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Something magical is happening on the web: more and more creators who were stuck on the sidelines are now launching their ventures as the tools get better and easier to use.

What used to require buying a domain, setting up hosting, installing WordPress, choosing a theme, and adding opt-in forms—all just to validate a creative idea—is now available in one tool with ConvertKit.

Best of all, it’s now free!

As of today you can build landing pages and forms in ConvertKit for free, making it the easiest way to launch your next creative project. Let me show you a few examples.

Validate your idea in minutes

Have you ever wondered if there would be demand for a new idea you have? Instead of spending months pursuing it before you get feedback, setup a quick landing page and get in front of potential customers immediately!

Example of an idea validating landing page
Example of an idea validating landing page

Host a meetup

Want to meet fellow creators in your city? A landing page is perfect for that. When I was in Washington DC for a financial bloggers meetup I spent a few minutes creating this landing page where creators could register and get event details.

Example of an event landing page
Example of an event landing page

Build a pre-launch list

Have an idea for a new story? Don’t launch to a void. Instead build a pre-launch list for your book (or a podcast, course, or anything else you have coming up) so you can launch to an eager group of fans.

Example of a pre-launch landing page
Example of a pre-launch landing page

Teach a workshop

Have something to teach? Host an online workshop to start growing your list. Choose from a collection of registration page templates to use as a starting point.

Example of a landing page for a workshop registration
Example of a landing page for a workshop registration

Build a personal site

You can quickly build a personal site and launch a newsletter to get a professional looking site up and running in a few minutes. Match the colors to your photo and it looks great!

Example of a landing page for a personal site
Example of a landing page for a personal site

These are just a few ideas. There have been over 100,000 ConvertKit landing pages launched already this year and our creators are just getting started!

What’s included with a free account

All the features of ConvertKit landing pages and forms are available on the new free plan. That includes:

  • 25+ beautifully designed templates for many use cases including products, ebooks, podcasts, videos, and more!
  • Custom domains: bring your own or use one of our domains.
  • Beautiful photos from Unsplash, all yours to use for free!
  • Dynamic forms to gather any information from your subscribers as tags and custom fields.
  • Fully mobile responsive so they look great on all devices.
  • Thank you pages to get your subscribers to take the next step. (Coming soon!)
  • Customizable incentive and confirmation emails to give away a lead magnet.

ConvertKit landing pages revolutionized my business. As a teacher who writes, I don't have time to master complex landing page software, but in a few minutes I was able to create a landing page to collect names of readers who might be interested in my products.

-Dave Stuart Jr

Upgrade to unlock the full power of email and automations

Once you’ve got initial traction and want to start emailing your subscribers, you can upgrade to a paid account to unlock the full power of ConvertKit broadcasts, automations, and integrations.

There are no more excuses: it’s time to start!

Create your free account

Thanks for trying out ConvertKit! It’s the easiest way to launch your next creative project.

Nathan Barry

In previous careers Nathan has been a designer, author, and blogger. After learning the power of email marketing he gave up a successful blogging career to build ConvertKit. Outside of work Nathan spends his time playing soccer, woodworking, and chasing after his two little boys.

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