Spend less time on email marketing and more on creating

We know you don’t want to spend all your time worrying about email subscribers and inboxes. You’re a creator, and you want to create.

That's why we built features that make email marketing simple, easy, and the best way to connect with your audience. Grow your email list, build your business, and get back to creating.

ConvertKit Email Marketing Software
Create and design a landing page

Grow your audience with sign up forms and landing pages

Your email list is your biggest asset. ConvertKit helps you use that list to grow your business through attractive forms, trackable data, and simple but powerful automations.

A better way to write emails that convert

The writing and editing experience of email marketing can be a sticky point for many creators. Whether you’re creating a one-off broadcast or an automated sequence, ConvertKit helps make that writing process smooth, clean, and quick.

ConvertKit broadcast editing
ConvertKit email funnel automation

Send the right message to the right person at the right time

Marketing automation can be hard to wrap your brain around, but with ConvertKit, it’s easy. We’ve created simple but powerful automations that do the tedious work for you to send well-timed and targeted content to your subscribers.

Organize and understand your subscribers

By grouping your subscribers with tags and segments you can send them highly targeted content based on their interests. And you can keep track of how those subscribers interact with your content by taking a quick look at your homepage dashboard. This will help you understand how to continue creating content they keep coming back for.


Understand how your subscribers interact with your email marketing efforts by tracking conversion rates on your homepage dashboard.


ConvertKit is subscriber-centric. That means you can easily organize your subscribers from one list with tags and segments.

Net-new subscriber reporting
ConvertKit integration partners

Build a system to fuel your business with easy integrations

Connect ConvertKit to your favorite 3rd party tools to keep building on the success of your growing audience and business.

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More ways ConvertKit helps you build your online business

Reliable support

If you ever need any help or have questions about ConvertKit, we have an incredible Customer Success team ready to listen and help you grow your business. Not only do they answer your questions, they also host live trainings, weekly workshops, and open office hours.

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We'll help you switch tools

It’s easy to switch to ConvertKit. We’ve removed all the roadblocks to make the switch so you won’t worry about the hassle. And if you’re coming to us with more than 5,000 subscribers, our concierge migration team will handle moving everything from your lists to your very last form.

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ConvertKit Community

Our customers join the ConvertKit Community to connect with other users, celebrate wins, get answers for questions, and learn more about email marketing and content creation in a safe space.

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By focusing solely on being an email marketing platform, ConvertKit’s main goal is to build trustworthy deliverability to make sure you land in your reader’s inbox. That reliable deliverability means you gain trust with your readers and can be seen as an authority in your industry.

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Text-based emails

ConvertKit’s plain text emails not only give your marketing efforts a personal feel, they also help you avoid spam filters. That means you’ll start seeing higher open rates that turn into more conversions to help you grow you business.

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Launching your next project has never been easier

With a ConvertKit Free plan you get unlimited landing pages and email broadcast sending to start building your email list. And when you’re ready for more communication power, Complete Plans start from $29 per month and include all the features listed on this page.

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