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There are a lot of things that make up a professional creator.

They have a wide range of content types and offers. They know that consistent, dedicated, and strategic audience building is the way to go. They’re no stranger to experiments, and they’re often ready to launch things into the world before they’re fully complete.

Full-time creators also consider email marketing an essential channel to grow their audience, create impact, and drive revenue, and they always look for ways to use automation to scale the hours they invest into their business.

Creators who earn a living online need a toolkit that amplifies the value they create for their audience without adding more work to their plate.

And that’s why ConvertKit’s Creator Pro plan exists, to make life easier for professional creators.

We spoke with pro creators to learn how ConvertKit’s Creator Pro plan supports their biz, understand the features they love the most, and uncover how Creator Pro has changed their lives for the better.

1. Built-in email list growth engine through referrals

If you feel like you have to do a lot, all the time, in order to grow your email list, you probably haven’t tapped into the power of referrals yet.

A newsletter referral program simply means you’re rewarding your current subscribers for inviting their friends and followers to subscribe to your email list. Rewards can include anything from a valuable PDF, a unique discount code for one of your products, or even access to your paid product—all depending on the number of subscribers someone sends your way.

It’s an organic growth strategy and one that always runs in the background of your creative work. As you create new valuable emails, your subscribers reward you and help you grow by telling their friends about it.

Many creators use SparkLoop to run their newsletter referral program, and it’s no surprise: SparkLoop makes it easy to launch the program, automate rewards, build branded referral hubs, and track where new subscribers are coming from.

Katelyn Bourgoin’s referral program at the top of her Why We Buy newsletter

SparkLoop’s powerful plan is $299 per month, but it’s included in ConvertKit’s Creator Pro plan, which starts at $59 per month for 1,000 subscribers. Even if you had over 20,000 subscribers, you’d still be paying less for the entire Creator Pro plan ($279/month) on ConvertKit, with SparkLoop included, than the SparkLoop plan alone.

That’s a steal.

Jack Butcher, the creator behind Visualize Value, says he’s already been focusing on rewarding readers and customers for referrals, but manually. “Instead of sending emails back and forth internally and scheduling fulfillment of product, checking addresses, and more, SparkLoop takes care of it all.”

The visual gamification of the referral process instantly makes it clear to subscribers what’s in it for them, too.

– Jack Butcher, Visualize Value

Newsletter referral programs are so powerful that for Katelyn Bourgoin, the founder of Customer Camp and the creator behind Why We Buy newsletter, it’s bringing around 80% of all new signups. Before using ConvertKit, she was already paying for SparkLoop, so choosing ConvertKit Pro was a no-brainer and a huge money saver.

Justin Moore, the sponsorship coach behind Creator Wizard, praises the ease of using SparkLoop in his Creator Pro account. His referral program includes a reward he calls Secret Brand Deal Research, a weekly addition to his newsletter with detailed research on brands actively working with creators.

Justin Moore’s hidden incentive for referring at least one creator to his Creator Wizard newsletter

And Jay Clouse, the host of the Creative Elements podcast, counts over 14,000 subscribers and credits SparkLoop not only for supporting this growth but also for giving him a chance to beta-test several new features that have been impactful.

2. The ability to change a URL after sending an email

If you’ve ever sent an email to your subscribers and accidentally linked to a broken URL—or just a wrong URL in general—you already know the feeling of dread that comes with it.

With Creator Pro, this is no longer an issue. You can jump into the report for your sent email, click Edit, and replace the incorrect URL with the right one. Easy as that.

Change an incorrect URL after sending your email

“The ability to swap out broken links has saved me from embarrassment on more than one occasion,” says Bryan Collins, the creator of Become a Writer Today. Katelyn Bourgoin agrees, adding that this one feature alone is worth the investment in Creator Pro.

If you use your newsletter to sell, a broken link in a promotional email can cost you thousands in lost sales.

– Katelyn Bourgoin, Why We Buy newsletter

There are other ways to use this feature. Take it from Justin Moore of Creator Wizard, whose newsletter is packed with links to sponsorship opportunities and application forms. The nature of those links is that they eventually expire or lead to a 404 page once the brand has selected the creators or closed the opportunity.

This means Justin’s subscribers end up emailing him to tell him an opportunity from the newsletter is gone.

Justin’s approach now includes replacing any expired links with the Opportunity expired! page he created on his website. This creates a smoother experience for his newsletter readers and invites them to watch a video about Justin’s own experience of losing a sponsorship deal.

