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How to use evergreen webinars to increase your revenue

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Have you bought into the vision of sipping cocktails on the beach while your online business runs on its own?

This hands-off approach to business has become the “ultimate dream” among online entrepreneurs, but the path to achieve it has become fuzzy.

Maybe spending every day relaxing on the beach would make you stir crazy like me. While your dream may look different, an automated business model could allow you to spend more time with your family or travel across the world.

To ground your vision in reality, it’s good to focus on what it takes to get there. As more entrepreneurs are driven by passive income, evergreen webinars have become an attractive piece of the online business puzzle.

What could evergreen webinars do for your business? You may not be enjoying your pina colada on the shoreline quite yet, but evergreen content can set your business up for long-term success as soon as today.


Why is evergreen content important in online business?

What does the word “evergreen” mean as it relates to content marketing? Evergreen content stays relevant over time, meaning it doesn’t address trends or fads that could make it irrelevant in a few months or years.

There’s a time and place for short-term, trend based content, but evergreen content gives you the opportunity to repurpose and use it over and over again. In automation, evergreen content is king.

Evergreen content often focuses on the principles or foundational practices of your niche. If photographers want to educate their online audience long-term, they’d be better off focusing on posing models or styling props than teaching how to use social media to increase your photography following.

With social media algorithm changes happening beyond their control, it’s hard to use the same content from year to year. Tips on posing models and styling props, however, is timely no matter when the content is consumed.

When we think about evergreen content, our brain usually goes straight to blog content, videos, or podcast episodes, but what about evergreen webinars?

Evergreen webinars vs live webinars: Which type is right for you?

The main difference between evergreen and live webinars is that evergreen webinars are automated and recorded once while live webinars are held one-time only.

Interestingly enough, the content inside an evergreen and live webinar could be similar. It’s the overall presentation and format that sets it apart.

Not sure which webinar type is the right fit for you? Here are a few rules of thumb as you make your decision:

  • If you want to sell an evergreen product, choose evergreen webinars.
  • If you want to sell a time-based product, choose live webinars.
  • If you don’t need to continually update your content, choose evergreen webinars.
  • If there are limited time offers or bonuses, choose live webinars.
  • If you’d rather sell your product on autopilot, choose evergreen webinars.
  • If live interaction with your participants is important, choose live webinars.

After reading the list above, if you think evergreen webinars might sound like a good fit for your online business, we’ve got some extra benefits to seal the deal.

Evergreen webinars help you make money while you sleep

If you’re searching for a way to automate your marketing and create a passive income stream, evergreen webinars can be a great option. While you can repurpose content in a live webinar, you take away some of the passive aspect when you continually have to show up to cover the same content for each webinar time slot.

You have the same amount of upfront work with outlining, creating, and promoting your evergreen webinar, but you can automate your presentation after the initial time investment.

For freelancers who want more time to work with higher budget clients or bloggers who want to focus more energy on brand sponsorships, teaching, and selling passive income products, evergreen webinars could be a smart move.

You may not reach that “four hour work week” dream quite yet, but if that’s your dream, evergreen webinars will get you there faster than live webinars.

evergreen-webinar-benefits-nurtureEvergreen webinars continually nurture new subscribers

Much like an automated email sequence, evergreen webinars are available for new audience members to take advantage of at any time. It doesn’t matter if they just learned about you through a Pinterest post yesterday or an Instagram Live two months ago. Everyone has a chance to learn foundational content from you.

Pro tip: It’s extremely important to focus on providing your highest quality content within your evergreen webinar. Because you take out the real-time interaction feature of live webinars, you must make up for it by providing enough unique content before you introduce your pitch.
You want attendees to walk away with a better understanding of what you provide while feeling like they opened a huge door of opportunity.

evergreen-webinar-benefits-social-sharingEvergreen webinars activate social sharing

Speaking of attendees, let’s talk about creating evergreen content that’s shareworthy. When someone signs up for your webinar and comes away with strategies to implement into their own life or business, they’re more likely to share their experience on social media than just any subscriber.

One great way to encourage this is by creating an automated (but still personal) thank you email after the evergreen webinar suggesting ways to share about their experience. You could add a simple click to tweet link, a graphic for them to download and share on Instagram or Pinterest, or a branded hashtag to share their thoughts on a platform of their choice.

It’s easier to convince happy attendees to share about your webinar than those who haven’t experienced it yet, just like it’s usually easier to nurture current clients than constantly grind to acquire new ones.

evergreen-webinar-benefits-SEO-friendlyEvergreen webinars are more SEO friendly

There’s a higher level marketing strategy that kicks in with evergreen webinars since you’ll automate the content over time. When thinking about the kind of content you want to create within your evergreen webinar, it’s smart to consider SEO (search engine optimization).

