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Lights, Camera, Action! A creator’s guide to video marketing

Start a YouTube channel, grow your audience, and earn a living doing work you're proud of on camera.

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    How to use video marketing in your business
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    Let’s be real– the written word can only say so much.

    No matter how many winky faces or ‘lols’ you add, your personality and general tone might not make it from screen to screen. There’s always the chance of your words getting minced and misinterpreted.

    But we’re always telling you to show off your personality and be your beautiful self, right? So how can you fit all your personality and wisdom into one page?


    Many creators are turning to video content and video marketing these days. In fact, 87% of online marketers use video content.

    video marketing

    While this channel might have been a “take it or leave it” option for brands in the past, over the last couple of years, it’s become an absolutely essential part to marketing strategies across industries.

    The benefits of video marketing for creators

    Video seems like such an obvious content channel for businesses to use, but that might not be true for you.

    If you still fall on the skeptical side of video creation, here are some benefits that you should weigh next time you’re ready to breach the topic again.

    Connect with your audience

    The one thing that makes video a truly outstanding tool for your business is how it creates a bridge between you and your readers. With video, there’s a new element of human touch that didn’t exist before.

    Seeing your face, hearing your voice, and watching you be you boosts your trustworthiness. Your readers can instantly get a sense of who you are and are able to decide quickly if they want to buy into what you’re selling.

    Search engines love video

    Did you know YouTube is the second largest search engine? That’s right. Right behind Google, it’s the video platform that made online video popular in the first place.

    Search engines are always looking for content that keeps an audience on the page– nothing does that better than video. So if you upload your video content to YouTube, you’re much more likely to start showing up in search results. But we’ll talk about this in another article in the issue.

    Increase your conversions

    According to HubSpot, including video on a landing page can increase conversions by 80%! Like I mentioned earlier, seeing your face and hearing your voice adds a whole new level of credibility to your business. This directly leads directly to increased conversion rates.

    Think about it– if you read a paragraph about a new product, you might think, “That’s interesting,” and move on. But if you saw someone you trusted talking about that same new product with excitement, authority, and conviction, you’d be more keen on trying that product out, right?

    The power of persuasion is real, and you if you’ve built trust with your audience, video can be the perfect medium to add to your sales strategy.

    Build consistent brand awareness

    Do you have a main focus within your core topic? Create a fun video series around it. It could be a weekly or monthly addition to your blog and could be sourced from questions you’re always asked, things you’re learning, or anything else that will spur you on to create valuable consistent content for your audience.

    Moz’s Whiteboard Friday with Rand Fishkin are a great example of a video series. Every Friday, Rand hops in front of a whiteboard and dives into an SEO-based topic.

    Tell a story without having to write anything down

    Sometimes it’s just too hard to sit down and write a blog– believe me. I feel the struggle all the time. If you ever find yourself with something to say but don’t know how to put it down on paper, getting in front of a video camera might just do the trick.

    Instead of writing 1,000 to 1,500 words on a subject, you can make a quick two to three minute video of you talking about it. Get excited, get angry, or whatever your topic makes you feel, and put some honest words out into the Internet.

    Talking your thoughts out will hopefully help you break past pesky writer’s block and your readers will love seeing your expressions and getting to know you on a whole other level.

    Check out our friend Wes Wages talk all about how to use this exact idea to start a blog.

    Pro tip: Maybe put a quick outline or bullet point some takeaways underneath the video. You know, for the skimmers out there.

    Promote, promote, promote

    I’m sure you’ve thought about creating promotional videos for your products, but have you thought about putting that promo practice into every area of your business?

    Whether you’ve got a big announcement coming up, you’re hosting a webinar, or even when you’ve posted a new blog, jump in front of your camera and make a quick video to post on social media about your news.

    Let your followers “meet” the hosts for your webinar, give a fun preview of something coming around the bend, or tell them why it’s important they read your new blog.

    Your videos can be the perfect little glimpse your audience needs to get excited about what you have coming up next.

    Lights, camera, action.

    In this issue of Tradecraft, we’ll be talking about all angles of video marketing from creation and increasing your online views to building your email list with those views and even how to work with a producer to help you create your videos.

    So grab your camera, a friend or your trusty tripod, and get ready to start filming. But first, read through these articles:

    Start your business today

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