ConvertKit for Newsletters

Send email newsletters that build a connection with your audience

Creators like designer Dann Petty use ConvertKit to send personalized and customized newsletters to their audience.

"ConvertKit made it incredibly easy to launch my newsletter thanks to their landing pages. In just a matter of minutes, it’s live and you can start growing right away."
- Dann Petty, Designer & Filmmaker

Create newsletters your subscribers can't wait to read

Easy newsletter templates

Customize the look of one of our well-designed templates to create your newsletter. No coding needing! Set it as your default template and you'll be ready to roll with each new email.

Use personalization to customize content

Go further than just adding your subscribers first name. With ConvertKit's subscriber tagging, you can swap out whole chunks of content based on what you know they’ll be most interested in seeing.

Insights into every email

Find out what your audience engages with most with a quick look at stats for open rates and link clicks.

A/B test subject lines

Not sure which email subject line to go with? Test two different lines to 30% of your list and our system will automatically deliver the winning copy to the rest.

Resend to reach more people

No need to duplicate content to resend an important newsletter to people who didn’t open it the first time. Click “resend to unopens” and get your email back at the top of their inbox.

Stay out of the spam folder

ConvertKit's 98% delivery rate and healthy reputation with email providers means your emails are more likely to end up where they belong – in the inbox.

Create a homepage for your newsletter

Beautiful signup page templates

Give your audience a unique place to sign up with our customizable forms and landing page templates. Add your brand colors and images from your Instagram account to make even more personalized. 

Add a newsletter feed to your page

Give subscribers a taste of your content by adding a newsletter feed to any ConvertKit landing page. Simply click "Enable on Public Feeds" on your broadcast and your newsletter will automatically appear on the landing page.

Grow your list with a newsletter referral program

Growing your email list can feel like an uphill battle. On ConvertKit’s Creator Pro plan you’ll get free access to SparkLoop, a referral program tool. Now you can reward your subscribers for referring their friends to your email list and your audience can grow on autopilot with every email you send.

How it works
Connect ConvertKit and SparkLoop
Offer rewards to your audience in exchange for sharing your newsletter
Watch your email list grow virally 

Turn your newsletter into income

Your audience wants to support independent creators like you now more than ever. By adding a paid newsletter to your offerings, you can create a new channel of valuable content your audience is excited to invest in.

You don't often come across a 'dream product' like this – one that's easy to use out of the box, reliable, and (most important) comes with a support team that you can feel actually cares for you and your success.

Pat Flynn
Track your audience growth

ConvertKit’s built-in reporting is included on all plans and shows you how quickly your audience is growing and what forms they’re signing up to.

Start sending a newsletter with a more personal feel

Create a genuine connection with your subscribers by sending your newsletter with ConvertKit.