it easy for you to run and grow your email marketing on your own, no matter your skill level. It’s the power of Active Campaign with faster load times and a more enjoyable user experience.

  • ConvertKit’s interface is easy for a beginner to understand, but powerful enough for an advanced marketer to want to use.
  • No need to hire a dedicated tech employee or consultant to run your email marketing.
  • Our Support and Success teams are the best at helping creators earn a living online and are always available to help if a question pops up.

Beautiful forms and landing pages

No need for third-party form or landing page integrations (but we have them if you want them). Streamline your budget with ConvertKit’s built-in lead capture tools.

  • Automatic email incentives let you deliver content upgrades without creating new automations.
  • Don’t waste time building clunky forms. Our simple customization and opt-in form setup gives you beautiful design and great conversion rates for new email subscribers.
  • Easily understand how well your forms and landing pages are converting with a quick look at your homepage dashboard report.

Easy-to-use editor for emails that deliver

ConvertKit makes it easy to write and edit plain-text emails that give you better open rates and higher conversions. Simply put, humans like emails that look like they come from humans.

  • Our built-in email sequence builder means you don’t have to manually create an automation for each new email in your sequence.
  • The drag-and-drop sequence editor interface lets you add, rearrange, and delete emails in your sequence in one glance.
  • The Resend to Unopens button lets you easily resend broadcasts to subscribers who missed it the first time around.

Active Campaign vs ConvertKit features comparison

We’re an email marketing company built by creators for creators. With our particular background and expertise, we’ve designed ConvertKit to give you everything you need and nothing you don’t. From delivering opt-in incentives to advanced automation triggers, you’ll be backed by our simple and powerful tool to grow your business.

Active Campaign


Sequences / Campaigns / Autoresponders

Automatic opt-in delivery

Mobile-responsive emails

Drag and drop email templates

(wait, why not?)

RSS to email automation

Broadcast resend button


Customized form builder

Multiple forms

Form-specific opt-in incentives

Mobile-responsive forms

Custom fields

Built-in landing page builder with templates


Tagging subscribers

Subscriber export/import

Automatically process duplicate subscribers

Bulk actions on Broadcast opens


Advanced automations

Link triggers

Single-window editing of automated emails


Subscriber growth analytics

Broadcast analytics

Sequence analytics

A/B testing


E-Commerce integrations

Lead capture integrations

Membership site & course platform integrations

Webinar integrations

Survey integrations

Scheduling integrations

Zapier integrations


Concierge migration

Do you have over 5,000 subscribers? If so, you can take advantage of our concierge migration service. We’ll handle the move of all your forms, marketing automations, and subscribers for free.

And if you‘re under 5,000 subscribers, no worries. We can help with that too! Sign up here for a quick migration of your lists, groups, and tags.

I signed up for ConvertKit in the morning and by the end of the day the team had all my opt-in forms, courses, and lists migrated over. I just sat back and watched them work.

 Barron Cuadro
Barron Cuadro Effortless Gent

Ready to switch?

ConvertKit is built by creators, for creators. With your unique needs in mind, we’ve created a tool that gives you the power to grow and earn more from your email list while keeping the human element in something as personal as email.

Interested? Here’s a three minute demo to see how our app works.