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Advanced automations guide: How to build intuitive & powerful funnels to scale your business

Advanced automations give you more ways to grow your audience, make money, and save time.

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    You’ve certainly sent a few emails in your day, and maybe you even have a few simple automations, like a welcome email for new subscribers.

    But to achieve new goals, you need to try new tactics.

    Advanced automations give you more ways to grow your audience, make money, and save time. Don’t be scared by the word “advanced,” though. ConvertKit’s visual automations are easy to use, and our email marketing funnel guide walks you through it step by step.

    What are visual automations?

    Email automations are a way to set up an email sequence once and send it at the right time to the right people automatically. Email marketing tools are vital to the pro creator tech stack, and easy-to-use automations can make or break your email experience.

    ConvertKit has visual automations, also referred to as funnels.

    The funnel builder is easy to use and customize, and once your automation is live, every subscriber gets a consistently great experience in their inbox. The building blocks of visual automation are:

    1. Actions are the events or conditions that start the automation
    2. Events are what the automation does, like send an email or tag a subscriber
    3. Conditions and split paths let you create branches in your funnel

    You can create email marketing funnels from scratch or start with one of our visual automation templates to fit any situation.

    For example, you can tag subscribers who express interest in your next album and set up a launch email to send on the big day. Or, you can promote your high-ticket offer to people who purchase your entry-level resource. Combining email automations with landing pages, forms, and ecommerce platforms opens up even more opportunities.

    How advanced automations can transform your creator business

    Since email automations are so versatile and customizable, they can serve any goal. Here are some of the ways ConvertKit creators use advanced automations:

    Grow your audience

    • Nick True has grown his email list to 10,000 subscribers with separate lead magnets for different topics and tags new subscribers before putting them in an automated welcome series.
    • Femke van Schoonhoven has grown her email list to 25,000 subscribers in five years through lead magnets, segmentation, and email automations.

    Scale your income

    • Cara Chase uses a free masterclass as a lead magnet and sends the evergreen content with automation, so she’s constantly growing, nurturing, and pitching products to her audience.
    • Ryan Baustert uses an automatic onboarding sequence to share his band’s social links, streaming platforms, and merchandise.

    Save time and effort

    • Chris Ferdinandi switched from Mailchimp to ConvertKit to create more personalized emails and automations in less time.
    • Shelby Abrahamsen uses an evergreen newsletter that ensures subscribers receive weekly updates without Shelby feeling constant pressure to create.

    What you’ll learn in this guide

    The free advanced email automation guide has more than 50 pages of tips, ideas, and tutorials that include:

    • Automations for newsletters
    • Automations to sell digital products
    • Automations for podcasters, food bloggers, musicians, and coaches
    • Examples of creators using ConvertKit automations to scale their business

    Own the relationship with your audience

    ConvertKit helps you build a relationship with your followers and own that connection you make with them through your email list.

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