Writing guest articles for ConvertKit

Thanks for being interested in contributing to Tradecraft, ConvertKit’s blog. ConvertKit is more than just a creator marketing platform—and Tradecraft is more than just a traditional marketing blog.

We're a library of content at the intersection of online commerce and creator culture. The future belongs to creators—we believe sharing what you love is the best way to connect with your followers and grow your business.

Our blog dives deep into every topic creators need to grow their audience and earn a living online. Think: paid newsletters, social media, ecommerce, vlogging, copywriting, courses, landing pages, lifestyle, and more.

The Tradecraft audience

We exist to help creators earn a living online. But what exactly is a creator?

We believe a creator is anyone creating original work. That means a creator can be a:

Podcaster, musician, YouTuber, course creator, author, freelancer, coach, photographer, blogger, chef, athlete, and so much more.

If your article idea is accepted, please think about these creators as you write and source examples.

Types of blog posts we’re looking for

Use cases

These posts cover a ConvertKit-related feature or tool that you’ve used to grow and connect with your audience, and earn a living with your business. (Think how you use ConvertKit Commerce to sell your private podcast experience or your visual automations set up that pitches your audience your high-priced courses.) There should be screenshots of inside your ConvertKit account to show readers exactly how you accomplished your goals as well as a how-to section where readers can get defined steps to apply the same techniques.

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Canonical posts

These posts give readers practical insight and the how-tos to what it takes to create and grow a successful online business. These posts should include examples from you or other creators, original quotes, graphics, and data. There should be solid takeaways that a reader can execute on as soon as they finish reading your post.

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Tradecraft article guidelines

Successful contributions to Tradecraft include:

  • Pitches from individual creators: We prefer content to come directly from creators working to take their business to the next level. Your writing should offer unique, tactical insights based on your experience as a creator.
  • Relevant examples and imagery: We want our content to connect with creators, so when you’re adding imagery to your article, make sure that:
    • Graphs/charts contain up-to-date data
    • You use current screenshots of the ConvertKit app in your how-tos
    • You find examples of creators when sourcing quotes, landing page examples, etc
      • Please do not use stock photography or gifs. If you need help creating a graphic, our designer will help you.
  • Length requirement: 1,500-2,500 words
  • Cited data: Please use proper attribution of data, quotes, and other third-party content when referenced in your article.
  • Quality links: Please include:
    • Up to 3 links to your website
    • 3-5 links to other Tradecraft articles
    • 3-5 links to other authority sites
  • No duplicate content: All articles must be original. They cannot exist on other sites or be re-published on another site after publication on Tradecraft.
  • There are some things we will not accept. We will not feature:
    • Anything that's been covered on our blog before. Please do a search of our site before submitting your topic idea.
    • Anything that may be construed as a link-building scheme.
    • Articles only created as a sales pitch for a product/service. Our articles are first and foremost educational content for creators.
    • Anything that's offensive, inaccurate, or contains disrespectful tones, content, or ideas.
    • Anything that's critical of individuals or companies.

What does the article creation process look like?

Once you’ve submitted your article idea form, we’ll review your request and let you know if your topic has been approved. (This could take a few weeks. We’re a small team so we’ll only be able to respond to pitches we accept.)

If it’s approved, we’ll send you our full Tradecraft writing guide for style and formatting purposes and ask you to send us an outline in a Google Doc.

We'll review your outline, provide feedback as appropriate, and give you the go-ahead to start your draft.

Write your draft in a Google Doc, and submit it to us. When you submit your draft, our blog editor will review it and leave edit suggestions and feedback.

After you apply the edits, send it back to us. Our editor will clean up the post and schedule it in our editorial calendar for publishing.

Why your article idea might not make it:

  • The final draft after revisions still doesn’t meet the required style or standards of Tradecraft.
  • The idea doesn’t fit into the context of our creators.
  • The article is syndicated, plagiarized, or contains hateful or disrespectful tones, copy, or ideas.

How to submit your article idea

Fill out this form with your article idea:

  • Leave a link to your portfolio, or to at least 3 examples of your writing work
  • (It’s not necessary, we're just curious!)
  • Max. file size: 256 MB.
  • Two to three paragraphs including what type of article this will be (case study/canonical), targeted keywords, and a brief description of what your article will cover and why Tradecraft readers will be interested in it and benefit from it.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

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