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Powerful features for the advanced creator

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You’re a difference-maker. A change agent. A force for good. You earn a living online already or have big plans to. You’re a Pro.

And Pros need tools that match their ambition. That’s why we’ve added the Creator Pro plan. We took our most advanced features like subscriber scoring, a state-of-the-art subscriber referral system, powerful deliverability reporting, and we created a flexible pricing plan that only grows when you do.

Subscriber scoring

Every subscriber is different – why not treat them that way?

The more you know about the people on your email list the more you can create a meaningful connection with them. With our easy to use subscriber scoring system you can give your top subscribers and customers the attention they deserve and re-engage those that might be slipping away.

Deliverability reporting

Fine-tune your insights

Have you ever had a subscriber complain about missing an email, but after digging around for an hour you still had no idea what the main issue was?

With the Deliverability Reporting dashboard, you can see exactly how your opens and clicks trend over time. So the next time you hear that complaint, you can find insights into particular platforms (Gmail, Yahoo, etc) or look at specific segments of users to weed out the problem.

Newsletter referral program

Let your subscribers grow your audience for you

Growing your email list can feel like an uphill battle. Creator Pro includes a free Sparkloop account, so you can reward your subscribers for referring their friends to your email list, and your audience can grow on autopilot with every email you send.

FacebookFacebook Custom Audiences

Put your money where your audience is

Tired of manually creating Facebook ad segments to target specific audiences? Our direct integration with Facebook Custom Audiences lets you sync your ConvertKit segments directly to Facebook. No more searching through lists, no more building from scratch. You can quickly create niche campaigns that turn your ad spend into conversions. Take that, algorithms!

Change a URL after an email is sent

Ever send an email with the wrong link?

It’s a creator’s nightmare. What if instead of sending out a correction, you could simply change the link in the email even after it’s already been sent? With Creator Pro, that’s now possible. Send your next newsletter, drop your latest album, or launch a product with more confidence than ever before.

Plus a few extras to help your business run smoothly

Invite your team

How many times a day do you have to log back into your account because one of your team members had the last access? With Creator Pro's invite your team feature, there’s no more complicated logging in and out for your team members. Invite as many members as you like and easily switch accounts through a drop-down menu in your settings.

Priority support

As a creator, it can be critical to get help right away without breaking your workflow. With Priority Support, we will respond within 15 minutes for any support requests submitted between 8am and 8pm EST, Monday through Friday. It’s like a theme park fast pass to skip all the lines.

Are you ready for powerful features that match your creative ambitions?

Creator Pro plans start at $59/month with flexible pricing that only grows when you do. Start using the Creator Pro features today to keep pushing your creative boundaries and growing your business.

  • Subscriber engagement scoring
  • Deliverability reporting
  • Newsletter referral program
  • Facebook custom audiences
  • Change a URL after an email is sent
  • Invite your team
  • Priority support

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