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Since we don’t all work in the same city – or in some cases, on the same continent – it’s important to get together in person. We always do team retreats – virtual or in-person – twice a year (usually in August and January/February) so everyone can spend time together.

There are also other times where we travel to meet in person. That’s usually for conferences, sales meetings, or if we are working on something big and think it would help to do work in person.

When you travel there are two big things to keep in mind:

  1. Spend as if it’s your own money – Because of profit sharing, it really is your money. Don’t waste it.
  2. We trust you – We gave you a company credit card because we trust you. Buy what you need, book the flights that make the most sense. Don’t worry about having to ask permission for every little thing.

Our working guidelines for travel

Here are a few more specifics:

Booking Flights – Research at least three different sites to get various flight options & pricing prior to booking your flight (ex. Kayak, Expedia, Google Flights). We expect you to choose the cheapest flight that works with the needed schedule and includes seat selection, unless there’s a better flight that costs up to 20% more, then you can book the more expensive one. (Within reason! First and Business class are not in the mix.)

An example would be if the cheapest flight is $300 with a layover, but there’s a direct flight for $350. Definitely spend more to get the direct flight. Apply the same idea if you’d rather be on the 8:00am flight instead of the 5:30am flight. Your time and rest are valuable to us.

Meals – We pay for meals while traveling, but expect you to stay within a reasonable amount for each meal. So for example, breakfast for one person should not be $50. Remember to upload your receipts via Brex with applicable notes.

Transportation – Compare prices of renting a car and parking vs. using Uber/Lyft vs. public transportation and choose the best-priced option for your travel needs. Please keep safety in mind while traveling.

Other – Parties or going out with attendees after an event that aren’t for a sales/networking are considered optional and personal in nature and shouldn’t be charged to the company card. You’re welcome to arrive early or stay later than an event, but you’re responsible for meals and lodging during those times. If there is a difference in extending your airfare compared to the roundtrip flight for the dates of the work event, then you will need to reimburse ConvertKit for the difference.

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