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Welcome to ConvertKit's deliverability hub! We measure our success by the success of creators using ConvertKit. And in order to be successful, it's important that your emails are landing in the inbox of your subscribers.

Last month, ConvertKit sent over a billion messages with a delivery rate of 99.73%. To learn more about ConvertKit's stellar deliverability performance, check out October's deliverability report.

Check out the resources below to learn more about deliverability and how to land in the inbox of your subscribers.

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Learn more about deliverability

Sender Reputation: Your Role in Improving Your Deliverability →

9 Steps to Improve Email Deliverability →

The SPAM Formula – How to Beat the Filters at Their Own Game →

Get help with deliverability

Getting Started with Deliverability Success →

Follow this checklist to reach your subscribers' inboxes right off the bat!

Why are my Incentive Emails going to spam? →

Here are the most common reasons behind your Incentive Email landing in the spam folder.

How to ask Subscribers to Allow your Emails →

Help Subscribers ensure that your messages go straight to their inbox by allowlisting your sending address.

Why are my emails being automatically opened or clicked? →

Some Subscribers have strict security settings that can skew your metrics. Here's what you can do.

What does the “Precedence: Bulk” header mean? →

The “Precedence: Bulk” header prevents you from receiving auto-responder messages, and helps your messages perform better at Gmail.

Stop Fake Emails From Getting On Your List →

Here's how to prevent erroneous email sign-ups to your email list.

Why have my open rates changed since moving to ConvertKit? →

Here are some tips for a positive start with your email sending.

Why are my emails going to spam? →

Here's a checklist with the common reasons emails go to spam and how to fix it!

Gmail Promotions Tab →

Understanding Gmail's Promotions tab and why it can be a good thing.

What You Should Know About Switching To A Dedicated IP →

How to determine if a dedicated IP is the right fit for you and how to request one.

Listbombs →

What is a listbomb and why is it a problem for you?

How to add ConvertKit IPs to your Allowlist or Safelist →

Instructions for allowlisting ConvertKit's IPs

The All Important Double Opt-In →

Why choosing to use a double opt-in with your Subscribers can lead to higher list engagement, and better inbox placement.

Gmail DMARC →

Learn about the new DMARC rules Gmail put into place in 2016, and how they affect you now.

Cleaning and Managing Your List →

How to get an engaged list and higher open rates!

Using a Verified Domain for Email Sending →

Advanced custom options for your deliverability.

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