Look up what relevant keywords your ideal clients are searching for by using Google Keyword Planner or Answer the Public. Then you can brainstorm how to include them in your marketing messaging.

Once you have a promotion strategy for your evergreen webinar, start spreading the word on social media and through your email list. Pinterest and YouTube act as search engines so these are great platforms to optimize your evergreen webinar marketing with keywords.

Three types of evergreen webinars for creators and entrepreneurs

Okay, okay. Evergreen webinars sound like a no-brainer for passive income-focused creators so far, but how do you get started? Let’s begin by covering the different types of automated webinars you can implement into your marketing strategy.


To sell an evergreen product, you must build trust with your audience. In order to build trust, you have to freely give away your knowledge to validate your expertise. Educational evergreen webinars help you do just that.

The great thing about an educational automated webinar is that it can take any format. You can screen-share a PowerPoint presentation or talk face-to-face with the camera. You can collaborate with another influencer or teach solo. The sky’s the limit.

When you start creating your educational content, make sure the topic relates to your niche. If a web developer recently got into journaling, he or she would be better off sticking with a topic like understanding CSS for beginners than covering journaling since it’s not relevant to what he or she sells. The more the topic relates to your offerings, the better.


Weaving step-by-step tutorials into your evergreen webinar is a smart move, especially if you’re teaching a subject that utilizes different tools. We often see tutorial-based evergreen webinars used by SaaS companies, but the format can also be used by solo entrepreneurs and freelancers.

Do you have a specific process you follow when working with freelance clients? Do you set goals, create strategies, or brainstorm ideas in a unique way? Do you utilize a specific tool that enhances an area of your life or business? All of these scenarios have potential to be turned into a tutorial based evergreen webinar.

Case studies

Raise your hand if you love a good case study. My hand is raised with you! Case studies give webinar attendees a behind-the-scenes look into how a specific strategy was implemented into a real brand. Not only that but it also shows the final results while walking everyone through how they got there.

You may have more case studies than you think. If you’re a freelancer, think about the past success of your client work. If you’re a course creator, think about the success stories of your students who implemented your advice.

Pro tip: Before you create a case study focused evergreen webinar, make sure the information is relevant to the business world today and you’ve received written permission from the business owner to use their story. If they give you permission, you can also use it as a way to market their business and ask for a glowing testimonial of what it was like to work with you or learn from you.

Do’s and don’ts of evergreen webinars

As you start to brainstorm ideas for your evergreen webinar, we have a few tips and tricks to keep in mind. Save yourself the hassle and plan your evergreen webinar right the first time around with this advice.

Dos and Don'ts of evergreen webinar

Do’s of evergreen webinars

Do use timed call-to-actions to increase conversions. By using time scarcity tactics on your landing page, you create a sense of urgency even without the webinar being live. Keep in mind that as you use limited time offers, the bonuses must stay the same each time you present the webinar information to keep it automated.

Do keep the webinar replay available for a limited time. Since the goal of an evergreen webinar is to hit participants at a time that works best for them, it’s good to include a free replay (48 hours is the standard time). It’s recorded anyway so it increases your chance of converting those who can’t make it on the designated time.

Do have a customer service plan in place. When you create evergreen webinars, you’ll see your email list start to climb. This is awesome, but it also comes with more participants having questions and comments. Try to prepare by deciding if you’re going to outsource customer service or do it yourself until a certain point.

Don’ts of evergreen webinars

Don’t mention time specific information. If you include current events or specific dates, the webinar won’t be evergreen anymore. Keep this in mind as you present your webinar the first time.

Don’t pretend the webinar is live. This has become a huge turn-off for participants who come to the webinar thinking it’s live when it’s clearly not. Most people don’t care if it’s live or evergreen as long as they take away great info, but they want to know upfront what style it is. Transparency is key!

Don’t reuse a recording of a live event. While you may be tempted to save yourself an extra step, it’s better to create a new webinar from scratch. This way you can focus from day one on it being an evergreen webinar.

What existing content can you turn into an evergreen webinar?

Maybe you’re creating an evergreen online course that would be the perfect complement to an automated webinar. Maybe you could repurpose educational information in your best-performing blog post and present it in a new way through an evergreen webinar.

Whatever your strategy might be, decide on one today. Go back through your content and find an evergreen topic and start brainstorming on how to create an evergreen webinar with it.

Want to test your evergreen webinar idea before you build a system around it? Build a ConvertKit landing page to test your idea. With a landing page you can share your evergreen webinar with your audience to get a quick idea of whether or not it's helping them solve a problem or teach them what they're interested in.

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