The Opportunity expired! page Justin links to in his emails when a sponsorship opportunity is no longer active

This is an easy way to leverage a simple resource Justin owns over and over again.

3. In-depth insights about each subscriber

Creator Pro comes with subscriber scoring. This feature gives you a detailed overview of your subscribers and their engagement with your emails, along with the chance to send each group tailored emails and sequences.

Jay Clouse says subscriber scoring is how he keeps an eye on the overall health of his email list. “It's like a perfect visual scoreboard for whether my emails are getting better or worse—I want to keep my curve looking as flat as possible with a vertical spike at 5-stars,” he adds.

From time to time, I'll even use scoring to communicate differently with certain subscribers. For example, I might send a campaign ONLY to 5-star subscribers offering them a product discount to thank them for being a great reader. – Jay Clouse, Creator Science

Bryan Collins does something similar by creating specific email sequences for more engaged followers, increasing his revenue, and creating more value for his subscribers without burning out those not interested in a specific offer. “During a launch, I’ll follow up with more engaged subscribers to check if they have additional questions about the product,” Bryan explains.

See how subscribers engage with your emails, and send tailored emails based on what you learn

This feature of Creator Pro is about getting more context on the people that your content resonates with the most. Jack says this helps him learn how to “serve our readers better, from subject matter, format, length, and frequency; we get a massive amount of insight from the Creator Pro dashboard.”

It helps you optimize for the super fan, and by doing so—find more of them.

– Jack Butcher, Visualize Value

You can also leverage subscriber scoring like Katelyn Bourgoin, who uses it to maximize newsletter sponsorship opportunities. She says that by seeing which subscribers aren’t engaging with her newsletters, she can prune inactive subscribers and keep her open rates high.

Sponsors care about open rates. High open rates signal that readers love Why We Buy, which differentiates us from other newsletters and earns more awesome sponsors.

– Katelyn Bourgoin, Why We Buy newsletter

4. Collaborating with a team member

As your newsletter and creative business grow, you might need some extra hands on deck and either outsource certain tasks or bring full-time team members on board.

When you reach this level, sharing logins to powerful tools can become an issue. When your team member logs in with your credentials, you get logged out, which makes it difficult to collaborate on a campaign in real-time. Of course, sharing logins and passwords also isn’t recommended for security reasons (for any tool in general, not just ConvertKit).

Creator Pro lets you invite your team members—as many as you need—to your ConvertKit account. Whether they’re helping out with your broadcasts, automations, landing pages, products, or a combination of these, individual team member logins make collaboration smooth and seamless.

I run my email list with the help of a team member. Creator Pro enables me to share access securely with them.

– Bryan Collins, Become a Writer Today

5. A single tool that drives your growth

Your growth as a creator means you might find yourself using multiple tools that support your email marketing efforts. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing—but it can become overwhelming and expensive.

Creators just like you who already went through that have solved that challenge with ConvertKit’s Creator Pro plan. Jack Butcher tells us he and his team moved away from tools Substack and Klaviyo for their email activity. They find ConvertKit to be extremely simple to use and incredibly powerful for personalizing subscriber experiences.

The built-in payment processing, landing page tools, and sequence builders have driven hundreds of thousands of revenue for our business—and we’re admittedly just scratching the surface of what’s possible.

– Jack, Visualize Value

For Bryan Collins, the biggest turning point in going with Creator Pro was realizing that it would allow him to increase revenue and provide even more value to different segments of his email list. Additional subscriber insights, deliverability reports during launches, and figuring out which types of content grow his list faster have made a tremendous difference.

The opt-in form at top of Become a Writer Today homepage. Image via Become a Writer Today.

“I basically live in my ConvertKit dashboard,” says Justin Moore. The reason? He doesn’t want to rely on social media algorithms to show his content to his audience. His approach is that he wants to own the relationship he has with his audience, so he makes all of his social media call-to-actions focused on joining his newsletter.

The landing page Justin Moore sends all of his social media followers to. Image via Creator Wizard.

Your email list is literal liquid gold, and tools like ConvertKit’s Creator Pro should be your home base. Invest in tools that will empower you to create a seamless experience for the people that are on your email list.

– Justin Moore, Creator Wizard

Invest in your growth as a creator

With Creator Pro, you can take your email marketing efforts seriously and have an advantage through powerful features like a referral program, subscriber scoring, advanced reports, and the ability to tweak URLs after sending an email.

It’s an investment in the purest sense—by paying a little more each month or each year, you can easily earn even more by better serving your readers.

– Jay Clouse, Creator Science

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